Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Faster Than A Speeding Bullet

Last night was fun! It actually wasn't too cold in the marquee for the most part even in the cat suit and I think a good night was had by all.

I was in no way warm enough though on my walk to work and will have to add many more layers today hence me wearing this little lot....

.....I'm thinking that heels in slippy snowy weather is just asking for trouble too, so flats today!

Coat: All Saints
Hat: River Island
Scarf: Warehouse
Gloves: Warehouse
Dress: Topshop (it's actually navy!)
Jumper: Topshop
Necklace: Accessorize
Belt: Warehouse
Tights: Dorothy Perkins
Socks: American Apparel (they're navy too)
Boots: Shelleys

I'm going down to John Lewis today to pick up the things I need to finish my new dress project. I'm not going to take my cards or too much cash with me though as I always get very carried away in fabric shops and come home with way more than I mean to.

So today I thought I would tell you about my date with Superman! I met Superman on Guardian Soulmates I added him to my favourites and he messaged me back, yey! Superman is gorgeous, charming and 6ft6" tall (his tag line was "taller than Superman"!) We agree to meet up for some drinks in a few days time and I'm very excited, he sounded lovely on the phone and I'm hoping he's not only used his "best" pictures.

I get to the bar he's picked and he's everything he said he was and more! I love it when you mentally think PHWOAR when you meet someone and this was definitely one of those time. Superman was a bit of a gentle giant but being a bit shy on a first date is understandable and I get a bit tongue tied with people I really like so I was hoping this was a good sign.

Superman suggests moving on to another bar after a few drinks and I agree, he suggest another lovely place that is just over the road so we head over there and the conversation is flowing, more now we've had a few drinks! We close the bar and Superman walks me to a taxi kisses me on the cheek and wishes me goodnight, about five minutes later I get a text asking for another date and I'm grinning like the Cheshire Cat! Superman has suggested dinner and as he's paid for all the expensive cocktails that evening I offer to take him out to dinner which he says "sounds lovely".

It get's to the day of our next date and I text Superman with the details of the restaurant and I get a reply asking me to check my email......Oooooo Mmmmm Geeeeee that's not a good sign. I dutifully check my mail and Superman as written a very nice message saying that although he though we got on very well and he enjoyed my company he was going through a lot of personal stuff and he probably shouldn't be getting into anything romantic at the moment! Now I think he was very sensible to say early on that this was the case but you do have to wonder why he was on two dating websites if there "things" going on in his personal life that mean he can't get romantically involved?! Superman did take his profiles off both the sites the next day and hasn't been back on since so I'm guessing whatever issues they were they sorted themselves out and in a good way.

Lots of Love

P.S. x

Monday, 29 November 2010

Good Times

I had such a lovely evening, good company(flatmates, B.G's and the Rudester)....

......good wine (mulled first, then red), good food (even if I do say so myself) and good results on the X Factor.....hhhhmmmmm bliss. The enormous chicken turned out like this....

....and even my Yorkshire Puddings rose! I looked up a recipe for Yorkies on Google and the first result was Delia (obvs) but the fourth result was my friend Mike! Mike is a celebrity chef so this wasn't too much of a surprise but I still had to text him to let him know. Mike's London restaurant is The Harwood Arms which is an amazing little pub down in Fulham. If you can get a table I highly recommend it for celebrations or just a night out for some amazing food (only Michelin starred pub in London!). I had my 30+1 birthday there this year and a fab time was had by all (I had a 30+1 because my parents weren't in the country for my 30th so I decided to celebrate that milestone again when they were here!).

I got the date of my third ever gig wrong, I shall be going to Wembley on Friday to see V's rockstar boyf head bang whilst strumming guitar (he has his own wind machine for hairography, it's fab). I love that by this weekend I shall have been to three or maybe four gigs and either two thirds or three quaters of them will have been the same band. I think I need to get out more, to gigs at least.

Today I am off to Coram Fields for some form of charity event that is being held outside in a marquee in November, I have to wear a lycra catsuit! Can anyone say hypothermia? I'm guessing that the organisers have thought this through and there will be many heaters dotted around otherwise all us girlies will be turning blue, not a good look me thinks!

I've decided to wear this little lot for the short walk to work...

....I wanted to be all warm and cosy for as long as possible!

Jumper: Miss Selfridge
Belt: Next
Jeans: Topshop
Boots: Aldo

I'm going to pile on gloves, a scarf, another jumper, my coat and hat!

Lots of Love

P.S. x

Sunday, 28 November 2010

Roastie Beast

In order to try and put the handles on my wardrobes in a straight line I need a spirit level so I wandered up to Maplins only to be told that they don't sell them, not the kind I need in any event! Hmmmm, I text Mrs B.G. to see if they own such a thing and she points out that being an iPhone owner I should know that "theres an app for that"! Whoop I have a spirit level, I now need V's help to make sure I get everything straight. In my best cajoling voice I ask V if she fancies helping me after the X Factor to which she replies "have you drilled the holes already?" ...... errrm nope?! Turns out P (V's rockstar boyf) has taken his drill home, doh! So I spent the evening cutting out the pattern and then the fabric for my next project, just need a trip down to John Lewis for thread and something called Double Fold Bias Tape now!

Today V, R, Only Boy Flatmate and I are having the fabulous B.G.'s over for Sunday roastie beast (it's the most enermous chicken you've seen in your life! It might actually be a small turkey...) Rudy is coming too. I'm going to attempt some Yorkshire puddings as well which I haven't made for ages, mmmmm good noms. Obviously I need to be wearing this .....

.....to cook in.

Dress: Miss Selfridge
Cardigan: Gap
Tee: Dorothy Perkins
Tights: Dorothy Perkins
Shoes: Red or Dead

I've got an exciting week ahead of me including black tie charity events, lots of working, a trip to the dentist to get this sodding tooth sorted and maybe my 3rd ever gig on the Saturday but not sure yet if there is room for us, fingers crossed.

Now I would usually start decorating the Christmas tree on the 1st Decemeber but V and L are making me wait until the 12th to do it! I'm hoping to get some Christmas shopping done this week, I've written out my list of people to buy for I now have to work out what to actually buy for them! Some are easy to buy for but some are proving v.difficult! Might just bake everyone some cookies and have done! Mmmmmm cookies....

Lots of Love

P.S. x

Saturday, 27 November 2010


Last night V and I went to see Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows which I enjoyed, I did however get thoroughly annoyed with the people sat behind us one of which hadn't read the books and the other spent the entire film "whispering" the plot to her, grrrrr! HP7 is good and I like how much they stuck to the book just annoyed I've now got to wait till July 2011 to watch the second half!

I've decided today that I shall attempt to put the handles on my wardrobes, slightly nervous but fingers crossed. I'll post pictures of the results tomorrow....

I've noticed that I have a distinct lack of chunky knitted items in my wardrobe, all my jumpers are slinky fitted numbers that I love but sometimes I just want a huge, thick cardy to wrap myself up in. I love the Aura Cardigan from All Saints and also this M&S black shawl collar cardy, I think I see a new purchase in my future!

So as I shall be playing with drills again today no flowy, drapey items of clothing are allowed.....

Jumper: Miss Selfridge
Cardigan: Oasis
Belt: Accessorize
Jeans: French Connection
Boots: Faith
Earrings: Swished from V
Ring: Grandmamas
Cape: Gigi Vintage (borrowed from V)
Scarf: Tatty
Gloves: Oasis

I joined MSF and reactivated my profile on Guardian Soulmates last night. I had a quick search through my "criteria" on both and I was slightly worried to find that most of the guys I was interested in I'd already been on dates with! Hmmmmmm this is more than a little worrying but hey ho you never know who's going to join tomorrow (that's what I told myself anyway!).

I thought I'd tell you about Famous Guy today; I met Famous Guy in a club, he was with some friends, as was I, and he came over and started chatting away with me I had no idea who he was but I was very flattered this handsome fellow had decided to come and talk to me. We got on really well and swapped numbers, I didn't think I was going to hear from him but it was nice to be asked for my number anyway.

I'd been single for a long time (just over a year) and had decided a fling would be fun and Famous Guy seemed like the perfect candidate, he was ten years younger than me so I knew I wouldn't have to worry about anyone falling for anyone and we could just have some fun. Unfortunately I was at a charity event a few nights later and my phone was stolen from my bag while I was working, I hadn't written his number down anywhere so I thought "*sigh* it wasn't meant to be" and left it at that.

Fate stepped in though when my boss asked me to go to another charity dinner party and Famous Guy happened to be there......with his "girlfriend"! Now I am blind as a bat without my glasses on and I wasn't wearing them on that evening, they didn't go with my outfit, so imagine my surprise when I felt someone grab my arm as I was walking over to the bar...it was Famous Guy! He asked why I hadn't replied to his texts and messages and I explained about the phone being stolen. As we were talking the photographer from OK magazine came over with Famous Guy's "girlfriend" to take picture for the magazine! I still had no idea who he was but my friend did and demanded to know how I knew him and then stared at me when I told her and said I had no clue who he was!

After the photographer had got his shots and wandered off Famous Guy came back over and I asked about the "girlfriend" and wouldn't she mind him spending all evening on our table? Turns out their PR agency had arranged for them to be a "couple" for publicity and they weren't really together. Given who the "girlfriend" was I believed him (that or he had some very strange taste in women....) and we all agreed to go on to Chinawhites when the charity dinner had finished.We all had a fab night in Chinas and Famous Guy and I arranged a date for a few days time.

Now one of my friends is famous in her own right and has paparazzi taking her photos whenever she ventures out in London much to my hilarity. When I first met Famous Guy he was well known but not as well known as he is today (this was a few years ago), he got very worried by the paps following us around that night and then a bit miffed when he realised they were there for my friend and not him!

Famous Guy and I dated for a few months which was great, he was charming, gorgeous and fun to be with which was exactly what I wanted. Plus he had his "girlfriend" to maintain for PR purposes which meant I never got snapped with him which was perfect, I can think of nothing worse than losing your anonymity for nothing more than dating someone. I've never wanted to be famous and especially not just for the sake of being famous or dating someone famous.

It was fun while it lasted but I didn't want anything serious and he had his career to focus on so we drifted apart but we're still friends and talk every now and then.

Lots of Love

P.S. x

Friday, 26 November 2010

To Swish Or Not To Swish....

The fabulous Cindy over at Come Over To The Darkside We Have Candy did a great post yesterday "New Finds - In My Closet" and it got me to wondering actually how many things I have in my wardrobe that I've never worn? So I've pulled out everything to see and blimey.....it's not as bad as I thought it would be! Now if it was things I've worn only once......then I'd be here all night taking pictures and writing about it. So here goes....

From the top left: my Dorothy shoes from Office, purple flats from Topshop, pink leaf shoes from Office, navy heels from Red or Dead, pink "Dirty Girl" heels from Red or Dead and rainbow heels from Red or Dead! I'm quite surprised that there are only six pairs I haven't worn out of the eighty odd I have.

These are the full length version of the French Connection shorts you've seen me wear here and here. I have no idea why I haven't worn these yet?!

From the left: DKNY yellow silk wrap skirt, Monsoon silk rose print devore skirt, All Saints white Russian Doll skirt, All Saints grey check Russian Doll skirt and Lulu & Red tartan skirt.

I love this Orion cardigan with Bambi's all over it but I've never worn it! From the left; Topshop pink shirt, beaded sheer top I Swished from Tatty, Sisley pale blue wrap shirt, white Jane Norman shirt and then loads of different colour La Senza camisoles.

My French Connection playsuit that I love and have never worn although it's had a couple of outings as Tatty borrows it from time to time.

More of my corsets from Kookai, I've got these in about five different colours you've seen me wear the green one before but I've never worked out what to wear these ones with!

Last is my dresses from the left: Kasike green beaded mini, All Saints Hideki knitted dress, Zara floaty chiffon dress, another one of my creations it's a full skirted 50's style dress in what I've nicknamed "Desperate Housewives" fabric and my Miss Selfridge maxi dress.

I think the reason I haven't worn all these things is because I'm not sure how to style them or I don't think I have the right things to wear them with. I'm always looking to buy new things but with the amount of clothes I have I really don't need anything new! Well maybe a few basics here and there.....and I always need more shoes, doesn't everybody?

I'm a big fan of Swishing (except for the last Big Swish that I dragged Mrs.B.G. to AWFUL!) especially if you organise it between your friends and have cake and pink fizzy wine.....you can get some great things like the jewellery the fabulous V brought with her and my Reiss coat as swished by Mrs B.G.! The "professional" Swish we went to was badly orgnaised and a massive free for all, I bet half the things that the people took home with them that night will end up at the back of their wardrobe unloved and never worn which kind of misses the point! I don't think I'm ready to Swish any of the items I've listed in this post just yet but there has to come a time when you let something go if you really are never going to wear it, no?

How many things do you have in your wardrobe that you've never worn?

Lots of Love

P.S. x

Thursday, 25 November 2010

Awards & Compliments

Today I am wearing this little lot....

Jumper: Gap
Belt: Next
Jeans: Topshop
Boots: Shelleys

Last nights event went really well, I got told by four different people that I reminded them of Jennifer Love Hewitt (Jennifer Love Huge Tit's as my friends call her!) and also that I looked 21 (it was a VERY well lit in the ballroom)! We have another event to go to on Monday which I've been told I'm allowed to wear COLOUR to, v.exciting because I don't own very many black clothes especially not black "going out" things as I always think going out is a good time to wear colour.

Not so much luck with the charity shops though, the Shopping Fairies must have taken the afternoon off. I shall have another rummage around in a few weeks time and who knows!

Randomly I want to tell you that I'm totally in love with V's electric blanket! I'm not giving it back ....... it's so cold in our house when the heating is turned off (this isn't helped by the fact that my windows let in the rain when it's peeing down) that I tend to wander around wrapped in blankets! The electirc blanket makes my bed so toasty warm I don't think I'm ever getting out....

So the lovely Miss Jones over at ...Miss Jones talks Make-Up named me one of her seven picks for The Versatile Blogger award (a tag and an award in two days! Yay!)!

So here are the conditions; I shall pass this on to 7 other bloggers whom I enjoy reading and divulge 7 things about myself.

1. I have two tattoos, my dragon on my right foot and a butterfly behind my left ear that was messed up and needs to be fixed (it's too dark and too small so doesn't really look like a butterfly), it's a good job tattoo's hurt so much otherwise I'd have soooooo many!

2. I recenlty discovered that my favourite drink is Tia Maria mixed with orange juice, it tastes like Terry's Chocolate Orange......mmmmmmm Terry's Chocolate Orange......

3. I'm terrified of spiders. So much so that I have to get someone else to come and rescue me from them if they find their way into my home.....even if I live alone and have to go to the downstairs neighbour at 11pm at night!

4. The only impression I can do is Stitch from Lilo and Stitch this video shows you exactly what I'm talking about.

5. I own twenty two varieties of the All Saints "Russian Doll" skirts which even I admit is excessive!

6. I'm totally in love with my "Little" brothers Missus and her kids, a bunch of more lovely and polite peeps you couldn't hope to meet! I'm so proud and pleased for Little Big Boy for growing up into the person he's become and for finding such a fab family to add to our own.

7. I love After Eight Mints.

Ok so I now pass this on to 7 of my favourite bloggers whom I read regularly, here goes.....

The Solar Flare
All Made Up

Looking forward to reading their seven.

Lots of Love

P.S. x

Wednesday, 24 November 2010

Shopping Fairies

Today I'm off to the local charity shops to drop off some things and have a bit of a rummage, the fabulous Mrs B.G. scored herself a Balenciaga "Work" bag in brown for £75 the other day so miracles do happen! Fingers crossed and may the Shopping Fairies smile on me.

I'm also going to another black tie boxing event tonight and this time I have been asked to wear black so I'm in this little lot ....

Dress: This is another one of my creations copied from a Roland Mouret design
Belt: Accessorize
Shoes: Red or Dead
Earrings: Butler & Wilson
Bag: Gil Elvgren via eBay

I've got the sewing bug again now so I'm planning my next creation, I want to use one of these fabrics.....

and I think I'll make a full skirted 50's style dress but with a mini skirt instead of the mid calf length....

 Now all I've got to do is dig through my box of patterns and decide which one I want to use. Collecting vintage patterns has turned into a bit of a hobby of mine!

I thought I'd tell you about Eager Guy today, I met him on MSF this summer he'd been emailing me and we were getting on very well, he was tall, cute and funny. Eager Guy asked me to meet him for lunch on the South Bank and I agreed, we'd set our date for the following week as we were both busy. I'd had another date lined up which happened to be Senhor B., obviously that date went really well but it was only one date so I decided to still meet Eager Guy.

Eager Guy was lovely, just as tall as he said and he looked better in person than in his pictures but there's no spark, admittedly I still had my first date with Senhor B. in my head but I don't think there would have been sparks even if I hadn't met Senhor B.

Eager Guy and I had a lovely lunch and walked round to see the "Bang Goes The Theory" stand that had set up round the corner from the restaurant. We got on really well and had lots to talk about but I knew I didn't fancy him. Eager Guy and walked back to the tube together and I was just about to say "thank you for lunch" when he pipes up with "I think you're fab would you like to go on another date soon?" Ooooooooo Mmmmmmm Geeeeeeee! Now he couldn't have read my Online Dating Survival & Etiquette Guide as I've only just written it but I'd have thought that common sense would save anyone from making this mistake, like I said no one needs rejection to their face from a practical stranger! I stammered a "lunch as friends would be lovely" reply and I meant it.

I got a text a few hours later from Eager Guy asking what I'd meant by "as friends"? Really!? I replied that I thought he was lovely but I didn't think anything romantic was going to happen between us. Eager Guy said this was fine he was a patient guy and very persuasive! Hmmmm now I liked what I knew of him from the one three hour date we had been on but I wasn't sure I wanted to be "persuaded" in to fancing him! That was never going to happen, it's either there or it isn't you can't force it. I decided to not take Eager Guy up on his offer of another lunch after that conversation but I got text offers for about three weeks after that......

Lots of Love

P.S. x

Tuesday, 23 November 2010

Ten Things I Love

The lovely Emma over at Voodle tagged me to post "Ten Things I Love" (my first blog tag, v.exciting!) so here we go....

1. Food....
2. Marmite On Toast Dipped in Tomato Ketchup.....

3. Red Liquorice....(hmmmm a lot of food related favourites it seems!)...

4. One off Jewellery..... all this fabulous jewellery is designed by the wonderful Morticia Snow the dragon necklace in the top left corner is something she made for me out of my Grandmama's and Nana's jewellery....
5. Sci-Fi...including but not limited to these shows and movies....
6. My Family & Friends ....
7. Dragons!
8. Reading, sci-fi and fantasy novels mostly but sometimes fictional history....
9. Greek Mythology be it stories, films, TV series anything really....
10. Last but definitely not least SHOES!

I'm now meant to pick ten people to tag to find out their ten, a couple that I would have picked have already been tagged however so I'll add to that list....

Cowbiscuits (already tagged)
All That Style
Style of a Fashionista (already tagged)
The Dandizette
London Jewellery Girl
Magpie Girl
Provocative Couture
City Light Maverick
Girl In The City

Lots of Love

P.S. x

Monday, 22 November 2010

An Online Dating Survival & Etiquette Guide

I finished it! What do you think?

Not sure where or when I'm going to wear it but I love it, it makes me feel very summery. (Sorry about the crazy hair and lack of styling just wanted to show what it looked like!)

Instead of a dating disaster I thought I would share some of the "rules" I've made for myself over my many years of online dating, let me know what you think?

Make your profile as honest and funny as you can, of course put up your "best" pictures (come on we all have them, a picture in which we look our most fabulous) but put up some normal pictures of yourself to. You want your date to be pleasently surprised that you do indeed look like your picture and even prehaps a little better in real life.

Never use the line "I'm equally happy dancing the night away in a club as I am at home on the sofa with a DVD and glass of red wine" or any derivative thereof! If you do you should be shot!

Don't make your intial emails overly long and don't make them all about you, that's what your profile is for, read your picks profile and try and ask a few questions about it in your opening gambit. It shows you're interested in them as well as they're hot pictures!

Try and agree to a date fairly quickly, within four or five emails, it's very easy to get carried away in your head with what you think your potential date is like when you are emailing back and forth and this often leads to disapointment!

Always make a quick "get to know you" phone call before your first date. It's fairly easy to be witty and charming via email as you have time to plan, reread and edit your messages but if the conversation is stilted over the phone or there is something "not quite right" you can save yourself some precious shopping time by finding this out before you meet rather than in the pub over drinks!

Always arrange to meet for drinks only for a first date, if you are getting on really well you can always suggest a bite to eat but if your date is nothing like you expected and you want out of there sharpish it's less embarressing to excuse yourself from a bar than half way through dinner! The expection to this is if your date has come up with something unusual to do that shows they are interested in you for example Sci-Fi Guy asked me to the Star Wars exhibit which was an amazing first date and something I loved.

Get a friend to text you "her cat is stuck in a tree" or some other disaster you need to rescue her from about half an hour after you've met your date. If you are having a good time you can let them in on the saftey text and have a bit of a laugh. If you are wanting to poke your own eyes out with a blunt spoon you can excuse yourself to go "rescue" your poor friend!

Be honest! There is nothing worse than turning up and meeting someone that has been "creative" with the truth, be it about their height, age, weight, job anything really. It's lying from the outset and if they are flexible with the truth at this point who knows what they are going to be like if you actually end up dating them! Do you really want to find out? On the flip side do you really want to have to have the "I've got something I need to confess" conversation with a date you actually quite like? Be proud of who you are, you are fab!

Offer to go "Dutch". A good rule of thumb is whoever did the asking usually suggests the venue for the date and unless they've picked somewhere particularly expensive it's always polite to offer to pay your share.

Never put up with anything that makes you feel uncomfortable. That can be anything from a stray comment to someone putting their arm around you before they even know your last name. If they don't take the hint you can always send yourself home sick!

Never ever ask for the next date in person, if the other person is not feeling the same they are put on the spot and will either have to tell you to your face they aren't feeling the same or uncomfortably agree that "yeah another date would be great...." and back out later,no one needs rejection to their face from someone who is practically a stranger!

Always follow up a date with a text or email unless that person has lied to you or been unforgiveable rude, even if you are not romantically interested in seeing that person again. Some form of contact is polite either to say I'd love to see you again, thank you for the date or it would be good to keep in touch as friends. Again don't lie to save their feelings just be honest and polite. Also don't do the whole "I'll text in three days time to try and keep them interested/on the edge thing" just make contact the next day, who needs game playing?!

Another be honest suggestion; think about what you are looking for and try and find out if your date is on the same wavelength as you. The website you've chosen to use is usually a pretty good indicator of what you are looking for but it doesn't hurt to say if you just want a fling or are looking for something a little more serious. I'm not suggesting you propose marriage before you've even met your date or for that matter half an hour into your first date but talking about what you want at an early stage can save heart ache in the long run.

This is probably one of the only times it's ok to talk about ex's and previous online dating experience. It's something you know you have in common (you were both on the same site after all). You'll probably both have a few horror stories to share and you can find out why they decided on interent dating in the first place!

The most important one is to be safe! Always tell someone where you are going and who you are meeting and always meet in a public place.

As with everything rules are made to be broken (except that last one) and you can take or leave these suggestions as you see fit, I'm still single so I'm not pretending to be any kind of expert, I've just been on a lot of dates! Some good, some bad and some very very ugly!

Lots of Love

P.S. x

Sunday, 21 November 2010

A Brief History

Grrrrr stupid tooth! Right now I've had my moan I shall move swiftly on! Today I have decided to wrap myself up in this little lot....

Dress & Scarf: Miss Selfridge
Tee: Dorothy Perkins
Belt: Warehouse
Tights: Boots

I spent the majority of last night watching Strictly Come DancingX Factor and  playing with Leonie and Savannah...

.....new outfit for her after a few dungeon runs last night. They've completely changed everything about my character so I'm having to relearn it all which is quite fun actually because I've been playing her for nearly two and a half years now. There is a new update coming out next month Cataclysm it's all very exciting and I'm very much looking forward to it. I shall stop geeking out now.

I finally heard about the job, 38 days after the interview I got a "thanks but no thanks" letter! Boo I was really starting to look forward to all the things having a full time job was going to entail although prehaps not the early mornings! My MCSE course is going well though and that is what I want to do in the long run so I shall carry on with that whilst looking for other jobs. Who knows what's going to happen!

I'm going to spend the rest of this afternoon cutting out the remaining pieces of my playsuit pattern and hopefully also finish tailoring it! Depending on how I get on I should hopefully have some pictures for tomorrow! Fingers crossed please?

I've also decided that some time this week I am going to try and sort out the door handles on my wardrobes, it's been nearly three months I think it's time! Hopefully I will be able to get them in to a straight line otherwise they're going to look very strange....wish me luck!

I think I ought to point that my dating disaster stories are from the last five years since becoming single and L pushed me into the world of online dating. I spoke to my Mum the other night and she was worried that I was having a rough time of it and seemed to be very very busy! I tell all my stories with a sense of humour (hopefully) as I do look back and laugh at almost all of them now. All my tales are told from my point of view and are not meant to hurt or annoy anyone. 

In my dating escapades there were a few very nice and normal dates that didn't lead anywhere, some lovely dates that lead to brief flings (none really long enough to be called relationships), some heart aches and lot's more very weird and wonderful dates that I'll share the stories of; they all were, however, over a five year period and not all in the last month!

Lots of Love

P.S. x

Saturday, 20 November 2010

REALLY Bad Kisser?

Oh my this is depressing! My wisdom tooth is killing me, I'm drugged up to the eyeballs and still in pain ARGH!

No outfit post today as I am again doing my Michelin Man impression and starting to look a little like a hamster but only on the left side! New nails today though, I love this colour and it always gets a lot of comments.

I watched How To Train Your Dragon last night for about the twelth time, I love that film and I want Toothless. You may or may not have noticed my tattoo on my right foot, it's a chinese dragon. I have a bit of a dragon obsession there are many many dragony things all over my room and a lot of the fantasy books I read are dragon based such as the Robin Hobb trilogies, Anne McCaffreys Pern series and Naomi Noviks Temeraire series (Temeraire is probably my favourite dragon after Toothless!).

Dating disaster for today; Sly Guy. I met Sly Guy on My Single Friend fairly early on in my online dating experience, we chatted for a bit via email then had a fairly lengthy conversation over the phone and agreed to meet up for drinks. Sly Guy was tall, good looking, funny and loved Sci-Fi, good on paper. We'd agreed to meet at a fancy members club (he was the member) in central London for late afternoon drinks. I got there and he's lovely, we get on famously and I'm feeling sparks! Our date lasts for hours and when I finally have to go to work I'm not wanting to leave, very good sign.

A few minutes after I've left I get a text asking if I would like to go out again soon (very good online dating etiquette, always follow up via text or email. NEVER ask someone for the next date in person at the end of the first date as someone should have told Eager Guy....) and of course I replied "Yes!". We arrange another date, this time dinner at a restaurant of his choosing and again everything is fab, it wasn't a first date fluke spark! Huzzah! I don't have to hot foot it off to work that evening so we close the restaurant and then go on for some more drinks, I get home quite late and a little tipsy. Another text message follows asking for another date, I agree and offer to plan it and "treat" this time as so far Sly Guy has been paying for everything even though I've been offering to go Dutch.

Now I'm feeling sparks left, right and centre but so far I have no clue how Sly Guy is feeling as he's playing his cards very close to his chest, I'm guessing he likes me as he keeps asking me out but who knows for sure. I ask L (not flatmate L) for restaurant recommendations in central London and she suggest this place called Fireplace that is actually a fireplace shop but has a restaurant on site too, it's apparently romantic and very well lit (always good to consider lighting!), I book a table and text Sly Guy the arrangements.

It get's to the evening of our third date and it's peeing down with rain, we've agreed to meet at the tube to walk to Fireplace together and good job we did as when we get there the place is closed and it looks like it's also gone bust as the mail hasn't been collected and the furniture is missing! This could only happen to me, I'd confirmed the booking two days earlier and they hadn't mentioned a thing! Sly Guy laughs it off and suggest, what turns out to be, a lovely place just around the corner.

We have another lovely evening and while we are walking to the tube station Sly Guy asks me "do you actually fancy me? I know we get on really well but I can't tell if you like me like that!" I reply that yes I do and was going to ask him the same question! Sly Guy smiles and leans in for a kiss, Oooooo Mmmmmmm Geeeeeeee he's a good kisser! I go home floating on air, this is all great!

When I arrive home though there is an email waiting for me, it's from Sly Guy ...... "Hey, thank you for tonight it was fun, I thought I ought to let you know though that I've been dating someone else and have decided to make a go of things with her as she wants to have a serious relationship. Thanks SG"!

Now I'm fully aware that part of the online dating experience is seeing a few people at the same time until you decide who you'd like to see a little more seriously but the timing of this just made me wonder. In the twenty minutes it took from him kissing me to me getting home he'd managed to have an in depth conversation with the other girl and decide they want a serious relationship. Sly Guy might be a bit of an exaggerated nickname for him but it all just felt a little too convenient plus his MSF profile remained up and active on the site for a couple of months after this. I think he just liked getting girls to admit they liked him and then moving on to the next date, either that or I'm a REALLY bad kisser!

Lots of Love

P.S. x

Friday, 19 November 2010

My Single Friend

This is very exciting, I'm writing today on my new desk from my PC which has my new TV as the monitor, it's 32" LCD so everything is huge (which is good because I'm blind as a bat even with my glasses on)! Foxytron is right though I do need a new chair because my Phillippe Starck is not meant to be sat on like this for long periods of time, ah well something else to add to the list!

Before I forgot the lovely Fashion Nicotine is running a giveaway for a piece of Les Jumelles Boutique jewellery for only a comment on her page and following her blog! Good Luck (although I hope I win!).

So I think I've pretty much decided to put myself back on My Single Friend, I don't think Scum Monkey and I are going to work anything out anytime soon and despite the many horror stories I've got there were some good dates and some great friends met through the site.

One of my good dating Stories is Sci-Fi Guy; I get an email on MSF from Sci-Fi Guy something along the lines of "love that you admit to being a geek, most people try and hide it!" so we started chatting and as we get on so well decide to meet up for a date. Now most guys have suggested drinks and/or dinner but Sci-Fi Guy had actually read all of my profile (it is quite long) and had an amazing idea for a great first date......the Star Wars exhibit on the South Bank followed by food afterwards! Brilliant! Sci-Fi Guy's pictures are gorgeous, we are getting on very well and we have a fantastic first date organised, I'm very much looking forward to it.

I arrive and Sci-Fi Guy is just as cute in person as he is in his pictures (a rarity I can assure you) we get on like a house on fire and he's tall! I don't feel any spark at all.......ARGH what's wrong with me! The Star Wars exhibit is amazing, there is even a bit where you can be filmed having a lightsaber fight infront of a green screen but as everyone queuing to do that is under seven I decide prehaps not, they have some amazing models and props from the movies I'm in heaven! After we finish walking around the exhibit we go for a late lunch, chocolate cake for me, at a restaurant nearby and carry on chatting away. Sci-Fi Guy is lovely and I'm kicking myself but that elusive "spark" is what it's all about and you can't force it (believe me I've tried!).

I text Sci-Fi Guy over the next few days something along the lines of "I had an amazing time and would like to stay in contact as friends if you're up for it?" thankfully he was and we are still friends now. Sci-Fi Guy came to the LFCC with me and Miss Catt this year and we had a fab time thoroughly geeking out and meeting all sorts of famous people, highlights for me were Ben Browder and William Shatner! Here's a few pics (this is also me before I started the 30 Day Shred)

That was a fantastic weekend and I plan on going again next year! Fancy coming with me again Sci-Fi Guy?!

Lots of Love

P.S. x