Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Faster Than A Speeding Bullet

Last night was fun! It actually wasn't too cold in the marquee for the most part even in the cat suit and I think a good night was had by all.

I was in no way warm enough though on my walk to work and will have to add many more layers today hence me wearing this little lot....

.....I'm thinking that heels in slippy snowy weather is just asking for trouble too, so flats today!

Coat: All Saints
Hat: River Island
Scarf: Warehouse
Gloves: Warehouse
Dress: Topshop (it's actually navy!)
Jumper: Topshop
Necklace: Accessorize
Belt: Warehouse
Tights: Dorothy Perkins
Socks: American Apparel (they're navy too)
Boots: Shelleys

I'm going down to John Lewis today to pick up the things I need to finish my new dress project. I'm not going to take my cards or too much cash with me though as I always get very carried away in fabric shops and come home with way more than I mean to.

So today I thought I would tell you about my date with Superman! I met Superman on Guardian Soulmates I added him to my favourites and he messaged me back, yey! Superman is gorgeous, charming and 6ft6" tall (his tag line was "taller than Superman"!) We agree to meet up for some drinks in a few days time and I'm very excited, he sounded lovely on the phone and I'm hoping he's not only used his "best" pictures.

I get to the bar he's picked and he's everything he said he was and more! I love it when you mentally think PHWOAR when you meet someone and this was definitely one of those time. Superman was a bit of a gentle giant but being a bit shy on a first date is understandable and I get a bit tongue tied with people I really like so I was hoping this was a good sign.

Superman suggests moving on to another bar after a few drinks and I agree, he suggest another lovely place that is just over the road so we head over there and the conversation is flowing, more now we've had a few drinks! We close the bar and Superman walks me to a taxi kisses me on the cheek and wishes me goodnight, about five minutes later I get a text asking for another date and I'm grinning like the Cheshire Cat! Superman has suggested dinner and as he's paid for all the expensive cocktails that evening I offer to take him out to dinner which he says "sounds lovely".

It get's to the day of our next date and I text Superman with the details of the restaurant and I get a reply asking me to check my email......Oooooo Mmmmm Geeeeee that's not a good sign. I dutifully check my mail and Superman as written a very nice message saying that although he though we got on very well and he enjoyed my company he was going through a lot of personal stuff and he probably shouldn't be getting into anything romantic at the moment! Now I think he was very sensible to say early on that this was the case but you do have to wonder why he was on two dating websites if there "things" going on in his personal life that mean he can't get romantically involved?! Superman did take his profiles off both the sites the next day and hasn't been back on since so I'm guessing whatever issues they were they sorted themselves out and in a good way.

Lots of Love

P.S. x


  1. you look lovely dear.xx


  2. you look great you have the best figure everrr! xx

  3. you really do have a great figure :)
    i love hearing your juicy date stories.

    AND i saw your comment mentioning me on Burn the Blonde's post, it was very sweet and made me grin grin grin, you lovely lady <3

  4. loving the hair

    wish i had your skinny little waist! :)


  5. Thank you girlies, I've lost 11lbs doing the Jillian Michaels DVD's I keep banging on about and I'm actually starting to enjoy them now, highly recommend them.
    LOL this is my "I got rained/snowed on whilst walking home at 2am and couldn't be bothered to dry it before climbling into bed" hair, seems to be a good styling tip!
    I love my "Cat Hat" too always gets a lot of laughs when I wear it out :) x

  6. Love your cat hat!
    I'm sorry it didn't work out with Mr. Superman. Who knows, maybe Mr. Spiderman will come along next! It's so difficult to meet a decent (and good looking) guy these days. At least men are more flirty in your country. Here, most of them are too scared to make the first step! I'm sick of these wussies!!! xxx

  7. Aww no shame about Superman! I dunno what you're on about, if that's your rained on hair, you can't ever have a bad hair day! I'm wearing my hat all the time these days, your cat one is really sweet :)

  8. Great post! Such a cute hat and great boots. :)SarahD

  9. glad you had fun - and lovely outfit xxxx

  10. Lovely outfit m'dear!
    When you mentioned Superman, your hat made me think you'd make a great Catwoman... It's a shame about Superman, it's sounds like you two would have made an awesome crime fighting / coctail drinking duo ;)
    *Fingers crossed* that Spiderman comes along soon...

  11. what a lovely story! it sounds like you had wonderful time with 'superman', sorry to hear you didn't end up going for dinner. bless him for saying what he did, at least he was brave enough to tell you so soon. jazmine. xxx

  12. cute, love the boots!♥


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