Friday, 26 November 2010

To Swish Or Not To Swish....

The fabulous Cindy over at Come Over To The Darkside We Have Candy did a great post yesterday "New Finds - In My Closet" and it got me to wondering actually how many things I have in my wardrobe that I've never worn? So I've pulled out everything to see and's not as bad as I thought it would be! Now if it was things I've worn only once......then I'd be here all night taking pictures and writing about it. So here goes....

From the top left: my Dorothy shoes from Office, purple flats from Topshop, pink leaf shoes from Office, navy heels from Red or Dead, pink "Dirty Girl" heels from Red or Dead and rainbow heels from Red or Dead! I'm quite surprised that there are only six pairs I haven't worn out of the eighty odd I have.

These are the full length version of the French Connection shorts you've seen me wear here and here. I have no idea why I haven't worn these yet?!

From the left: DKNY yellow silk wrap skirt, Monsoon silk rose print devore skirt, All Saints white Russian Doll skirt, All Saints grey check Russian Doll skirt and Lulu & Red tartan skirt.

I love this Orion cardigan with Bambi's all over it but I've never worn it! From the left; Topshop pink shirt, beaded sheer top I Swished from Tatty, Sisley pale blue wrap shirt, white Jane Norman shirt and then loads of different colour La Senza camisoles.

My French Connection playsuit that I love and have never worn although it's had a couple of outings as Tatty borrows it from time to time.

More of my corsets from Kookai, I've got these in about five different colours you've seen me wear the green one before but I've never worked out what to wear these ones with!

Last is my dresses from the left: Kasike green beaded mini, All Saints Hideki knitted dress, Zara floaty chiffon dress, another one of my creations it's a full skirted 50's style dress in what I've nicknamed "Desperate Housewives" fabric and my Miss Selfridge maxi dress.

I think the reason I haven't worn all these things is because I'm not sure how to style them or I don't think I have the right things to wear them with. I'm always looking to buy new things but with the amount of clothes I have I really don't need anything new! Well maybe a few basics here and there.....and I always need more shoes, doesn't everybody?

I'm a big fan of Swishing (except for the last Big Swish that I dragged Mrs.B.G. to AWFUL!) especially if you organise it between your friends and have cake and pink fizzy can get some great things like the jewellery the fabulous V brought with her and my Reiss coat as swished by Mrs B.G.! The "professional" Swish we went to was badly orgnaised and a massive free for all, I bet half the things that the people took home with them that night will end up at the back of their wardrobe unloved and never worn which kind of misses the point! I don't think I'm ready to Swish any of the items I've listed in this post just yet but there has to come a time when you let something go if you really are never going to wear it, no?

How many things do you have in your wardrobe that you've never worn?

Lots of Love

P.S. x


  1. stunning!


  2. my wardrobe is full of things with tags still on. whoops! you definitely need to start wearing your 'desperate housewives' dress - thats gorgeous! x

  3. Those rainbow shoes are fabulous,and the wide leg trousers! I'd wear them together but then again 90% of my wardrobe its from Tesco so I'm possibly not fashion maven material :D
    I am planning on investing in a 50's style circle skirt and net petticoat inspired by your good self though. You should blog your 50's look!

  4. i'm in love with those pants! stunning!

  5. the popart dress at the very last ist dope! lovin it!

    pls check out my lanvin x h&m giveaway

  6. Thank you peeps, I shall be making an effort to wear all these things in the near future.
    Nia you should definitely get a 50's style skirt and petticoat, I could make you one if you fancied? x

  7. YEAH BABY!!! We'll have to come to Laaahndan so we can go fabric shopping!!

    erm love Nia not Rhiannon :D

  8. WOW....I need to go shopping... now I have new ideas.
    If you want we can follow each other

  9. Wow, I can't really count how many things in my closet I havent worn.
    I cane see that you havent worn a couple too. :)

  10. Fab Nia! Looking forward to it.
    Thank you for the comments peeps x

  11. There are so many things I own that still have tags on! I buy things then forget about them!!!

    Sarah from Burn the Blonde X

  12. Oh my, you do actually have a lot of things you haven't worn before! I also need to plead quilty on that. I have some pieces with the tags still on there. Anyways, great post! Hope you can make tons of cute outfits! I really like your blow btw, I'm your newest follower :)

    Have a great weekend!

  13. Who knew that pink could look so sexy. Those shoes are sooooo cute.

    Have a good weekend!

  14. Hello, pretty!
    WOW, what amazing pieces!
    I like so much your shoes.
    I took a look on your blog and I think it's so cute and interesting.
    You have a new follower!
    I hope you visit my blog, too.
    I woulb be very happy if we could follow each other.

  15. You have some lovely pieces there. Better start showing them some love!
    I have so many clothes and I keep buying new ones. I should try and put together some outfits with what I have. As for shoes, they are never enough! xx

  16. feel free to send those pink and black ones my way ;) aha
    :o purdey, you must wear that playsuit, it's amazing! i love playsuits right now.

    love <3


  17. omg. i have like 100 things i've never worn. so sad. but some were just the result of frustration. or shoes. i had to have them even if they didn't really fit:) so stupid...

  18. I don`t think I have items that I never worn, I`m usually so excited after shopping that I put them immediately on for any occassion. I like those pink heels from Red.xx

  19. I use everything I buy. and the items I don't use for a long period of time I give it to my sisters. but only the ones that are not important to my "fashion collection along the years" :-D

  20. I think I've decided if I don't wear all these things by the new year then they all need to be swished! I'm wearing the jeans in todays post x


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