Tuesday, 16 November 2010

Well That Was Interesting

Today is my little (6ft3") brothers 30th birthday! He's only 18 months younger than me but still feel a little old now! HAPPY BIRTHDAY LITTLE BIG BOY (he'll kill me for that!).

So last nights dinner and a movie turned into dinner and drinks which was much better as it turns out we had a lot to talk about. Pride and fear have a lot to answer for but at the end of the day we are all human and can't help how we feel. No idea what happens now but at least I know what's going on which is an improvement!

Today I'm wearing this .....

Dress: Oasis
Belt: Warehouse
Tights: Dorothy Perkins - they're teal blue but you can't really tell because of my terrible lighting!
Boots: Shelleys
Watch: Gucci
Rings: Grandmama

I love jumper dresses, they are so easy to wear and very toasty at this time of the year.

Hmmmm dating disaster for today......quite a short one, this time from Match.com. A cute guy started emailing me and as usual he was witty and charming (well you aren't going to be dull and boring in an opening email now are you?!), he was at the top end of my age range (up to 38) but he seemed interesting in his profile, I thought "why not".

We agreed to meet for some drinks in central London at a very fancy bar that I really liked, his suggestion not mine. As I've said before I had listed on my profile that I am an ecdysiast, some people didn't bother looking it up, some people looked it up and asked questions but weren't interested in meeting up, some people thought I was joking and some people were fine with it.

Now this bloke, let's call him Sanctimonious Guy, had asked me out and asked me to meet him at this very fancy bar. I arrive and he's tall, cute and has a great smile so I thought "finally things are looking up!". Sanctimonious Guy was sat at the bar so I joined him and we ordered some drinks, I try and start the converation with "So how come you are on Match.com?" it's proved a good conversation starter in the past, Sanctimonious Guy replies with "well that doesn't really matter does it, why are you on there? Surely strippers can find enough mugs while they are at work?"! I kind of splutter a bit and ask what he means by "mugs"? Sactimonious Guy then lauches in to a fairly lengthy rant about how strippers are money grabbing, drug taking, lying sluts on their way to "Whore Town"!!!! Ooooooo Mmmmmmm Geeeeeeeee! I get up, excuse myself and walk straight out of the bar, how I didn't pour my drink all over his head I have no idea!

Now I know some people have this opinion and some ecdysiasts have lived up to this stereotype but the majority are like me, real human beings who enjoy what we do and the freedom it gives us to persue other passions whilst maintaining a great lifestyle. No one forced Sanctimonious Guy to ask me out on a date and he knew right from the get go what I did, he had literally had asked me there to lecture/shout at me! Who knows his reasoning but I have no need for that in my life or to try and justify my life choices to some random nutter! From that day on I made sure my future dates at least had an understanding of the word Ecdysiast and knew that I wasn't joking!

Lots of Love

P.S. x


  1. well you're the classiest money grabbing lying drug taking slut I've EVER met my lovely!!! Not to mention one of the gorgeousest (is that a word?) people I know!! x

  2. HA! Thank you hunni, couldn't quite believe he'd gone to the rouble of asking me out just to have a go at me! Obviously had very little going on in his life and waaaaaay too much free time! x

  3. What an arse! Honestly where do some people get off judgeing everyone else! I actually have a lot of respect for you, if you enjoy your job why shouldn't you be able to talk about it and put it out there!!! If it makes you feel any better they used to say the same thing about actresses so I wouldn't worry. You look stunning by the way.


  4. Thank you hunnie! It is amazing how some people think they have the right to preach to a complete stranger. x

  5. That is such a cute dress! People act so silly in public.

    The Haute Road

  6. WHAT A JERK!!Dont worry, you deserve so much better, its his loss. Atleast you kept hold of your dignity with your head held high and walked away! Kudos for you! Ps you look stunning!! x

  7. That is a very nice outffit. Casual and stylish. Thanks for sharing the photos and come and visit me too when you have time.


  8. ew, who does that?! waaaaay too much time on his hands.

    lovely lovely lovely <3

  9. wow, you're really pretty , nice blog by the way :)

  10. Thank you peeps, I definitely look back at this experience and laugh! x

  11. great outfit thanks for sharing xxx


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