Thursday, 23 December 2010

Bonding Session

You may or may not have noticed but I'm ever so slightly obsessed with belts. I own about thirty of them in a host of different colours and styles most of which I have worn but some are still languishing in my wardrobe waiting for their first outting. I think I like belts so much because I am lucky enough to have a relatively small waist in comparison to my hips and I like to accentuate this by pulling anything I'm wearing in with a belt. I love the floaty look and there are so many clothes and outfits out there that I would love to wear but I don't think things suit me unless I'm pulled in at the middle! Alas I don't have the amazingly long pins of Fashion Hedonism or Style of a Fashionista or Burn The Blonde that look so fantastic poking out the bottom of one of their gorgeous floaty numbers or the shorts they all rock so well. 

Today will involve some last mintue gathering of gifts, some packing (eep hate packing, can someone please invent a device that allows you to shrink your whole wardrobe into carry on size so you can take everything with you when you travel? That or can someone please tell me that magic is real and Harry Potter is actually a documentary and the bottomless bag Hermione has in the latest film is buyable in London?) then V and I are heading out for Christmas drinks with the B.G's and J & C tonight which I am very much looking forward to. It's a year ago today that V met this crowd and we have Top Gear Guy to thank for introducing us to such fabulous peeps! Last year it was The Phoenix pub there was Fruli beer (for me at least) and a bonding session over last years Robert Pattinson Annual which was Top Gear Guys Christmas present (R-Patz was his hair idol). I'm so tempted to buy the 2011 annual for more bonding hilarity this year, for example there was a quiz where you could decide how your first date with R-Patz would go, if you'd kiss, what would he wear etc. Hmmmm maybe!

Tonight I am wearing this dress for our Christmas gathering...

Dress: Wheels & Dollbaby
Belt: Warehouse
Cardigan: All Saints
Tights: Boots (I'm wearing two pairs)
Boots: Carvela

I was going off to work after these few drinks but Dad has annouced that he is getting the 4am ferry from the Isle of Wight and will be in Rickmansworth at about 8am which means I have to leave home at 7am in order to meet him on his drive up to Derby!! At least when I get there it's CHRISTMAS w00t! I may be a little over excited now...I hope you are too?

Lots of Love

P.S. x


  1. Me and my legs are soooo excited about Christmas! Haha! Thanks for the mention! :P

    Love this skull dress and yes you have the tiniest waist I've ever seen, gorgeous! Sounds like you've a fun night planned! X

    Burn the Blonde

  2. love everything about this outfit...the cute dress and hot ROCK!

  3. i really want that dress. too bad i can't find it =[


  4. This dress is gorgeous and indeed your waist is so tiny! If you lived in the 1550's you wouldn't need to wear a corset to make your waist smaller!
    I'm excited too for my Christmas shopping tomorrow and for the family gathering on Xmas day! xxx


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