Friday, 10 December 2010


Tonight I'm off to celebrate flatmate L's birthday (her actual birthday was yesterday like my Papa's but we're all partying tonight) we are going to Floradita which I'm really looking forward to. It's one of my favourite places in London to have a few cocktails and a good dance, hopefully there will be a live band on so I can try and shake my thang and say, yet again, that I want to take Salsa lessons!

I always start thinking about new years resolutions around this time and ponder the ones I made and how I've not really stuck with any of them. 2011 will be better though, I always say I want to do things and just dream about doing them well 2011 will be different! I'm going to try and make some more realistic resolutions that I will be able to stick with and a few over the top ones thrown in for good measure but one will definitely be to take some Salsa classes! 

Todays dress is this...

Dress: Joy borrowed from L
Tights: Boots
Shoes: Red or Dead
Jewellery: All from eBay

I love the pattern on this dress and the tulip shape of the skirt, thank you very much L for letting me borrow it for your party!

Sorry for no dating disaster stories recently, I do have a date on Sunday evening with The Canadian hopefully no horror story (fingers crossed) but I'll let you know!

Lots of Love

P.S. x


  1. I used to love salsa dancing in France, you don't need lessons, all you need is a hot man with loose hips! :) Hope you have a great night! I look forward to Monday's post-date post!

    Burn the Blonde

  2. love your shoes - hope you hve a fab night x

  3. cute dress...i need to add florals to my wardrobe. have fun and be safe on the date.

  4. That dress is gorgeous! And those green heels are fabulous. :)

  5. Good luck with your date, did you decide no any new year resolutions? Thinking back on mine (save money, go traveling again)I haven't done either so must make more of an effort!

    The dress is lovely.


  6. Very cute dress and gorgeous pumps. You should definitely take salsa lessons and maybe also try tango argentino. I used to dance to both these dance but now unfortunately I don't have friends to come with me and I hate going to these places on my own. xxx

  7. I just stumbled across your blog and think it's the cutest thing :) Love your outfit and good luck with your date xx

  8. im in love with the colour of your shoes! one of my friends does salsa dancing and he said he is SO fit from it like, it is a massively insane work out apparently? and im the same with new years resolutions! - but you are right, 2011 will be different (:(:


  9. fab shoes! perfect for party!xx

  10. Thank you for your comments peeps. A fab night was had by all, we had the sore heads to prove it the next day! x


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