Thursday, 2 December 2010

Christmas Wishlist

Last night was actually a lot of fun but my goodness I was cold! I was a little nervous when I was told I would be wearing a white catsuit but it actually doesn't look too bad....

I felt a lot like some kind of superhero in this, unfortunately my super power doesn't seem to be self heating, it was freezing even though I have three pairs of tights and two pairs of socks on under this! A fun time was had by all and the OK photographer took some pics of myself and Felix in this get up so could be in the magazine. On my walk home I got seriously snowed on, snow in the eyes is not fun must wear my glasses more, I took this when I got into the warm before all of it had melted...

It was nice to turn into my street and actually see snow on the ground, living in very central London means that I don't see settled snow all that often. I'm really looking forward to going to our garden square tomorrow to see how much snow there is in there, snowman building amounts I hoping!

Todays dress is this....

(I have no idea why it looks like I've put Vaseline over the lense in this picture!)

Dress: Bay Trading
Tee: Dorothy Perkins
Cardigan: Can't remember
Tights: Dorothy Perkins
Jewellery: Pressies from Friends

It's bloody freezing outside and I have no intention of leaving the flat today! This is one of my summer dresses that I've owned for nearly sixteen years and I still love it, it's one of my favourite colours.

I'm loving all the wishlist posts that are popping up at the moment, so much so that I have decided to create my own. I'm always being told how difficult I am to buy for so hopefully this will help my nearest and dearest (hint hint)! In no particular order my Etsy finds:

I Heart Norwegian Wood £32.30 so a little expensive for leggings but how gorgeous are they! Not sure they will do my legs any favours though!

Topherco £27.69 I love the colour of this snood and it looks so warm and toasty.

Garden Of Whimsy £19.12 I love this! The butterflies are adorable...

Pegasusmaiden £34.28 I have a fascination with peacocks and I think this headband is gorgeous

Billy Blue 22 £19.28 I think this is fabulous!

Fink Gifts £11.87 I've wanted a pocket watch necklace for ages I really love the look of this one.

Strangeling £19.77 I love this picture it's gorgeous yet kind of creepy at the same time, there are a lot of Jasmine Becket-Griffith's pictures that I want.

This one is also £19.77

A Box For My Treasures £13.84 I love this Etsy shop and could quite happily list about ten things that I would like but this has to be my favourite, I like the idea of receiving this from a loved one and they've added their own note to you

Pixiebell £32.96 which I think is quite reasonable for a hand made hat, I love this colour

Octopus Me £79.11 My best friend Tatty and I have an "in" joke that revolves around Octopi so when I saw these I really wanted them but they are very expensive.

Vonlenska Vintage £42.85 I've been after a pair of suede shorts for ages and I really love the colour of these vintage ones

The Vintage Voice £227.44 This is a total wishlist never going to happen coat but I love everything about it, the colour, the trim, the shape everything!

YY Studio £242.60 so this is another dream coat, you can have this one made in lots of different colours and custom fit to you, might attempt to make something similar myself

Apocalypse Vintage £161.52 I've wanted a vintage fur bolero/cape for ages I love this one because it has sleeves which is unusual for this type of thing and the colour is gorgeous. I would never buy a new fur coat but I think it's a waste to leave vintage fur languishing on the shelf.

 This list could go on and on but I shall stop here. So.......

Dear Santa, Family and Friends,

I hope this list is helpful!

Lots of Love

P.S. x


  1. we shall go build snowmen on saturday. and no wonder you were cold - you should not be allowed out in this weather looking like that! haha.
    love the suede shorts.

  2. Omgosh- I actually bought the Hummingbird skull from Billyblue22 a few days ago for boyf,can't wait to see it in the flesh (so to speak).

    I have a tonne of those little glass jars (have you seen the sugar and spice necklace I made aaaaages ago?) so if you EVER finaly come round you can make your own necklace.

    Love the new catsuit!x

  3. I keep forgetting you've got Saturday off! Yay snowman building .... in a dress should be fun!
    You'll have to let me know what the necklace is like Lou, and I know I need to come round and see you soon it's been aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaages! x

  4. You look stunning in that catsuit, you must be the only person I know who could pull it off though! They have some besutiful suede shorts in khaki in Topshop at the moment, lovely but don't know if I want to pay £70 for them. Love the octopi rings/ finger clawy thingys (?), all in all another great post my dear!


  5. Hi ! i1m following you, now ! if you want, follow me !


  6. Wow, you look so sexy in that cat suit!! And I love your wishlist; definitely getting some of the things you picked out from Etsy! xoxoxoxo

  7. Wow you look like a goddess in these catsuit and coat!)
    And I like the hat a lot!!
    I wonder why your picture is not sharp.. but my camera does it sometimes too( very annoying. Lucky you you can stay home at this weather!)) Love your dress!
    And it's amazing wishlist. I want a big part of it myself!

    Fetishist's Notes -

  8. LOVE those expensive leggings! ;)

  9. Ooh I love everything on your list! Those leggings are awesome, and woww that peacock feather headband is just so beautiful!

    p.s. you look a bit like a 'Bond woman' in the catsuit, you really would make one epic super hero m'dear

  10. Oh, I love the last two items in your wish list! I have the terrible habit of always picking the most expensive things (although I usually cannot afford them!). You look hot in that catsuit! What is it you do exactly and you have to wear catsuits?

  11. Two words about that catsuit, DAMN GIRL!
    And now for more words; Why did you get to wear a catsuit?...Jealous...

    Burn the Blonde

  12. LOL thank you peeps.
    I was Guestlist Bitch "if your name isn't down you're not coming in!" at work for the OK Christmas party which was fun but I froze! x

  13. you dooo look like a superhero, i damn hot superhero ;)

    you're very welcome for your mention, you deserve it, i always read your blog.

    and the new york thing....
    if you're a student in the UK you can get a J1 visa to go and work in america for four months in any state you like, i chose new york, and i chose this summer coming :)

    you should toootally come and visit and we can stroll around in outlandish clothing eating cupcakes and drink any cocktail available :D


  14. your wish list is incredible! i now want almost every single thing on it!!! you have great taste, obviously!

    and holy yowsa woman... i do not know a single person that could rock a WHITE CATSUIT and look that freakin' gorgeous. you definitely did not need to be nervous about anything except maybe the fact that there are likely tons of guys drooling over you now. =P

    Vogue Gone Rogue
    Full Time Fabulous - Kristy
    twitter: @kristyelena

  15. You look incredible in a catsuit!! Those leggings are soooo gorgeous.

  16. oh wow i love all your pics and those suede shorts are amazing xxxx

  17. wow you look amazing in that catsuit!!! xx

  18. hey
    your blog is amazing
    i followed you
    today's dress is lovely but most of all i like the white fur of your costume
    i hope you will visit my blog and follow back


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