Tuesday, 21 December 2010

Clothes Bomb or Clothes Fairies?

I'm settling down to watch The Nightmare Before Christmas (I blame not flatmate L for this) and eat some mince pies before I head off to run my errands, obviously I need to be comfy for this activity so I'm wearing this....

Dress: All Saints
Belt: Jocasi
Cardigan: Oasis
Tights: Dorothy Perkins
Boots: Faith
Coat: Topshop
Gloves: Accessorize
Scarf: Debenhams

I love this dress, it's so pretty and makes me smile every time I put it on.

Grrrr Argh! Yet again my room looks like a clothes bomb has exploded! I'm a fairly tidy person so I do usually put things away after myself, how on earth does it get like this? I think the clothes fairies come round and play dress up while I'm asleep! Speaking of clothes fairies has anyone else come across The House of Ellwand's work?

It's the most beautiful book and the clothes are gorgeous and totally what the clothes fairies that play in my room at night are wearing, of course they are this stylish!

Anyway.....cleaning up the clothes bomb explosion debris is one job for me to do today, another one is pick up some pretty bags to put my edible presents in and then the third is to buy two external hard drives to load up with TV shows for my Mum over in Saudi. All in all a fairly chilled out day.

V and I watched Gremlins last night which is one of those obligatory Christmas movies that is always on around this time of year. This movie is a somewhat distressing sick family snuff movie for V though, let me explain.....V's nickname for ages has been Mogwai and during the doppleganger week on Facebook her profile picture was....

....which is so cute! Whilst watching Gremlins during the scene where Billy's Mum liquidises one of the evil Gremlins V pipes up with "don't kill my cousin", I love it!

I'm starting to plan what to pack for the few days I'm away from my wardrobe, it's been quite hard to resist wearing some of my favourite dresses so far this month. I know what I want to wear on Christmas Day (Trashy Diva number with crinoline) it's the other days I'm having issues with but I only have to plan for three/four other days so it shouldn't be too hard, right? We shall see....

How are your Christmas plans going, any travelling involved or are people coming to you this year?

Lots of Love

P.S. x


  1. Ahh such an All Saintsy dress if you know what I mean! Love it!

  2. Ugh I vaguely remember seeing the Gremlins as a child and it scared me! No desire to watch it ever since! I knew by it's fierceness that that was an All Saints dress, stunning.com!

    I HATE packing and having to plan what to wear, I love having everything I own at my disposal! Moving to London will be tough!! It's defo happening! X

    Burn the Blonde

  3. awh i love gremlins and i know what you mean about must-see-at-christmas films. mine's either the muppets or love actually. oooo i'm gonna watch love actually tonight now :)

    love the dress look too, it's so classic, cropped jacket and ruffles.

    love, emma xx

  4. The dress is really cute!! Oh I wish I can travel during the Christmas holidays, but have to work on my university work instead! x

  5. Wow the world is really small!! Thanks for your comment :) xx

  6. Crinoline??? Hmmmmm....may have to rethink the joggers and fluffy slippers ensemble I had lined up!!

  7. @ Marella & the solar flare Thank you Lovelies

    @ Cheryl I know what you mean All Saints have such a distinctive style you can usually tell if something is by them

    @Burn The Blonde Germlins is kind of a Christmas classic in my house now, we used to watch it as kids every year and it's sort of stuck.
    So exciting that you're moving to London! YAY!

    @ Voodle oooo enjoy Love Actually, thats a great Christmas film

    @ Gertrude very small world indeed!

    @ goodevans HA! Nia you know me any excuse to dress up and I have to wear a dress every day in Dressember....I shall bring my measuring tape so I can start on your circle skirt when I get back to London x

  8. your hair looks so cute! LOVE the belt :) such a cute skirt! <3


  9. my goodness that is a lovely dress! and oh gosh i love gremlins!


  10. I loove your dress,it is simply to die for!

  11. wow love the shape of that dress, and it doesnt drown you - it really flatters your figure !

  12. I still haven`t seen the nightmare before Christmas. Lovely dress.xx


  13. @ Chelsea Lane Thank you Hunnie

    @ Nancyxo Gremlins is one of the best Christmas movies I believe :)

    @ A, Sara Louise Thank you Lovelies

    @ Alina A Thank you, you should watch it for sure it's so much fun x


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