Wednesday, 1 December 2010


I got a random email from the peeps over at Brainbox Candy on Sunday, turns out they had read my blog and saw that I loved their cards. The fabulous Mark/Barbara/Mungo asked me to pick a few cards from their range and I received them yesterday afternoon, how lovely! Here are my picks...

....I love this wrapping paper! Go on over to their site and have a look see, there is free shipping at the moment too!

After stumbling across Blythe Hill's wonderful blog and reading her post about Dressember yesterday I decided that it sounded like a great idea, especially as I started this blog to try and stop myself throwing on my jeans and tee combos all the time, so I signed myself up.

The rules of Dressember are simple: wear dresses all month (with the exceptions of pajamas, work out clothes, and when your job requires you to wear pants). You're allowed to repeat dresses. You're not allowed to wear skirts.

I own a lot of dresses (I've just counted I own fifty seven (!!!!) and I'm making myself another one!) I even have a few dresses in my wardrobe (five in fact) that have never seen the light of day so I will have plenty to chose from. I'm going to attempt to wear a different dress every day and not buy any new dresses during December, considering how many I have and as a lot of those are party dresses I shouldn't be too stumped during party season and I will allow myself to borrow dresses from my lovely friends (if they'll let me)!

Sounds simple enough here goes nothing....

Dress: H&M via eBay
Belt: Accessorize
Tights: Topshop
Boots: Office
Earrings: Accessorize

I have many layers on underneath this dress to keep me warm and I plan on putting on a few more layers for the walk down to work. Tonight we are hosting the OK Christmas party (!) and I am the hostess, I shall be ticking people of the list whilst wearing a white catsuit, white floor length coat and lots of sparkly jewellery. Hopefully I won't freeze and I'll try and get a picture for tomorrows post.

Lots of Love

P.S. x


  1. Perfect dress! looks so good on you and you styled it perfectly. You have perfect hair as well)

    But are the skirts not allowed? I thought they are.. I think theres something about it on the Fbook page. But we are allowed to change rules))

    Good luck with the challenge!
    And I'm waiting to see the catsuit+coat photo))

    Fetishist's Notes -

  2. like your outfit!!


  3. those cards are great! i love your boots too xx

  4. How cool you got those card ! Love them

  5. Gorgeous jumper dress and I love those cards. :)SArahD

  6. nice pictures :) cute dress

  7. love the card and dressember sounds like a great idea. Can`t wait to see more.xx

  8. very nice dress! you have a tiny waist?!?! love the thick tights too! very nice and cosy outfit

  9. looking marvelous, as usual m'dear.
    you lucky pup on the freebies, they're really cool, i love quirky cards.

    cute blog, come follow me ;)

    ahaha <3

    also, the word verification for this comment was testsmas :/ wtf?!


  10. Ooh, those cards are so smart and funny!! I love your sweater dress! And sounds like you're going to have so much fun tonight! Can't wait to see the photos! xoxoxoxo

  11. What a gorgeous knit! xx

  12. lovely dress! I like it :-)

    kisses from Italy
    follow me

  13. What a lovely dress, looks warm and cosy too! Great idea to wear dresses all December long. I don't own that many dresses but you shouldn't have a problem there (fifty seven???!!!). xxx

  14. you have pretty hair! i love your bangs. thats so nice that they sent you cards!

  15. this looks fun, can't wait to see all the dresses! love your boots...they fit like a glove.

  16. Thank you for the comments peeps I was very warm and toasty in this outfit even when I got snowed on coming home tonight x

  17. lol, those cards made me laugh. especially "geese" for some reason. lol... so funny.

    you are GORGEOUS! i love that i've found your blog. love your chic style and your beautiful self. =) and we're both anne mccaffrey fans. also, thanks for the other author recommendations. i will have to check them out next time i find myself at the american bookstore here in milan. =)

    Vogue Gone Rogue
    Full Time Fabulous - Kristy
    twitter: @kristyelena

  18. fifty seven?! you lucky girl! can't wait to see this :) I wish I had more than...four dresses to wear :)


  19. I love the Dressember idea! Can't wait to see all of your posts on it, those cards are amazing too and great that they've checked out your blog! A Mum with a closet full of Ossie Clark? I'd be raiding that too, daughter or no lol.

    Hope you didn't hurt yourself when you fell!


  20. Beautiful!
    Follow me!

  21. loving the wrapping paper!!!

    yet to devour the tia maria combo been poorly sick, tomorrow though shall not stop me!

    X Gorgeous as per ; D


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