Monday, 13 December 2010

First Date

So I had my first date with The Canadian last night and, thankfully, I have no dating disaster to report. He was lovely and we got on really well but there was no *spark*, dag nam it! I broke one of my dating rules and agreed to go for dinner on a first date but my thinking was that we were meeting at 8pm and the pubs close at 10.30pm also I had asked R and Only Boy Flatmate to text me at 8.30pm with some kind of problem that I needed to rescue them from, just in case. They dutifully did this for me but R said "V has been eaten by the Venus Fly Trap" which actually made me laugh out loud which, if I had needed to escape, wasn't the best reaction to the rescue text!

I wore this outfit for my date....

Dress: All Saints (they seem to think this is a top! It's so long I wear it as a dress)
Belt: Warehouse
Leggings: American Apparel
Boots: Carvela
Earrings: Beth Nouveau

I love these earrings so much, Beth Nouveau's Etsy shop is fantastic and I have a few different pairs of her feather earrings and hair clips, they are well made and so reasonabley priced. Head on over and have a look!

I have lots to do this week; more work, a black tie charity ball on Tuesday which I shall be wearing my long cream evening gown to (even if they tell me to wear black!), Christmas shopping, cooking and decorating, we've decided to have our flat Christmas dinner on Sunday which will in include roastie beast (not sure which one yet but maybe beef or maybe pheasant), dessert of some kind (I'm thinking of Eaton Mess which is my favourite and my local Sainsbury's still has some strawberries and raspberries to be had!), crackers and then lots of silly board games. I am very much looking forward to this week, bring it on!

Lots of Love

P.S. x


  1. I love the earrings!

  2. Mmm Eaton Mess is delish! I had it in a restaurant recently then made it at home and everyone thought I was a culinary genius! Little do they know eh! :D Shame about the lack of spark, on to the next one! You looked faboosh!

    Burn the Blonde

  3. Eaton mess is my fave pudding!! You look divine, how did the date go dude? You haven't actually said if it was gurrrrd, you'll have to tweet moi xxx

  4. You look fab! I'm sorry there was no spark. And that's a definite no-no to a second date isn't it?! Lol, about the "rescue phone call"! xxx

  5. YOu look beautiful!
    Great earrings details

  6. That is such a classy date outfit! Your earrings are so beautiful and unique! Sounds like you have a fabulous week ahead! xoxoxoo

  7. oh that's a shame there was no spark - i love that you get your friends to text you with an "emergency" during a date lol.

    and very cute outfit for a first date x

  8. hmmmmmmmm.... how on earth could there be no spark with you looking that unbelievably stunning?! he SHOULD have been short-circuiting the moment he saw you! at least, that's what i think! =P

    absolutely gorgeous outfit. and that text about V being eaten by a venus fly trap made me laugh out loud too! so great, but so not useful for the intended purpose! thank god canadian guy wasn't a creep!!!

    Full Time Fabulous - Kristy
    twitter: @kristyelena

  9. It was more that there was no spark from my side but he was lovely so I had a great evening x

  10. yay for canadians! even though you had to have the rescue call lol. and those boots are amazing!


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