Tuesday, 7 December 2010

Tortoise Pedicure

I'm off to the opening of the Harrods Pet Spa this afternoon with L, Mrs B.G. and the Rudester were meant to be coming with us but that pesky work thing got in the way. I have decided that I need to be all fancy and dressed up today so I'm wearing this...

Dress: Vintage Borrowed from V
Jumper: Topshop
Belt: Accessorize
Tights: Boots
Boots: Louboutin
It's going to be an interesting afternoon, they offer all sorts of treatment as you can see here I love that there are treatments for your tortoise as well as your puppy or kitten! I need to steal someones pet for the afternoon now Rudy can't make it!

Today I thought I would tell you about my Speed Dating Disaster, well maybe disaster is a bit of a strong word, I had a fun night and would do it again but it was a hilarious experience! Here goes....

X Factor Dates website had caught my attention in some way or another after Tatty had suggested I try speed dating (I think I had been telling her my online dating disaster stories) as an alternative to Match.com and My Single Friend. I signed up with X Factor Dates and looked through their event list.

A few days later I got an email from them asking if I was free last minute to join a West End event they were holding and as they were short on ladies my ticket was free! I was free that night so I thought why not! I decided to go by myself because I could imagine ending up spending the evening chatting with my friends inbetween the "dates" rather than the other attendees.

I got there at the start time and it turns out I was massively early! Everyone arrives fashionably late to these things dahling, don't you know?! I got my little name tag and was shown to my table (I think I was number 9) the organisers went through the process with me and gave me my "Like, Friend, No Thanks" sheet so I could keep track of anyone I was interested in. I ordered myself a huge glass of white wine (Dutch courage) and settled in to watch everyone arrive.

I ended up chatting to one of the other early arrivals who was lovely but not very tall so not my cup of tea, we had a bit of a giggle and enjoyed checking out all the other girls and guys as they arrived. Everyone had something about them and I was looking forward to my evening.

A little bell went off and all the girls were asked to take our seats, the guys moved from date to date while we got to sit down; the organiser was obviously a women who likes and wears very high heels and knows they are meant to be sat in and admired not walked in!

My first few "dates" were lovely we got three mintues together and conversation flowed very easily but none of them were really my type and there were no sparks. After a couple of dates the guys started to sit down and tell me I had a fan!? Turns out the girl sat in the table before me was telling them all the minute they sat down and before introducing herself to them "Don't worry you'll be able to have your date with Ariel in a minute..."! (I had waist length bright red hair at the time which I loved and might go back to soon.) Now this seems like a daft thing to be saying to your "dates", to me it's almost like saying "I don't think I matter and you don't have to pay me any attention" it seems a little defeatist and a waste of three minutes to start your conversation about someone other than yourself! Am I wrong?

After ten "dates" there was an interval where you could get another drink and freshen up if you wanted, I went to the bar first then the ladies and walked in on a few of the other girls talking about "Ariel" and they weren't being nice! Now they had never met me before and not even spoken to me at this event. I smiled in greeting and used the facilities, when I came out there were still all there but hadn't said anything to each other since I'd walked in. I washed my hands reapplied the lippy smiled and left, let them bitch I'll probably never see them again but it was a little hurtful that they had jumped to conclusions because of the way I look (I'm guessing that was what it was, otherwise they really hated red hair!).

My second round of "dates" were hilarious; one guy sat down and without even giving me his name said "Hi, I've wanted to meet you all night, I live in Mayfair, drive a Merc and have my own company. When do you want to go out with me?" Ooooo Mmmmm Geeeee! That was an awkward three mintues. Then a few dates later the guy I'd been dreading sat down......I'd been dreading him because he was one of those very tall people who are very concious of their height and hunch over to try and make themselves appear shorter but they just look weird but that wasn't why I was dreading this date; he was carrying a big black bin liner around with him that obviously had something in it! He wouldn't quite look me in the eye during the three minutes and I never plucked up the courage to ask him what was in the bin liner, I was terrified he was going to say something like "I'm glad you asked it's my last girlfriends head!" and then pull out his last girlfriends head, he was THAT scary!!

I did meet a lovely guy during the evening who I stayed with at the venue afterwards to have a few drinks, he was lovely and very tall but only 23 (I was 27) and a submariner who was about to go on a six month tour of duty! Never would have worked....

All in all I had a really funny evening, I did enjoy myself and I'm planning on going to another X Factor Dates event in the future. I just couldn't resist telling you guys about that evening!

Lots of Love

P.S. x


  1. Haha- I really enjoyed this post.. it's good you kept your sense of humor for it as well! If nothing else, it definitely makes for some good stories :D Love your outfit for your spa afternoon as well, especially those boots!

    PS I love sci-fi too... what do you think of how Dr Who has turned out? i grew up on tom baker and peter davison, and i just feel that the new dr who just doesn't cut it for me...

    I'm following you!!
    *Claudia* xoxo
    Molto ❤ Fashion

  2. What hair :DD



  3. You can borrow my goldfish if you like! :O I am diggin' your Chrissy Loubs missy! Your dating stories are sooo funny, I feel like I'm living vicariously through you, although I don't think I would've been able to resist asking what was in the bin liner, decapitated head or not!

    I think your blog posts should be/will be turned into a book someday, and if my prediction is right be a dear and thank me in the foreword! Mwah mwah mwah!

    Burn the Blonde

  4. I want that dress and boots! How horrid of those girls, I hate it when people decide they don't like you without even trying to get to know you! It's really childish but what your parents tell you in school is right, they only do it because they are jealous, at least you had the good grace not to get drawn into it.


  5. gorgeous! lovely blog, following you :) xx


  6. WOW love this soo much !! you have a great blog, i love your style :) im a new follower ! hope you can check out my blog !! :)
    sera xo

  7. Really beautiful boots !!


  8. You look so lovely in that dress. And Louboutin boots? I'd love to have a pair of those! Your speed dating story was so funny, especially the guy with the bin (the serial girlfriend killer, lol!). I've never been in those speed dating things, we don't have them here. And after all my disappointing internet acquaintances I suppose I'm going to just sit and wait until someone comes along (somehow, someway)! xxx


  9. Thank you lovelies, these are fab boots but definitely not made for walking too far in! x

  10. wow, your shoes so very pretty ;)

  11. I love reading your story! Arrgh, I hate it when girls just judge each other based on looks only and that's terrible! I'm glad you didn't pay them attention and put on a smile!

    lol..the guy who's holding a bin was hilarious! Why would he walk around holding like that to a speed dating event? I look forward to hearing more of your dating stories! Oh, and you look stunning in that dress! xoxoxoxoo

  12. Love the polka dots! Hilarious post, I loved the story!

  13. You look ah mazing hun those boots are too die for. Love your dating stories sounds like a fun evening cant wait to hear about round two xoxo

  14. amazing heels~!!! great style

    come follow the first ever fashion blog from a Guys POV, let He know what you think

    Fashion by He

  15. cor blimey your waist is tiny! you look ever so lovely in the polka dot dress. hehe, what a funny story! i'd just love to know what was in the black bag, but i too would have been to scared to ask! xx


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