Sunday, 4 December 2011

It's Beginning To Feel A Lot Like Christmas

I can't belive it's Dressember, again! Where has this year gone? So we're three days in and I've been having problems with my camera and the only laptop I have left that sorts of work hence the lack of posting, I can assure you I have been wearing dresses though! I'm not going to wear a different dress everyday of the month this time around but I will be styling repeats differently. I have a few new purchases to debue too which is always fun.

The first dress of the month was a rather fetching elf ensemble which I was asked to wear to the first Christmas party of the season at work.....
.....we all had an amazing time with some really fabulous guests. We did change back into our Bunny outfits half way through the evening so the guests could have pictures with "actual Bunnies!".....I don't think I've ever smiled so much in my life! 

Yesterday I had a date so I decided to wear this little number......'s the Kate Moss for Topshop pansy print dress in purple which I have wanted for years! I finally found one on eBay and snapped it up. It's very very short but I still love it. Unfortunately the date wasn't as succesful as I felt the dress was hey ho, never mind!

Tonight some of my very favourite people and I have been to The Harwood Arms for Christmas dinner which was unbeliveable amazing, I am so full it's untrue! I made crackers for everyone, this is an example of a hat from one of my crackers.....
......we did get a few funny looks from our fellow diners but sod it, it's Christmas!

J Bear and I will be putting up the flats Christmas tree tomorrow which I am getting a little over excited about! I'm very lucky to have been given Christmas off this year (well the 23rd until the 27th) and my wonderful family have agreed to come to me this year! I have lots of fun things's going to be a very good celebration, if a little cramped.......hmmmm let's call it cozy!

I hope you all have a fun Dressember ahead of you?

Lots of Love

P.S. x

Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Good Vibes

I've been rather pants at keeping Kittenish Behaviour updated of late and it's certainly not due to lack of events in my life. There have been Halloween parties (same costume as last year I'm afraid, we decided to dress up on very short notice), birthday parties, dates and afternoons out a plenty I've just been feeling a little camera shy and I always prefer to write around at least one or two pictures (unlike my last few posts) rather than just post long paragraphs of text. The trouble is, as I've mentioned, I'm a little reluctant to get infront of the camera at the moment  and that's mainly due to my own laziness.......going to the gym....bluergh!

As you know I have actually joined the gym but now I have to make myself go! I've had the perfect excuse for not getting all sweaty this last week as I've been curled up in bed with Bronchitis which totally sucks! Now don't get me wrong I do love my bed but being confined to it for a week has been beyond boring. I'm back at work tomorrow which I'm really looking forward to and it's not just normal work but an exeternal event croupiering at a fun casino (no money involved) at a charity night. Fingers crossed I haven't forgotten everything....I have a feeling the trusty flashcards will be coming out this evening!

I've come up with a genius plan to get me exercising again.....I'm signing up to a yearly memebership at Good Vibes! My thinking is that if I'm paying upfront for classes I WILL be going to them (otherwise it's just throwing away money that could be spent buying shoes). This theory worked well for me when I joined a gym five years ago, I decided then that the only way I would actually go was if I had prepaid for a personal trainer.....which was working out brilliantly, until I married him......ooopps! This time round there will be no marrying of instructors (the are mainly ladies anyway) and, surprisingly, I did actually enjoy the last series of power plate classes I took so I'm hoping it won't be too traumatic to start them again. I have my gym membership to keep up the cardio side of things so all in all I'm looking forward to getting back into a rountine and more importantly geting fit again (the lift in our building broke the other day and I had to walk up four flights of stairs.....someone my age should not have been that knackered when I finally got to the top)!

Do any of you have tips for getting started with exercise rountines and, more importnatly, actually sticking to them?

Lots of Love

P.S. x

Sunday, 23 October 2011

Ex Factor

OUCH!!! I'm in so much pain at the moment and it's all down to my stupid wisdom teeth! I'm thirty-two for Pete's sake....surely they should have finished doing whatever it is that wisdom teeth do by now? This means only one thing, a trip to the dreaded dentist who I am sure will tell me that I ought to have them taken out.....this will be all well and long as they knock me out! There is no way I would be able to make myself sit in that chair awake while the dentist tugs on deep rooted teeth at the very back of my mouth! Nah ah, never going to happen, even with the strongest painkillers they could give me. Any of you lot scared of the dentist and if you are any tips for dealing with them?

So I've been having an intersting week since I last's been Ex-tastic (hence the cheesy title....I do apologise!). I don't know what it is about these last few weeks but I've had Ex's coming out of the woodwork and, weirdly, it's all been very positive! First my ex-husband gets in contact to get our divorce up and running (this is a very positive me!), then I discover an e-amil from Short Guy (the most traumatic relationship and break-up I've ever had) telling me that he's reading this blog and it's nice to see what someone he used to know is getting up to and wishes me well (!), another Ex has popped up on Strictly Come Dancing as one of this years celebrities so it's made my guilty Saturday night pleasure even more fun to watch, Senhor B and I have been talking a lot which is wonderful as he's an amazing person and you may or may not remember Scum Monkey but I've been seeing a fair bit of him recently as he's been sorting out guestlists and dinners for the Bunnies and I all over London. Now I wouldn't say I was best buddies with all of them but the fact that I can definitely call (most of) them friends is lovely!

I've had my neice, or Small Girl Type Creature as I like to call her, staying with me this weekend which has been fab as it gives me an excuse to do very random touristy things like the Tower of London and the British Museum. We are currently trying to work out ways to "borrow" the crown jewels as they are so very shiny and would obviously suit me.....that may be the magpie in me. I don't fancy my chances though......the doors look very heavy and theres this moat around the whole place! I may have to settle for just gazing longingly at the them through the glass display cases. *Sigh*

On another note my amazing and fabulously brave cousin has upped sticks and moved to Beijing, China to teach English as a foreign language!! Jema has also started a blog of her own writing about her adventures and experiences.....go check it out!

I hope you've all been having a wonderful weekend?

Lots of Love

P.S. x

Saturday, 15 October 2011

What A Year It's Been

Kittenish Behaviour is one year old today and what a year it's been....! A few heartbreaks, a new career, fabulous new friends (in both the blogging world and "real life") and many many crazy nights out. I know I've not been posting as much of late but I still enjoying writing here and reading all the other wonderful blogs I've discovered along the way. Here's hoping the coming year is going to be just as much fun!

So I've been having an interesting few weeks......I had a second date with Handsome Man which I though went rather swimmingly, it seems however that Handsome Man did not think so and he has now been renamed Fruit Bat! To clarify Fruit Bat said that he very much enjoyed our dates but they just underlined that he wasn't ready for dating at the moment (something he maybe should have thought about before putting himself on a dating website me thinks)....we've agreed to stay friends! So I'm back to square one which is means I'm free to eye up Boy Candy when we go out and we've been going out a lot recently.

In fact some fellow Bunnies and I headed out to a cocktail competition in Mayfair to support one of our Playboy bartenders and then we went on to Cuckoo for some dinner followed by dancing the night away, much fun was had by all although it was a bad night to be a phone as one got lost and another got dropped down a toilet!

The theme for the night was Parisian Chic which left me a little stumped as I am yet again having a "I have nothing to wear" crisis.....which is rediculous given how many clothes I actually own but not so rediculous when you realise that I can't get into half of them anymore! I have now joined the gym in an effort to change this but it seems having a gym card in your purse doesn't make you fit! You apparently actually have to go the gym and whilst there you have to do the pesky exercise thing....who knew!? On that note I will be dragging my ass down there tomorrow, if you don't hear from me again you'll know that I got eaten by the evil cross trainer never to be seen again! I'm hoping this time that I start getting the "gym buzz" I keep hearing so much about because I can't imagine ever really wanting to go and get sweaty on the treadmill, we'll see I guess.....

Are any of you exercise fans or is it something you have to make yourself do?

Lots of Love

P.S. x

Monday, 19 September 2011

Goodwood Revival Meeting

What an amazing weekend! Goodwood Revival Meeting was so much fun.....there were vintage cars....

 vintage frocks, amazing aeroplanes.......

 and of course us Playboy Bunnies.......

 I've never felt so much like a celebrity, paparazzi everywhere and our own bodyguards (Ninja Pete and crew). We were giving out winners garlands .....

and presenting birthday cakes (to Sir Stirling Moss no less) left, right and centre....

.... I got to have my hair done, I'm loving the Victory Rolls I really must learn how to do them!

....all in all a most fabulous weekend and I'm definitely going back next year!

Lots of Love

P.S. x

I love the cheeky bum shot at the end of this video!!

Thursday, 15 September 2011

Party Under My Bed...

Today my fellow Bunnies and I are off to The Goodwood Revival Meeting which is going to be so much fun and right up my street as I love the era. As yet we aren't 100% sure what we are going to be up to but we've been told to bring our Bunny outfits, cocktail dresses and loungewear all of which bode for a great couple of days in my opinion! I'll make sure to take lots and lots of photos.

So, my shoes appear to have been breeding......their number has grown from seventy-eight to eighty-three! My only explanation is that they are having awesome parties under my bed (where some of them live) while I'm out at's clearly the only logical answer to this riddle. Let me introduce you to some of the new additions.....

 Suede mustard - Office
The brown version of my grey Yeti boots - Office
Zebra print ponyskin - Topshop
These literally ate one of my feet! They haven't been worn since, I need to find a way of padding the side that was badly finished so they become wearable again.....any ideas?

PPQ for Office

I've got the black version of these and I just had to get these red ones when I saw them in Office

So I have actually worn all of these shoes out at least once but I can't cross them off my Shoeperwoman challenge as I have no photographic evidence!! I admit I've got a bit lax about taking pictures of my outfits. Some of that is down to throwing on things just to get to and from work in (v.boring must up my game!), some of it is down to laziness (typical Taurean) and some of it is down to not liking how I'm looking at the moment! I'm aware I'm not big and I know that with a little effort I can look how I would like to so rather than wallow I have decided to join the gym next month (I don't have the motivation to jump around to The Shred at home....all I want to do when I get home from work is crash). It seems that I'm living with Energizer Bunny (J Bear) who is a gym nut and has promised to drag my ass down there with her! I'm not an exercise fan but I like food too much to diet and I know that if i put my mind to it I can get the results I expect to start seeing outfit posts again very shortyly (here's hoping anyway!).

Lots of Love

P.S. xx

Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Shoe SOS

So in my M.I.A. post I mentioned that I'd be back and blogging as soon as I returned from my trip to the wonderful Isle that is Wight and I fully intended too.....that was until my date dropped my laptop! Laptop go BOOM! So I'm using the last remaining computer type item I have Little Bothers old gaming laptop which has a broken keyboard due to too much beer being spilt on it during WOW sessions! I hate this USB plug-in keyboard but beggars can't be choosers! So here I am and here we go.....

I'm in need of your help! I have the most uncomfortable and ugly work shoes on the planet.....

.....I need to find a replacement pair and I'd really appreciate any advice/options you have. They have to be black leather, they have to be closed toe and they can't have any embellishments (straps, detailing etc....) the heel height doesn't matter so much (although I do have to be able to stand in them for an eight hour shift) and they can have a platform (helpful for the standing in them for long periods of time!) so thoughts, suggestions, ideas? Please! Oh and not Aldo shoes....they eat my feet!

In other news you did read correctly that a date destroyed my laptop. I'm happy to report that MSF has been going rather well this time around. There have been a few guy decided it was a good idea to take a first date to a the rain! Surely everyone knows that there is minimal chance for conversation whilst trying to dodge people with umbrellas/not get trodden on/eye up vintage goodies available at said market?!? I thought the point of a first date was to get to know the other person and a nice cosy pub seems like the ideal location for attempting to do this not a sodding market in the rain! Ah well it was not meant to be....clearly! However let's talk about the destoyer of laptops.....I shall call him Handsom Man......even with the beardy weirdiness!

So.......Handsom Man.......does exactly what it says on the tin people.....SWOON! More unbelievably he is also a rather nice often does that happen!??! Our first date was fun albeit a little wine fueled and ending in laptop slaughter, the man has never seen Beauty and the Beast (!) I was trying to educate him. In Handsom Man's defence he was enjoying the movie and didn't throw the laptop across the room in disgust at the Disney cheese that was issuing from it.....I had precariously balanced it on the arm of a sofa....he got up to get a drink.....laptop go BOOM! Ah well now I have a great excuse to go laptop shopping, I'm thinking a MacBook Pro this time round....thoughts? Handsom Man and I have decided that our first date was so disastrous that we obviosuly need a do over which is scheduled to take place next week sometime....stay tuned!

Lots of Love

P.S. x

Tuesday, 16 August 2011


So yet again I've been M.I.A. and for quite a while this time. In all honesty I've been feeling a little stuck......I started this blog in the hopes that it would inspire me to use more of my, frankly, huge wardrobe. I'd found myself stuck in a rut of jeans, tees and my favourite sequin flat shoes (flat boots in winter) with the occasional dress thrown in for nights out. I decided that if I was going to be photographing myself for the blog I'd make more of an effort with what I was wearing.....which I did. The trouble is that now I've started working in a uniform I've found myself reverting back to the jeans, tee and sequin flats options to get to and from work in. Frankly I'm bored of looking at myself in the mirror so I wouldn't want to bore you with it! It's very lazy of's got to this end I've had a huge clear out of my wardrobe (big pile of things to be eBayed.......eep!) and have decided, again, to make more of an effort even if it is only to go work! Plus I need to get back on track with my Shoeperwoman Shoe Challenge especially as I seem to have increased my collection by about eight pairs.....ooops!

As you may or may not remember I also broke up with Blue Eyed Guy a few months ago (amicable, Blue Eyed Guy is totally fab and his next girlfriend is going to be a very lucky lady) so I've been living the single girl life in London which is always fun, especially as I now have my fellow Bunnies to hit the town with! I've also signed up to MSF (My Single Friend) again which, so far, has been fab.....fingers crossed I won't have too many dating disasters to tell you about!

Currently though I'm in the middle of eighteen days of holiday and I'm spending them on the Isle of Wight with my Mum and Papa. Little Bother and his brood were here for a few days (two weeks in total but only a few whilst I was here too) but now it's just the three of us and we are doing........not a lot! It's lovely to see Mum again, she's been living in Saudi Arabia since November and this is her first trip back to the UK since then. I just wish there was a little more sun, I've got comedy tan lines from the one day we've had so far and I need to even them out before I go back to work!

The Ginger Terror enjoying the fabulous view

I hope you've all been having a wonderful summer so far?

Lot's of Love

P.S. x

Monday, 20 June 2011

"It's A Blog, Not A Comic Book!".....Love You Dad!

I am a very lucky girl. There is no denying that; I live in a very fancy apartment in very central London, I have a job that I love, I have an amazing amount of shoes to choose from everyday, I am surrounded by wonderful friends, I may be single again (Blue Eyed Guy and I have decided to go our seperate ways) but I'm happy with that and I am lucky enough to have an amzing family who are there for me and support me in whatever crazy decision I make next in my life. Whether that be deciding to do Page 3 for The Sun many many moons ago, to helping me start my M.C.S.E course and most recently helping me out in such a way that meant I could retrain to start my new career as a croupier.

 My Mum and Dad are still happily married and although they live in different countries at the moment they are still very much in love and a total inspiration to me. They've done a rather good job of raising myself and Little Big Boy (even if I do say so myself), they've created incredibly successful businesses together from scratch and have a knack of bringing people together and making them feel wanted and special (usually involving food, booze and more often than not lots and lots of laughter). 

Believe me we've had our moments over the years but through it all I've always known they will be there to pick up the pieces whenever I've needed them to, which has been more often than I would've liked but I've never been reproached for that.

Today is Fathers Day and I wish I was able to spend it with my Papa (who came up with today's title after reading my catch up outfit post last month) but unfortunately I'm working the dreaded "Graveyard Shift"" this week (6am-2pm I'm not a morning person......this is going to kill me!) which meant that I would have had very little time down on The Island so Papa is going to put up with me next weekend instead unless he's hot footed it over to Saudi to see Mum. 

Looking back I have some amazing memories centering around Papa; my earliest memory is having put on my brand new yellow dress I ran out into the garden to show Papa.....unfortunately he was watering the plants at the time and when I shouted "Daddy" pleased as punch with myself to show off my new dress he turned round with the hose in hand and I got soaked! There have been pantomime rehearsals (oh yes I've been in panto......"oh no you haven't".....I'll stop there shall I?),roast hog BBQ's at the pub we lived in, Dad's speech at my wedding (oh yes I've been married, nearly not now though and I can't wait!) it was genius.....funny, thoughtful and tear jerking all at the same time, his kindness to all of my friends and boyfriends over the years, most recently the Friends & Family night at the Playboy Club London (Dad you are a legend.....he was holding court with the original 60's Bunnies and charming their collective socks off) and overall his general ability to make me laugh in pretty much any situation.

I probably don't say this enough but I love you very much Papa.....and I love you very much too Mum!

Lots of Love

P.S. x

Monday, 13 June 2011

A Woman's Right To Choose

Hello Peeps! I'm back....again! This time it was techincal difficulties such as our Sky router behaving most oddly and with holding the internets, then not one but all three of the computers I own decided to pack up at once and I have only just managed to get one fixed (thanks to my fabulous Papa) so I'm back and what a month I have to tell you about! I'll start off with work.....

I have officially earned my ears and have been working at the Playboy Club London for three weeks now and what a three weeks it has been. We've had friends and family parties, Gumball Rally parties, the Grand Opening (which was also attended by many protesters....more on that later) and a photo shoot with Mr Hefner himself! 

Hef was thoroughly charming and I was so excited to meet him I ended up just giggling like the village idiot! This was one of the many pictures taken by Getty Images.
 This picture of us Bunnies with Cooper Hefner was taken by the official mansion photographer

These pictures were taken on the Grand Opening; above my fellow Bunnies and I are joined by Arun Nayar and Partick Cox, below is Victor Lownes who ran the original Playboy club in London and his wife Marilyn Cole who was the first British Playmate.

It was an amazing evening despite the many  "feminists" who decided to protest outside of the club with "Eff Off Hef" banners and the like. Now to me modern feminism is about a womans right to choice; her right to make any decision she wants to about her life and how she wants to live it. I've made a choice to be a Playboy Bunny Croupier and I'm loving it, the job is exciting and challenging and I love my uniform which makes me feel empowered and gorgeous. For goodness sakes there are women in the middle east who don't even have the option of what they wear outside, there are young girls being mutilated in Africa, there are girls being trafficked as prostitutes and many many other atrocities being commited daily and the protesters feel the need to harangue and harass women who have made and have the right to make a free choice to work for an iconic company that has been empowering women since the 60's?! Playboy is and has always been an equal rights employer (any member making inapproriate advances or comments to any of it's Bunnies had their membership immediately revoked), employs more women than men and up until a few years ago it was run by Hef's own daughter. I'm all for freedom of speech and believe everyone has a right to their own opinions but surely protesting our choice to work somewhere is doing more harm than good? What do you guys think?

Lots of Love

P.S. x

Monday, 2 May 2011

Birthday Girl

Hello Lovely Peeps! Sorry I've been so quiet recently I've been insanely busy doing lots of fabulous things and lots and lots of homework! 

Easter was lovely, my fellow Bunnies and I had to work but a good time was had by all and one Bunny even got creative with the face paints and glitter....
......Blue Eyed Guy and I spent the Easter weekend with my Dad on the Isle of Wight which was beautiful, we sunbathed, we walked The Ginger Terror, we drank the booze and generally had a rather wonderful time in the sun.....
 This beach is a ten minute walk from Mum and Papas front door, the Ginger Terror did not like her first dip in the sea!
 The beach at Ventnor before we headed to The Spyglass Inn for a drink in the sun
 Suzzi decided the only place she wanted to sit was on my lap.....very sweet of her but I ended up with a very strange tan line!
 Thats a Blue Eyed Guy shadow you can see there!

As I was working on the Monday we had to get the 7.15am ferry home which was not fun to wake up for (it was still dark and the birds were still alseep for goodness sake!) but I seem to be very alert at this time in the morning as I managed to get through all my homework flashcards without getting one wrong.......I think this actually just means flashcards work!

Another busy week followed in which I played A LOT more Black Jack but I'm getting the hang of it now although I much prefer to deal Roulette. We ended up being given the Friday off so some fellow Bunnies and I decided we should go out to celebrate payday and the start of my birthday weekend. We headed to Jalouse but first I took Bunny L to a casino to give her an idea of what to expect needless to say that she loved it and even better than that I won £50 playing Roulette a great start to my weekend! The club was fun and I loved partying with my fellow Bunnies.... other than getting orange juice spilt all down the back of my white dress a fabulous evening was had by all.

Friday Blue Eyed Guy and I went to see Sucker Punch which is bonkers but I loved it, very imaginative and I'd love to be able to apply false eyelashes like that, must practise more! We had a huge Mexican feast before heading to the cinema where we bought massive amounts of pick and mix as Lent is well and truly over! Good grief it was tough, I think it ended up being crisps that I missed the most which surprised me as I do love my chocolate and sweets. The only trouble is that I am more than making up for the forty days I gave them all up's our costume fittings this week so prehaps I should ease off on the sweets for the next few days!

Yesterday I had my birthday party at Loop which is actually where I first met Blue Eyed Guy! I'd booked us all a table and we got thoroughly spoilt with fab food a huge birthday cocktail and lots of lovely cupcakes....
......I'm trying to be good at the moment and not shop too much/at all so I dug out this dress from the bottom of my wardrobe......

Dress: eBay
Shoes: Red or Dead always gets so hot on the dancefloor so this dress was perfect and I felt lovely in which is after all the main goal! Blue Eyed Guy and I stayed right until the end and then being a little tipsy decided it was a great idea to go back to the casino to play a little more Roulette......we won! £552.50!!! We left at around 7am and promptly headed off to Maccy D's for a celebratory breakfast of hash browns......mmmmmm hash browns! All in all it was the perfect start to my birthday. Bunny L and her fab fella invited me over for a scrummy roastie beast this evening so I have had a wonderful thirty second birthday and the celebrations continue tomorrow!

I hope you have all enjoyed yourselves over the last few weeks? I know I have!
Lots of Love

P.S. x

Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Third Of The Way There!

What a week, and it's only Wednesday! Blue Eyed Guy took me out for a lovely dinner on Monday, I talked him into trying Greek food and he loved it! Yesterday my Little Bother and his Missus were in town and met me for lunch which we spent in my private garden basking in the sunshine (I didn't want to go back to work) and today I've started to learn Black Jack which I'm loving. All in all I have a big smile on my face despite my stupid cold which is still hanging around.

I wore this on Monday....

Dress: eBay
Belt: Jocasi
Tights: Dorothy Perkins
Socks: American Apparel
Boots: Faith
Earrings: My lovely Niece
Cost: A shop on Kings Road 

......this on Tuesday......

Dress: Vintage (it used to be my Mum's)
Shoes: Office (24th pair saved)

......and today's ensemble was this.....

Top: Kasike
Trousers: Camden Market
Shoes: Office (25th pair saved, one third of the shoe collection is safe!)
Jewellery: Accessorize

.....please please please let the sun stick around, I love dressing for this weather and I don't want to get the coats out again!

Now you may or may not have noticed but my plan to exercise everyday for thirty days kind of fell by the wayside at day fourteen......opps! I want/need to get back into exercising, I was talking with a couple of the girls today and I realised that although it's bloody hard work I do actually enjoy it and I love the results so it's time to get off my backside and start bouncing around like a crazy thing.....again! 

Also I've been really struggling to keep up with my blog reading/commenting of late, I do read all of my favourite blogs but mainly on my iPhone so I can't really comment as much as I would like to which sucks. I know it's just for a little while during my training period what with all the homework and such but I miss you guys! Normal service will resume soon!

On that note I hope you are all having a fabulous week and enjoying the sunshine, long may it continue!

Lots of Love

P.S. x

Sunday, 17 April 2011

Mmmmmm Fudge!

I've been a little quiet on the posting front again but this time it's due to illness, a horrid cold to be pricise! I seem to be mostly over it now thank goodness, I'm terrible whenever I get the sniffles I'm always convinced it's the dreaded "Man Flu"! Other than having a very minor ailment I've had a lovely week which involved taking Blue Eyed Guy out for a few cheeky mid week beverages and having dinner with my fabulous friend Mike at The Gore in Kensington which is an amazing place, the suites have four poster beds, little hidden passages and stained glass windows...

....and the restaurant serves gorgeous food (I had scallops...again).

So here are a few of the outfits I wore this week, Wednesday....

Jumper: Topshop
Skirt: Topshop
Tights: Boots
Shoes: Gina (23rd pair saved)
.....I love these shoes but I hardly ever wear them as I'm so scared they are going to get ruined, they are champagne coloured satin after all! I decided "what's the worst that could happen" if I wore them to work and then nearly ended spilling tomato soup all over them, HA! I should never tempt fate like that. Hopefully these poor princess shoes won't end up in the wardrobe for another year before I feel brave enough to take them out again.

Thursday I wore another pair of shoes that could have been saved if I had time to take a picture but I had to rush out to the doctors, I got there on time and then had to wait for forty five minutes for my appointment! I was only getting my blood pressure taken by the nurse so I have no idea why I had to wait so long but hey ho it just means I'll have to wear those shoes again sometime soon, not much of a hardship.

Friday I wore this...
Dress: Topshop
Jumper: Miss Selfridge
Belt: Gap
Tights: Accessorize
Boots: Office 
Earrings: Swished from V 

......I love this jumper dress and these boots turned out to be very comfortable which surprised me a little, I'll definitely be wearing them to work again.

I've spent the whole weekend curled up in bed feeling sorry for myself with my box of man sized tissues (everyone was taking the Michael out of my man tissues....until they wanted one for themselves that is!) and Day/Night Nurse which is amazing stuff. This afternoon though, for reasons unknown, I decided it was a good idea to make some Caramelised Red Onion Chutney which entailed me chopping up sixteen onions, ouch! 

It tastes amazing so it was worth the tears, I made this at Christmas for pressies and it was very well received so I thought I would double the quantities and make a little more this time.......somehow double the quantity only made one extra jar of chutney though, oddness! I also made some dark chocolate orange fudge which I had to have the flatmates sample for me as I can't eat it for one more week (gosh Lent feels very long this year, I WANT crisps NOW!) apparently it tastes nice which is good news but it turns out Blue Eyed Guy doesn't like dark chocolate! I'll just have to make another batch of milk chocolate fudge.......mmmmmm chocolate fudge!

I hope you've had a fabulous non ill week?

Lots of Love

P.S. x