Sunday, 23 January 2011

Dancing Queens

You know you've had a good night when you wake up and your ears are still ringing, my head feels like it's been stuffed with cotton wool! Also my feet seem to be very sore must have been the excessive amounts of dancing Swedish Bo and I indulged in. 
This was taken at the beginning of the night before the hair went up and the dancing started in earnest (the hair had to go up as it was bloody hot in there, we defended our spot infront of the air conditioning unit with vigorous use of elbows!). I raided L's wardrobe for the evenings ensemble....
Dress: "half inched" from L for the evening (it's got Russian Dolls printed all over it)
Belt: Topshop 
Shoes: Red or Dead
Jewellery: My Grandmamas jade set

I also decided to go all out with the make up as I had a fake eyelash applying expert with me....

 arrrrrrr extreme close up of my mug!

 .....I really must learn how to do this myself! I also decided that it was a good idea to dye my hair two hours before we were heading out of the door, as you do! I chose L'Oreal Casting Creme Gloss in Dark Chocolate which I've used before and I love the results, what do you think?

All in all we had a most fun evening, although one of the downsides of having a hot Swedish Bo with you is that you have to share all the cute boys! There weren't that many in evidence last night however so this wasn't too much of a problem and as the Swede was staying with me I can officially say I got to take a hottie home! Oooo err Missus! 

Said hottie and I are off out shortly for some retail therapy of the London variety (Swedish Bo is a Brighton resident you see) we are hoping that our feet stop hurting for long enough to make this fun! I am then coming home to make roastie beast for the masses which I am very much looking forward to! What are you Sunday plans?

Lots of Love

P.S. x


  1. Your hair looks gorgeous hun!! Darker hair looks much better on you in my opinion :) And the makeup looks fabulous x

  2. Wow, wow, WOW! You look STUNNING! Like hubba hubba hot!! I love the hair, make up, the dress, Swit swoo!! Glad ye had a great night, I bet ye were beating off the boys with a stick, or nicely air conditioned elbows! I love nights out like that, dancing, sweating and not giving a damn!!

    Burn the Blonde

  3. hey
    beautiful photos
    i love your shoes

  4. Glad you had a good time. Love your hair too, that colour really suits you.

  5. Hi! Just founf your blog..I like your english style,,check out mine!

  6. I used to go out dancing with a friend who was FIERCE with the elbow-throwing! Ha! We always had all the room we wanted.

  7. Aww your hair looks gorgeous! You always look so pretty :')

  8. You look beautiful and I love the intensity of your eye make up (and the lashes of course). You should do this more often. I've missed a night of dancing. I hope your dinner went well. I was working till late yesterday and I still feel tired. xxx

  9. you have pop star hair! how so vavavoom!? share share x

  10. I love to find a girl who loves both fashion and geekery as much as me, so I'm passing you a stylish blogger award! see for details :)

    Oh and the hair colour looks lovely! x

  11. @ Gertrude Thank you Sweetie, I'm really liking this colour too x

    @ Sarah *blush* Thank you very much Lovely! xx

    @ Nana Jones Thank you x

    @ Blah Blah Becky Thank you Hunnie x

    @ Daniela Thank you x

    @ Wendy B Swedish Bo is very good with the elbows, it's a great skill to have x

    @ Rhiiwn Thank you Lovely xx

    @ Kirstb Thank you I do love borrowing it from L x

    @ Arietta I love this make up look too but I can't do it too often as my allergies mess my eyes up if I do :( x

    @ Miss Jones Hmmmm I put mousse in it and then curled it with my straighteners, I love the "big" look I just wished it survived longer! Damn weather ;) x

    @ Emilyjayne Awwww thank you so much Lovely xx


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