Friday, 21 January 2011

Lazy Day

I've had a very very lazy day which has been lovely. I finished watching Lost which was totally weird and I still need lots of things answered but I guess that was the only way it could finish! I've also watched a few films today so all in all very chilled. 

I'm making Spag. Bol. for V and I tonight, I haven't made this for ages so I'm actually very much looking forward to it! We're having the whole shebang with garlic bread and fresh paramsan too, good noms.

It's another Frocking Friday so todays dress is this...

Dress: Oasis

Cardigan: Can't remember
Tights: Dorothy Perkins
Shoes: Office

I love these shoes and they are so comfy, I'm wearing them around the house to break them in so I don't end up with a hideous shoe malfunction when I finally wear them out and about. There is nothing worse than painful shoes/sore feet and there is only so much a Compeed blister plaster can do. No make up today and I've given my hair the day off so this is it when it's dried naturally and not been curled/straightened not looking too bad and only a little fluffy, which surprises me!

It turns out I'm making Sunday roast beast for nine maybe ten people! I love it when we have loads of people over for dinner, I always enjoy cooking but it's much more fun if it's for other people. Plus if it's just you you're cooking for then you also have to do the washing up! 

Lots of Love

P.S. x


  1. Love the shoes and it's a great idea to wear them at home for a while first. I googled Spag.Bol because I thought it was a weird English traditional meal and it turned out to be Spaggeti Bolognese, haha! I love cooking for people too. Have fun tonight with your Spag.Bol.! xxx

  2. I know all about sore feet! I think I'm going to have a lazy day tomorrow just so I don't have to walk/put on shoes!

    Will you make me spag bol now? I'm hungry! X

    Burn the Blonde

  3. @ Arietta I wear my new shoes around the house quite a lot, I find it helps me know where and if they are going to rub so I can plan accordingly (would never not wear the shoes!). LOL ooops sorry yes spaghetti bolognese, I haven't made it in ages so was extra yummy x

    @ Sarah You poor thing are your feet still giving you jip? Lazy day is definitely in order for you! And yup there is some spag bol with your name on it, where shall I send it ;) x

  4. ooooooooooh I love those shoes! I always wear them in first too, I hate being caught out and about with new shoes and getting blisters - ouch! xoxo

  5. ooo cute shoes!

  6. I didn't realize what's Spag. Bol. is as well haha! Love the grey shades in this outfit! x

  7. Those shoes are spectacular! I love the dress, too. It's hard to pull off a comfy outfit and still look hot. :)

  8. Your shoes are awesome! love them!

  9. amazing shoes!!! :)
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    and facebook :)

  10. i have been feeling so lazy lately !! but you look adorable even on your lazy days im usually in my leggings and over-sized t

    stop by sometime<3

  11. Cute dress, LOVE the shoes! :)SarahD

    PS: I could eat spag bol every day of the week....just something about that meal. Love it!! haha

  12. great lazy day outfit, the shoes are lovely on you

  13. lovee the spangly shoes! i have to say i'm not envious of you having to cook for so many, but definitely in awe because i wish i had the cooking skills to pull it off! xx

  14. I LOVE your shoes. I cooked for my boy and I today but what you're cooking sounds so yummy, I'm getting hungry all over again!

  15. @ Zsara Thank you Lovely, definitely sensible to wear you shoes in a bit first x

    @ Isabel Spectre Thank you x

    @ Gertrude LOL! Shouldn't shorten things ;), thank you Hunnie x

    @ Bananawacky Thank you very much x

    @ Carlinn Ta! x

    @ Marella Thank you Lovely x

    @ Miika3 Ta x

    @ Anna Katrina Thank you Hunnie x

    @ My Repulic of Fashion Thank you very much Sarah, I really love spag. bol. too can't believe I hadn't made it for so long! x

    @ Viv Thank you x

    @ Sian Thank you Lovely, roast is easy once you've got the timing down x

    @ Stefany Thank you Hunnie x


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