Sunday, 20 February 2011

Bunch Of Grapes

So this past week didn't really go according to plan but was very enjoyable none the less. My date with Blue Eyed Guy on Friday was lovely, I took him to the last club that I worked at for dinner and drinks. It was lovely to see old friends again and it will definitely go down in history as one of the most different fourth dates ever.....the last club I worked at was Spearmint Rhino you see! The food there is very good and the portion size is huge, I agree that it's probably not to everyones taste but I think it can be a fun night out every now and again.

Last night was spent at York Hall in Bethnal Green for a Frank Warren boxing event which was much fun (I never wear my glasses or contact lenses to these events so I can't really see the boxing which makes it much more enjoyable for me!) the fabulous Amber was there with me....
 ...don't we look like grapes in the purple catsuits! Amber is the very talented lady that does my hair for me, if you are a London resident I can highly recommend her. There was a photographer from The Guardian there and they are doing a profile of boxers through the years and we were asked to pose for a few pictures, the feature will be in the weekend magazine that comes along with the paper in three weeks time. I've seen a few of the pictures and they've come out really well, it was a bit weird though as they wanted us to NOT pose which felt very odd indeed! 

Today I was supposed to be going to the filming of "OMG with Peaches" with the lovely Sarah but her friend was ill so she couldn't make it (another time Sarah, L said you are more than welcome whenever they are filming), after two late nights I thought a power nap was called for and promptly slept through my alarm, oopps! Not quite sure how I managed to do that as I always listen to audio books to fall asleep to so I have my headphones on which means I usally jump a mile when the alarm goes or someone texts me! I must have been knackered to sleep through it. 

I'm spending my evening munching on fruit and almonds, trying to be healthier (could you ignore the fact that I ate a huge KFC meal last night please? It was the first time I'd had one in years.....honest!), catching up with my blog reading and watching Bulletproof Monk, totally daft movie but Seann William Scott is rather scrummy and on my List of Five, who's on yours?

Lots of Love

P.S. x


  1. i walk past the spearmint rhinos on tottenham court road so often, i always wondered what it was like inside but have never ventured in! sounds like an interesting date idea i am intrigued! xx

  2. Haha the photo and the comment, 'grapes', awesome!

    and I need to be healthier as well, all I've been eating is crap, crap and more crap! xx

  3. Wow, sounds like you had a blast! I'm glad to hear that your date went well! I love KFC...I usually grab lunch and dinner from them and I think they're healthier than Macdonalds anyway. Except for for their new double chicken sandwich of course, that was pretty bad. xooxxoo

  4. Well you do look like grapes in the sense that most men would like to "squeeze" you, lol! Pardon the saucy comment my lovely, you know I mean well! I'm glad you had a lovely time with Blue Eyed guy again, seems that you're getting along very well you two! xxx

  5. Wow! You are two foxy looking grapes ;)

    T & J


  6. you manage to look amazing in anything - even a purple catsuit! x

  7. I did like Bulletproof monk but it is probably one of the worst made movies i've ever seen!! haha Is Blue eyed guy the one you were out with when you decided to text me?

  8. @ LC That's the one I took Blue Eyed Guy to, it's a fairly unusual night out but with the right person/people it can be a lot of fun if you have an open mind. It's definitely not seedy at all which is what most people seem to think x

    @ Nadine LOL :) we so look like grapes! Good luck with healthier eating I'm doing ok so far *fingers crossed* x

    @ Poetry of the Day Lol glas I could make you laugh x

    @ Fashion Cappuccino MMMMMmmm KFC was amazing, I used to eat it all the time too but started trying to eat slightly more healthly so had to give it up! x

    @ Arietta LOL! Thank you Sweetie, that made me giggle. x

    @ The Style Rawr Ta! x

    @ Head Over Heels LOL thank you Lovely x

    @ Random Possom Ooo isn't it just! He was indeed but I heard that song and had to tell you as it always makes me think of you and playing Rock Band at Mum and Dads x


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