Wednesday, 2 February 2011


Arrrgh! It's interview day, slightly nervous but a cocktail party is my element so I should be fine. The invitation did say there would be some "tasks" for us to "sink our teeth into" which will be interesting. At the first group interview one of the tasks we were given was to spilt up into fours and create a singing telegram, in twenty five minutes, for one of ten different senarios. As a group we chose Will & Kate's engagement (there was also Elton John has a baby, Obama is President amongst other things), our telegram went a little like this.....

(Sung to the "I've Had The Time of My Life" tune)
"Now Will's met the girl of his dreams,
And they finally got approval from the Queen,
It may have taken many years,
But on April 29th there will be cheers!"

......there was a dance routine and everything! Yes, I actually did sing, very loud, in public and nobodies ears bled! I'm hoping the tasks won't involve me singing again but at least I know I can kinda do it if the need arises and I can definitely make people laugh.

I'd like to say again to everyone who put in their two cents worth with outfit choices that it was very much appreciated. You know what I'm wearing this evening but here it is with hair, make up and finishing touches....
Corset: Oasis
Skirt: Wheels & Dollbaby
Necklace: Butler & Wilson
Shoes:Red or Dead
Rings: My Grandmamas (I always wear these when I need good luck)

Fingers crossed peeps from 6-8pm if you will and I'll let you know how it all goes tomorrow (and if I had to sing again!).

Lots of Love

P.S. x


  1. Eek you're halfway through, hope it's going well!

  2. holy woooow! gorgeous, doll! look forward to the night's recap...

  3. Awww you look absolutely stunning! You scrub up well :D
    Good luck with it all :D
    Love the little song!

  4. Wow you look AMAZING in this. I see a touch of Audrey Hepburn. And the necklace is gorgeous :)

  5. Good luck you sexy mamacita!! XXXXXXXXXXXX
    Burn the Blonde

  6. I know it's late now but hope you did well! You look gorgeous x

    Bows and Pearls

  7. Stunning! The skirt is gorgeous andthe butler and wilson jewels top everything off!
    The doll on fashion

  8. jeez you look absolutely stunning! hope it went ok :) x

  9. Oh I'm sorry I didn't write yesterday to wish you good luck. I really hope it went well and you look absolutely stunning! I've never heard of this kind of interviews before, what kind of job is it that requires such tasks to be executed? It must be something very interesting, I'm sure...

  10. You're sooo gorgeous !!
    lucky girl :)
    check my blog ;)
    you can follow me if you want :)

  11. @ Blah Blah Becky I went really well thank you Sweetie x

    @ Oomph Thank you Hun x

    @ Marella Ta x

    @ Rhiiwn LOL thank you Lovely x

    @ Pookie Wow thank you so much for that compliment! xx

    @ Sarah Thank you :) X

    @ From Gem With Love Ta Lovely x

    @ Gertrude Thank you Sweetie x

    @ The Doll On Fashion Thank you x

    @ Dana Cream Ta! x

    @ Head Over Heels Thank you Lovely x

    @ Arietta It was a really interesting interview and I very much enjoyed it. It was quite clever too as they had already decided they wanted all 100 of us but to narrow it down to 80 they held the party to see who really stood out and who didn't do so well in a crowd. xx

    @ Out Of Runway Ta x


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