Sunday, 27 February 2011

Really Fancy

So today Blue Eyed Guy has invited me down to his neck of the woods which just so happens to be my old neck of the woods too. I'm off to Blackheath for the day (and night!) for an afternoon of good conversation, lazy drinks and good food. I'm hoping we can go to my first ever home The Princess of Wales for a few drinks at some point, I have been back there a few times recently once with Papa and once with Senhor B. and to be honest I don't remember it from my childhood all that much (we did move away when I was four and I know they've redecorated since then...) but I do get all nostalgic about it because it was my first home, they still have the patio that my Papa layed himself (with his own fair hands) and other little things like that. It's such a pretty part of London especially when the sun is shining which it hasn't the last few times I've been so fingers crossed for a few rays making it through today! 

I was actually born in Greenwich hospital which isn't there anymore, my Mum and Papa were so popular with their clientele at the pub that one of them lent Papa his Rolls Royce Silver Shadow.... come and pick Mum and I up from the hospital. The first twenty minutes of my life outside the hospital I thought I was really fancy and I think all my expensive tastes stem back to this moment in my life.....honest Papa, it was all your fault! 

Today I've decided to wear this for the general lazy Sunday wanderings I'm expecting.....

Dress: Miss Selfridges
Jumpers: Miss Selfridges
Cardigan: Oasis
Tights: Dorothy Perkins
Boots: Aldo
Necklace: Mum's
Dead Fraggle Scarf: Knitted for me by Mum
Coat: M&S borrowed from V

.....I've also been promised a roastie beast at some point today although Blue Eyed Guy has declined to cook this himself, I'm in agreement as a pub Sunday roast means no washing up. What are you up to today, any roastie goodness involved?

Lots of Love

P.S. x


  1. that dress is perfect, this is really beautiful classic look xx

  2. love the look, and the red coat really makes it POP:D

  3. You look amazing and the outfit is great:) I really love your hair cut+ colour, gosh youre so stunning!! xxx

  4. I love the layering and you look so beautiful. I hope you had a lovely lazy Sunday. I had a very lazy day myself, I stayed in (except from when I went out to take my blog photos) and I didn't mind because I needed the rest. Have a lovely week sweetie! xxx

  5. Have a wonderful the red coat over the brown and florals. Will probably be poolside today.

  6. Mmmm Sunday roast! YUM.

    Lovely outfit, you must have brightened up what was a typically dull English spring day.

  7. You look amazing dear!

    Thanks for your sweet comment! <3

  8. Oh another beautiful outfit ;) I love the print on your dress, t'is adorable!

  9. I just wanted to say thanks for following my new blog, glad I havn't lost you! :-) Blackheath is lovely isn't it, my boyfriend is from that neck of the woods, like a piece of heaven a stone's throw from Lewisham!
    Hope you enjoy(ed) your roast!

  10. Wow, you're stunning! Love the dress and coat!

  11. I Love old cars,this one is gorgeous!And so is your hair btw :) I love the dress as well,perfect for spring!I hope your well hun xx

  12. Love the dress! Perfect from Spring :) x

  13. Beautiful dress and that red coat is stunning! So you've been spoiled from birth, eh? haha, good for you :-).

  14. the red trench coat finished off that look nicely!! love it!!


  15. The nails, the necklace, the tights... love your accessories girl!!

    Happy Thursday! xo

    Oh, and have you entered the perfume GIVEAWAY yet?

  16. i LOVE your hair, is that slight curl natural? It's lovely :) x

  17. love love love your dress & tights, they look amazing with your hair you look so gorgeous! xxxxxxx

  18. Aww, this is beautiful!!
    I love it!! ♥

    ..OH MY VOGUE!

  19. @ Sian & Kaleido Mind Thank you :) x

    @ Nadine Thank you so much Sweetie x

    @ Arietta Thank you Lovely, I have had a lovely week I hope you did too? x

    @ Oomph Ahhhh you lucky thing, what I wouldn't give for some hot sunny weather! x

    @ Blah Blah Becky It was very yummy :) and thank you Hun x

    @ Marella Thank you Lovely x

    @ Spence Thank you Hun x

    @ Viv Thank you x

    @ Ren I'm loving your new blog, couldn't lose you either! x

    @ Moniek Thank you! x

    @ BonBon Vintage Thank you so much Sweetie x

    @ Gertrude Thank you Hun x

    @ Fashion Cappuccino Thank you Lovely! It's all my Papa's fault but I'm certainly not complaining! x

    @ Monchinee Thank you :) x

    @ Jen Thank you x

    @ Maddalena Ta! x

    @ Olivia Thank you Hun, my hair/extensions do have a slight wave but I got these curls with my trusty GHD straightners x

    @ Becca Thank you very much Lovely x

    @ Henar Thank you x

  20. SO pretty! I found you from the Full Time Fab community, love the blog!!


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