Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Purple Haze

Homework done, lunch made, bag packed; I'm all ready for my day and I'm so early I thought I'd do a quick post too. I've decided to wear this little lot today...

Dress & Cardigan: eBay
Belt: Accessorize
Tights: Dorothy Perkins
Boots: Aldo (17th pair saved)
Earrings: Grandmama
Bracelet: Topshop

.....these are my comfy boots and after yesterday I need my comfy boots! I wish the sun would come back out again. I really enjoyed the couple of very sunny days we've had although it does make being inside and working a little difficult. I'm hoping for a nice long, hot summer this year I think we are about due one, don't you? Happy Wednesday peeps!

I forgot to "Publish Post" this morning, oooops! I've had another fab day, I know I keep saying this but I am really loving this job. Thankfully my comfy boots are actually comfortable and I was fine all day, although I don't think I could bring myself to put heels on for a night of dancing like some of my fellow Bunnies are doing tonight!

Lots of Love

P.S. x

Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Spots & Stripes

Firstly I'd like to thank to fabulous LC of Lizabellys for the amazing feature she did on Kittenish Behaviour, it made both Blue Eyed Guy and I smile (he was with me when I read it) thank you so much Lovely!

Secondly AAAAaaaaaahhhhhhhh, my feet hurt! I stupidly decided to wear my very high Louboutins to work today and I was fine for the first five hours but after that I would have happily chewed my own foot off, they are definitely boots to be seen in not to do things in. I also wore one of my own creations and realised as I was walking to work that I hadn't made the split in the skirt big enough so I was walking a little like a penguin all day! Here is what it all looked like....

Shirt: Topshop
Belt: Accessorize
Skirt: Handmade by Moi
Boots: Louboutin (15th pair saved)

.....I love the look but I definitely need to rethink the skirt, especially as I've made a jacket to go with it! Also I'm a little worried about the really fuzzy pictures; I dropped my camera yesterday and it's gone a bit funny. Hmmmm hopefully a nights rest will do it the world of good and it'll be back to normal tomorrow!

This is what I was wearing on Monday....

Jumper: Dorothy Perkins
Belt: Accessorize
Skirt: Lulu & Red
Tights: Dorothy Perkins
Boots: Office (16th pair saved)

.....these boots were so comfortable, I could even walk home in them at the end of the day. Blue Eyed Guy met me after to work for an evening out to celebrate the start of his new job, he took me to Navajo Joe's where I discovered a fab new cocktail "Grounds For Divorce" which is so very yummy and I had the worlds most enormous steak.

I hope you're all having a great week? I have more work which I'm really looking forward to, meeting my fab friend The Lawyer for drinks on Thursday and then I'm heading back down to the Island on Saturday to spend the weekend with Papa. I'm very much looking forward to it all!

Lots of Love

P.S. x

Sunday, 27 March 2011

Papa Is Not Amused!

I've had a lovely but very busy week and I've been told off by Papa, he is not pleased that I'm only updating this blog a couple of times a week he thinks I should be updating it much more "it will only take you ten minutes!"! So here is my week Papa and I promise I will do better next week....

Thursday was an interesting day, training was fab and then one of my fellow Bunnies had invited a few of us to see a piece of contemporary dance she had choreographed. I've never seen any before so was really interested and it was amazing, obviously my fellow Bunnies piece was the best (it genuinely was) but I thought they were are all fab and I thoroughly enjoyed myself! I was wearing this little lot....

Dress: Vintage
Earrings & Bracelets: Dorothy Perkins
Shoes: Red or Dead

Friday was another good day, I went out for a few drinks with the other Bunnies after training and then came home to what I thought would be a quiet evening. Around about 1.30am I got a text from L asking me to join her at G Casino and of course I hot footed it down there! It was so much fun to watch roulette being played and I understood it all and got the pay outs right when I was adding them up in my head (!). The inspector was really keeping an eye on me as I was watching the game and wheel so intently, after a while he came up and offered me a card which explained all the available bets on the table and the general rules of the game. I explained that I was training to be a croupier myself and he seemed a little relieved at that and then asked me out for a drink! I was wearing this little lot....

Dress: Trashy Diva
Shoes: Red or Dead (14th pair saved)
Hair Clips: Accessorize

.....we stayed at the casino until about 4am and I could have easily stayed longer!

It was a good job I didn't stay up too much later though as I was heading to Euston at 1pm to pick up my niece for a weekend of frivolity in London...
....we started off in Ed's for burgers, milkshakes and chicken dippers. Then we headed to the Natural History Museum which was amazing, I've not been for years and so much has changed but it's still fascinating and I love the architecture of the building itself....

 ....there are so many weired and wonderful creatures on display......

.....I've remembered the bird hall since my last visit which was at least fourteen years ago now and it didn't dissapoint at all....
.....the birds of paradise and humming bird displays were always my favourites but I couldn't really get any good pictures of them. I'll just say if you do find yourself with an hour or two spare in London I'd highly recommend you check it out.

Thankfully the small girl type creature and I managed to avoid most of the protesters out and about in London yesterday and we were safely home when it became a riot. We decided againt braving the post riot London and just stayed in making Peppermint Bark, which I had none of (aren't I being good?), before I took her back up to the train station to send her off into the wilds of middle England.

Now I may be doing well with my no chocolate, sweets or crisps over Lent schtick but the exercising has totally fallen by the wayside again, oops! I'm just so tired when I get home that I can't bring myself to bounce around like a crazy thing so this week I've decided to do it before work in the hopes that I'll actually have the energy, so fingers crossed for me please peeps!

I hope you've all had a fabulous and safe weekend whatever you've been up to. I'm spending my evening catching up on all your blogs and making my lunches for the coming week!

Lots of Love 

P.S. x

Wednesday, 23 March 2011

12th & 13th

I had an amazing night last night with my fabulous friend Mike, he invited me out for dinner to celebrate my new job and his new cookbook. Of course when you celebrate you need the fizzy stuff so champers was ordered, at the time it was a great idea but I did regret the two bottles and two champagne cocktails a little this morning! I headed off to The Harwood Arms for the first bottle of champers....
.....and then we decided to push the boat out and go to Koffmann's at The Berkeley. Pierre Koffmann is one of Mike's food heros and he was so excited to eat there, the food was absoloutley amazing....
 ......the worlds largest scallop!
...... then I had the lobster thermidor which was unbelievably good and then....
.....they brought these out which was so lovely (I didn't eat any as I've given up sweets for Lent). I wore what I'd been wearing at work all day which was this.....

Dress: Handmade by Moi
Shrug: Warehouse
Belt: Accessorize
Tights: Dorothy Perkins
Shoes: Office (12th pair saved)

.....I got so many compliments on my dress which was lovely and one lady even came up to me on the street and asked where I had gotten it from! 

Today I'm wearing this....
Jumper: Topshop
Belt: Jocasi
Trousers: Zara
Shoes: Aldo (13th pair saved) 

......these shoes were not so comfy after yesterdays (they are an inch higher) but I'm trying to wear a different heel height every day so my feet don't get too sore and it seems to be working! 

My brain is still a little foggy with my 17 and 35 times tables but the flashcards are really helping although everyone on the tube looked at me a little strangley when I pulled them out!

Tonight I'm going out for drinks with L and some of her work collegues which I am very much looking forward to but I'll stay off the champers I think!

I hope you're all having a fab week?

Lots of Love

P.S. x

Monday, 21 March 2011

Feeling Green

This may sound really sad but I was so looking forward to going back to work this morning! I've had another fab day and got to meet some more of the lovely Bunnies. I even got busy in the kitchen last night making myself lunches for the rest of the week to save myself from soggy shop bought sandwiches, rib eye steak salad today....yum! All in all I am thoroughly enjoying myself (except maybe for that pesky 17 times table!) and learning so much, I feel like a sponge.......ya know...soaking up all that knowledge! 

I wore this today....

Cardigan and Jumper: Oasis
Belt: Oasis
Skirt: H&M
Tights: Topshop
Shoes: Red or Dead (11th pair saved and the most comfy shoes of training yet!) 
Pearls: Cape Town

.....I got quite a few compliments on my outfit which made me smile, green really is my favourite colour ever!

I've not been so good with my exercising however......I haven't worked out since Friday which is sooooo bad of me! I shall be rectifying that however and sticking to the schedule this week. I'm honestly not missing chocolate and sweets it's crisps I'm craving which I find strange! Then again I am eating a lot of very yummy fruit which is giving me my sugar hits so maybe thats why I'm missing the crisps more? I still think this is most odd.

Happy Monday everyone I hope you've had a lovely one whatever you've been up to.

Lots of Love

P.S. x

Saturday, 19 March 2011

What A Week

I've had an amazing week! I can't quite believe how much I've learnt and my feet haven't really been hurting all that much for the last few days (that might have been the boots though!). I'm loving my new job, I was a little worried about going back to full time employment but it's amazing and I actually can't wait for Monday morning again! 

I saw Blue Eyed Guy on Wednesday for a celebratory dinner....we ended up getting a take away though as I was so tired! He also met me for a few drinks after work on Friday as he's off snow boarding again on Sunday. A lovely barmaid in the pub we went to complimented me on my hair style and asked for my hairdressers number which made me smile as it was at the end of the day and I didn't feel I was looking my best.

So I've been taking pictures of my outfits this week, this is what I've been wearing.....Wednesday....

Dress: Swished/borrowed from V
Belt: Warehouse
Shoes: Manolo Blahnik (9th pair saved, there was no way I was letting these ones slip through the Shoeperwoman challenge!)


Jumper: Topshop
Belt: Warehouse
Skirt: Topshop Unique
Boots: Aldo (10th pair saved and the most comfortable shoes I've worn all week!)


Dress: From eBay
Belt: Jocasi
Tights: Dorothy Perkins
Boots: Faith

I worked out on Wednesday morning before heading to training and then on Thursday night when I got home but I failed yesterday I'm afraid. I was meant to be joining my cousin for a few birthday drinks in Camden but I laid down for a power nap at 9pm and didn't wake up again until our doorbell went off at 4am, oooops! No idea who was at the door as not one of us got up to see.... I will be working out today but a little bit later.

I've just been to watch The Green Hornet at Soho House with L, the mini cinema is lovely and the seats are amazingly comfy but the guy sat behind me kept kicking my seat which reclined so I spent most of the film rocking back and forth! Feel a bit sea sick now....

I hope you are all having a fab weekend, I'm spending mine catching up on my blog reading, texting Blue Eyed Guy, doing my homework (17 times table up to 20) and cooking up yummy food to take to work with me during the week, much better than buying sad looking sarnies every day. What are you all up to?

Lots of Love

P.S. x

Tuesday, 15 March 2011

"My Feet Hurt"

"My feet hurt!" you will be hearing this a lot from me, I shall however try and keep the whining down to a minimum just so you don't all go running for the hills! I have been to Boots for some foot relief and this is the little lot I came home with....
 ....I used gel cushions today which are pants but Sarah (thank you Lovely) recommended these foam cushions so I shall be trying them tomorrow. I'm also trying to vary my heel height as much as I can, I seem to own either dead flat or skyscraper heels with nothing inbetween......hmmmmm maybe I need to buy some new shoes! Now there's an idea (don't worry Papa I promise I won't).

I wore this today.....
Shirt: Benneton
Jumper: Topshop
Trousers: Great Plains
Shoes: Red or Dead (8th pair saved)

....I've always really liked this oufit and it was comfortable to lean over the table in (hopefully I didn't flash any "builders bum" at anyone!) I did get far too hot though so tomorrow something lighter with layers I can take on/off as I need. 

It seems that individually I'm fairly ok at the elements that make up spinning Roulette but when I try and put them all together it seems to go horribly wrong! This is going to be an interesting week.....we are getting timed on our "chipping up" tomorrow, they want us to be able to stack 100 chips in less than 25 seconds by the end of the week! I'll let you know my time for one stack tomorrow, fingers crossed it's fairly near to the 5 second mark (it's not at all!). When I get slighty better at some of these skills I'll put up videos  here for you all to have a giggle at, I'm hoping the video might help me to spot where I'm going wrong and improve my technique. It'll be interesting to see the "Week 2" video compared to the "Week 9" videos....well for me at least!

So tonights homework is the 11 times table up to 20 and to practise roll cutting my chips, I've also got to get my workout in somewhere, wish me luck!

Lots of Love

P.S. x

Monday, 14 March 2011

First Day

I've had a very long but a very enjoyable first day at Bunny Dealing School, my fellow Bunnies are all lovely and our trainers have made me feel confident that I will be able to pick up all the skills I will need over the next nine weeks. The only downside was that my nails, which I had trimmed very short for me, where still too long so have now been cut down even further! 

I decided to err on the side of caution with the "smart casual" dress code and wear this....

Dress: Handmade by Moi (it's another Roland Mouret copy)
Shoes: Aldo (7th pair saved) 
Earrings: Swished from V

....I managed the whole day in these heels but we only really stood up for the afternoon, I'm hoping my poor feets get more used to the heels as we go on. Any recommendations for making high heels more comfy? 

Tonights homework (yup we have homework) is the 5 and 8 times table up to 20 and to practise rolling our chips..... 
 .....rather surprisingly I seem to ambidextrous and maybe even a little better with my left hand (I'm a righty usually), this I find rather strange but I'm grateful as I thought it was going to be a nightmare to trying to do things with my left hand!

Right! I'm off to bounce around for todays 30 Day Shred workout and then a bath whilst reciting the 8 times table over and over.....repetition repetition repetition I think this will be my only hope! Unless any of you wonderful peeps have tricks to learning this particular times table?

Lots of Love

P.S. x

(sorry my pictues seem to be so fuzzt recently, no idea what's going on with my camera but am trying different setting so hopefully they'll get better!)

Saturday, 12 March 2011

Taken For A Walk

I've just finished cooking and eating a very yummy "Sunday" roast, we're eating it today as I have to leave the island early tomorrow. I've said it before and I'll say it again; it's so much fun to cook with an Aga and it makes such yummy food!

Papa and I have had a fairly productive day including paperwork sorting, 30 Day Shreding, book alphabetising, curtain rail hanging, lamb roasting and then The Ginger Terror took me for a walk....

.....we went down to the beach which can be found at the end of the road Mum and Papa live on, Suzzi is not at all sure about the waves and it was high tide today she had a good sniff but definitely kept her feet dry.....
 .....this finally seem to have knackered her out! To be fair with a face like this.... can kind of forgive the ginger fur, which is a good job as she's decided that my feet are the place to fall asleep on!
 So today I'm wearing....
Jumper: Dorothy Perkins
Jeans: Topshop
Foot Warmer: Suzzi aka The Ginger Terror

Papa and I are now watching Transformers: Revenge of The Fallen which is not as good as the first one but still makes me giggle. I hope you are all having a fab Saturday night what ever you are getting up to?

Lots of Love

P.S. x