Sunday, 27 March 2011

Papa Is Not Amused!

I've had a lovely but very busy week and I've been told off by Papa, he is not pleased that I'm only updating this blog a couple of times a week he thinks I should be updating it much more "it will only take you ten minutes!"! So here is my week Papa and I promise I will do better next week....

Thursday was an interesting day, training was fab and then one of my fellow Bunnies had invited a few of us to see a piece of contemporary dance she had choreographed. I've never seen any before so was really interested and it was amazing, obviously my fellow Bunnies piece was the best (it genuinely was) but I thought they were are all fab and I thoroughly enjoyed myself! I was wearing this little lot....

Dress: Vintage
Earrings & Bracelets: Dorothy Perkins
Shoes: Red or Dead

Friday was another good day, I went out for a few drinks with the other Bunnies after training and then came home to what I thought would be a quiet evening. Around about 1.30am I got a text from L asking me to join her at G Casino and of course I hot footed it down there! It was so much fun to watch roulette being played and I understood it all and got the pay outs right when I was adding them up in my head (!). The inspector was really keeping an eye on me as I was watching the game and wheel so intently, after a while he came up and offered me a card which explained all the available bets on the table and the general rules of the game. I explained that I was training to be a croupier myself and he seemed a little relieved at that and then asked me out for a drink! I was wearing this little lot....

Dress: Trashy Diva
Shoes: Red or Dead (14th pair saved)
Hair Clips: Accessorize

.....we stayed at the casino until about 4am and I could have easily stayed longer!

It was a good job I didn't stay up too much later though as I was heading to Euston at 1pm to pick up my niece for a weekend of frivolity in London...
....we started off in Ed's for burgers, milkshakes and chicken dippers. Then we headed to the Natural History Museum which was amazing, I've not been for years and so much has changed but it's still fascinating and I love the architecture of the building itself....

 ....there are so many weired and wonderful creatures on display......

.....I've remembered the bird hall since my last visit which was at least fourteen years ago now and it didn't dissapoint at all....
.....the birds of paradise and humming bird displays were always my favourites but I couldn't really get any good pictures of them. I'll just say if you do find yourself with an hour or two spare in London I'd highly recommend you check it out.

Thankfully the small girl type creature and I managed to avoid most of the protesters out and about in London yesterday and we were safely home when it became a riot. We decided againt braving the post riot London and just stayed in making Peppermint Bark, which I had none of (aren't I being good?), before I took her back up to the train station to send her off into the wilds of middle England.

Now I may be doing well with my no chocolate, sweets or crisps over Lent schtick but the exercising has totally fallen by the wayside again, oops! I'm just so tired when I get home that I can't bring myself to bounce around like a crazy thing so this week I've decided to do it before work in the hopes that I'll actually have the energy, so fingers crossed for me please peeps!

I hope you've all had a fabulous and safe weekend whatever you've been up to. I'm spending my evening catching up on all your blogs and making my lunches for the coming week!

Lots of Love 

P.S. x


  1. the black dress is absolutely stunning on you my love, and bless your papa for telling you off, lol!

    oh, I bought some bunny ears today (wee pic on the blog) - and made me think of you, how funny :)


  2. I had a lovely time!!! THANK YOU!!! Although i do find it weird you call me exactly the same thing as alanis's dad :)

  3. The black dress is smoking hot! I adore the innocence of the flowers with it.

    Your niece is so cute, and that she's blogging too! What a family! When is your papa starting one? :)

  4. Ahhh, London is always wonderful for lovely museums. I love how you started this post. The black dress, necklace & purple shoes are my favourite. You look great! -xxoo

  5. you always look stunning in your dresses! love the black one with the purple shoes...and the feather earrings! sounds like a full schedule you've been having! take care!

  6. That black dress is absolutely stunning, you look amazing!

  7. both dresses are truly cute on you. you look like zooey deschanel here!

    by the way, i am following you here and on twitter--glad to have found your site by way of the FTF Community.

  8. the red dress LOVES you! stunning xx

  9. How did I miss this post?! You look absolutely ravishing, I love those updos, so classy! I'm not very good at them but am challenging myself to improve. Any advice for doing nice ones with extensions? Don't want the gluey bits showing!

  10. Both dresses are amazing - I love red! And the pictures of the Museum were fantastic! I was thinking about going there in 10 days, more or less... but always so lazy to go there again... you inspired me, thanks!

  11. That black dress is just amazing on you!!! Love the foot tattoo btw.

  12. How nice that you have your Papa to get you back on track! My Dad has is not at all accustomed to the whole internet "thing". I love your black dress and the beautiful flowers in your hair, you look stunning.

  13. @Madeline Thank you for calling me cute!!! XD


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