Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Purple Haze

Homework done, lunch made, bag packed; I'm all ready for my day and I'm so early I thought I'd do a quick post too. I've decided to wear this little lot today...

Dress & Cardigan: eBay
Belt: Accessorize
Tights: Dorothy Perkins
Boots: Aldo (17th pair saved)
Earrings: Grandmama
Bracelet: Topshop

.....these are my comfy boots and after yesterday I need my comfy boots! I wish the sun would come back out again. I really enjoyed the couple of very sunny days we've had although it does make being inside and working a little difficult. I'm hoping for a nice long, hot summer this year I think we are about due one, don't you? Happy Wednesday peeps!

I forgot to "Publish Post" this morning, oooops! I've had another fab day, I know I keep saying this but I am really loving this job. Thankfully my comfy boots are actually comfortable and I was fine all day, although I don't think I could bring myself to put heels on for a night of dancing like some of my fellow Bunnies are doing tonight!

Lots of Love

P.S. x


  1. A really pretty outfit!! Those boots are amazing!! Wish I could find some like that!!!

    Monique xx

  2. Glad you're having fun bunny boo! I miss the sun too! X
    Burn the Blonde

  3. It's wonderful that you enjoy your work. We've had some bad weather this week too, but the sun is back and I hope it's here to stay this time!


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