Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Spots & Stripes

Firstly I'd like to thank to fabulous LC of Lizabellys for the amazing feature she did on Kittenish Behaviour, it made both Blue Eyed Guy and I smile (he was with me when I read it) thank you so much Lovely!

Secondly AAAAaaaaaahhhhhhhh, my feet hurt! I stupidly decided to wear my very high Louboutins to work today and I was fine for the first five hours but after that I would have happily chewed my own foot off, they are definitely boots to be seen in not to do things in. I also wore one of my own creations and realised as I was walking to work that I hadn't made the split in the skirt big enough so I was walking a little like a penguin all day! Here is what it all looked like....

Shirt: Topshop
Belt: Accessorize
Skirt: Handmade by Moi
Boots: Louboutin (15th pair saved)

.....I love the look but I definitely need to rethink the skirt, especially as I've made a jacket to go with it! Also I'm a little worried about the really fuzzy pictures; I dropped my camera yesterday and it's gone a bit funny. Hmmmm hopefully a nights rest will do it the world of good and it'll be back to normal tomorrow!

This is what I was wearing on Monday....

Jumper: Dorothy Perkins
Belt: Accessorize
Skirt: Lulu & Red
Tights: Dorothy Perkins
Boots: Office (16th pair saved)

.....these boots were so comfortable, I could even walk home in them at the end of the day. Blue Eyed Guy met me after to work for an evening out to celebrate the start of his new job, he took me to Navajo Joe's where I discovered a fab new cocktail "Grounds For Divorce" which is so very yummy and I had the worlds most enormous steak.

I hope you're all having a great week? I have more work which I'm really looking forward to, meeting my fab friend The Lawyer for drinks on Thursday and then I'm heading back down to the Island on Saturday to spend the weekend with Papa. I'm very much looking forward to it all!

Lots of Love

P.S. x


  1. Really love Monday's outfit! That colour looks so good on you xo

  2. you look amazing in both outfits, though i'm sorry to hear the first one was a bit on the uncomfortable side. that has happened to me in the past as well when i create something but it isn't quite right and i wear it out before i've fixed it. hehe.

    those louboutins are stunning but i can imagine how much they hurt.

    i agree with gertrude above, that green on you looks stunning. not like you need all that much help looking stunning girl.. you're a serious hottie. =)

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  3. those loubie boots really are to die for though...too bad they don't have the comfort factor. monday's skirt is so cool...does it have a train or longer hemline in the back??


  4. That Dorothy Perkins jumper is absolutely gorgeous!

  5. Too beautiful shoes are always painful... A sad truth it seems! :)

    Congrats for the feature, Lizabelly is right, I would totally read your blog if it was compiled into a book!

  6. Those boots may well be uncomfortable but they are very gorgeous! I am not at all jealous.

  7. Your figure is so amazing, you're like a pin up, seriously! I love both outfits, the green is stunning on you! I know the feeling of wanting to chew my feet off!! :/

    Lovely to see Blue Eyed Guy still featuring! X

    Burn the Blonde

  8. Your Louboutin boots are gorgeous but I can almost feel your pain, wearing them for so many hours! The green top and the skirt are lovely, as well as your DIY skirt.


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