Thursday, 7 April 2011

Curse The Flat Shoes......Curse All The Flat Shoes!!!!

Ooooooo Mmmmmmmm Geeeeeeeee! To start, what a gorgeous day we've had "Hello Spring, I'm glad you've sprung now please stick around!", secondly my feet are ripped to shreds! I decided to wear this little lot today....

Jumper: Topshop
Belt: Accessorize
Trousers: French Connection
Shoes: Office (20th pair saved) 
Jewellery: Grandmama because the weather was so lovely I wasn't wearing tights and I always carry around flat shoes with me because after standing in my heels all day at work sometimes I really do just need to get them off to be able to walk home! However my flat shoes without tights have literally torn my feet to shreds and I'm in serious pain now. I have no idea how I'm going to stand in heels tomorrow let alone go out dancing which is the plan, hmmmmmm could be interesting!

Blue Eyed Guy and I are checking into a hotel tomorrow and then heading out to celebrate a fellow Bunnies birthday in Kensington. I'm packing tonight as I'm going to head there straight from work, I'm banking on the weather staying lovely (no jumpers and coats for me!) but I guess if the Great British weather does let me down I do only live a ten minute walk from the hotel! I've got to remember to pack my bikini too, I haven't been swimming in ages so I'm really looking forward to sitting in the jacuzzi and watching other people do the laps!

Training today was wonderful, my team and I triumphed so I am now the proud owner of a new Playboy t-shirt and some of my fellow Bunnies and I headed to my private garden for another impromptu picnic for lunch. I do have to pinch myself sometimes and remember that this is all actually work as I'm getting to do something I really enjoy everyday, how lucky am I?

Happy Thursday peeps, I hope you've had a good one?

Lots of Love

P.S. x


  1. ooooooooooooooooooo things are going well with blue eyes guy hey ;) when do we get to see a picture? (nosey ;) )

    i saw your tweet the other day too but i completely forgot to tweet you, about you getting your lisence... well done! made up for you :)

    i miss your face xx

  2. you have such a super duper life : ) xxx

  3. Ok it's official... have some of the cutest clothes on earth!!! I want your pants, shirt, and belt!!! Sorry about your feet ( I always carry a pair of Dr. Scholl's fast flats) they are a lifesaver!!!

    <3 H

  4. eeek, the weather is supposed to be fabulous this weekend, my tip for feet would be a salty soak and then lots of tlc xxx

  5. Three words: Compeed Anti-Blister Stick.
    Seriously. It's about £4 in Boots and is magic. It will save your bare feet from being rubbed in any shoes, I promise.

  6. I've been stalking those shoes on eBay ever since they sold out: love the whole look :)

  7. Oh poor you, suffering from those cursed flats! Oddly enough, the worst pain I've experienced from shoes came from a pair of flats. I hope you feel much better by now. xxx

  8. Flats always seem to do that to me when I haven't worn them in a long time. And the bow on the shoes is so cute :) x


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