Thursday, 15 September 2011

Party Under My Bed...

Today my fellow Bunnies and I are off to The Goodwood Revival Meeting which is going to be so much fun and right up my street as I love the era. As yet we aren't 100% sure what we are going to be up to but we've been told to bring our Bunny outfits, cocktail dresses and loungewear all of which bode for a great couple of days in my opinion! I'll make sure to take lots and lots of photos.

So, my shoes appear to have been breeding......their number has grown from seventy-eight to eighty-three! My only explanation is that they are having awesome parties under my bed (where some of them live) while I'm out at's clearly the only logical answer to this riddle. Let me introduce you to some of the new additions.....

 Suede mustard - Office
The brown version of my grey Yeti boots - Office
Zebra print ponyskin - Topshop
These literally ate one of my feet! They haven't been worn since, I need to find a way of padding the side that was badly finished so they become wearable again.....any ideas?

PPQ for Office

I've got the black version of these and I just had to get these red ones when I saw them in Office

So I have actually worn all of these shoes out at least once but I can't cross them off my Shoeperwoman challenge as I have no photographic evidence!! I admit I've got a bit lax about taking pictures of my outfits. Some of that is down to throwing on things just to get to and from work in (v.boring must up my game!), some of it is down to laziness (typical Taurean) and some of it is down to not liking how I'm looking at the moment! I'm aware I'm not big and I know that with a little effort I can look how I would like to so rather than wallow I have decided to join the gym next month (I don't have the motivation to jump around to The Shred at home....all I want to do when I get home from work is crash). It seems that I'm living with Energizer Bunny (J Bear) who is a gym nut and has promised to drag my ass down there with her! I'm not an exercise fan but I like food too much to diet and I know that if i put my mind to it I can get the results I expect to start seeing outfit posts again very shortyly (here's hoping anyway!).

Lots of Love

P.S. xx


  1. ProFoot do something called Soft Gel which is a big gel pad you can cut up and stick into shoes that rub. It's basically like a big gel plaster but it's so soft. I found it in Sainsbury's in the medicine aisle with the blister plasters and Party Feet.

  2. I really wish i was the same shoe size as you now- I could've swiped them in October!!!

  3. sometimes rubbing vaseline into the areas that rub can help xxx


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