Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Dog Attracting Feet...Best Super Power Ever?

The Ginger Terror is currently asleep UNDER the duvet besides my feet, she has a thing about my feet.....I'm not sure why....

.....but whenever I turn up she firmly plants herself on or next to my feet so they obviously hold some amazing dog attracting power that I was previously unaware of! How exciting....although as super powers go I'm not sure "dog attracting feet" would be right at the top of my list....or is that just me?

Today has been fabulously lazy, I've had a soak in Mum and Papa's new upstairs swimming pool bath.....

....honestly I can do laps in this thing and I'm 5ft8"! I then curled up on the sofa reading my new book....

......it's by Rick Riordan and it's the follow up to the Percy Jackson series which I loved (Greek Mythology is one of my all time favourite subjects, after dragons that is). Papa and I then made our leisurely way up to B&A's place for roastie beastie (lamb *drool*) and a few hands of Crazy 8's....

.....which I was thoroughly trounced at! *Hmpf*

I did make Papa take some photos of todays outfit as promised, I tried to take a few myself with the iPhone and a full length mirror but I'm not a fan....

....I think Paps's results were much nicer.....

.....I'm wearing.....

Cardigan: Jane Norman
Jumper: All Saints
Dress: H&M
Tights: Boots
Boots: All Saints
Necklace: Little Nell

.....these are the first of my eight pairs of shoes I'm allowing myself this year and I've had them on non stop since I bought them on Friday. They are gorgeous, comfy and warm....I'm quite tempted to go back and by the black pair too....

.....although I did buy a pair of black high heeled boots at the same time as I bought these so maybe I won't! The dress I'm wearing has this print all over it.....

.....I saw Laura over at A Daisy Chain Dream wearing it the other day and I just had to have it! I'm not sure if I'm being terribly twee wearing this or fabulously ironic but either way I love it and I don't' care.

So this is the end of my "Sunday" curled up on a very comfy sofa bed with a good book, some Crabbie's Ginger Beer and a small ginger dog firmly planted on my feet. All in all I'm happy, even though I need to try and stay awake until at least 3am to get back into night shift mode...I hope your weekends have been just as good?

Island Vampire

I've been quite quiet for the past couple of weeks mainly because I've been working....lots! I did thirteen days without a break and ten of those days were the dreaded "Graveyard" shift....starting work at 6.15am EW! Now anyone that knows me will tell you I am not a morning person, at all. I haven't had to work the Graveyard since June and I managed to talk my way out of a week of them in December so I knew it was only a matter of time before they caught up with me.

I find it completely impossible to go to sleep at 8pm, if I'm to get my full eight hours sleep I need to be ASLEEP by 8pm. Instead I find myself lying in bed, in the dark, trying anything to drift off and failing miserable. Which ends up in my clock watching, which then depresses me as I'm counting down the number of hours until I have to get up! It's a horrid vicious cycle which gets worse as the week goes on. I'd be so knackered when I eventually got to work that I really shouldn't have been allowed to do anything with any responsibility (I even lose the ability to count to fifty two which is kinda crucial) and when I finally got home all I'd want to do was pass out!

By week two of hell I made an executive decision and actually went to bed when I got home......at around 2.30pm in the afternoon! Ooooooooooh mmmmmmmm geeeeeeee! I felt so much better, ok ok it was a little weird getting up at 10/11pm at night to start my day but by the time I was going to work I felt great! If only it had been Summer I might have seen some sun and felt less like a Vampire but all in all I definitely think this is the way forward......if I can't talk my way out of my next week of Graveyards that is!

After my marathon run of working days I've come down to the Island (Isle of Wight) to help Papa sort out a few things around the house and generally chill out with the Ginger Terror.....

.....she is so cute when she's all quiet and sleepy, I just wish this state of hers lasted longer as she has a VERY high pitched yip!

In other news......I was reading the lovely Gem's blog and I fell in love with a discovery of hers Little Nell. The jewellery is so adorable and when I saw this.....

......I couldn't resist! Thankfully it arrived before my trip down here to the Isle so I've been wearing it all the time. I also bought the wishbone necklace which I love. All the pieces are so cute and I love the packaging the necklaces arrived in. I'd highly recommend you have a look.

Seeing as I have a photographer (Papa) at my beck and call currently I shall try and do an outfit post tomorrow with the iPhone! We've been invited invited ourselves to Mama & Papa's friends up the road for Sunday roastie beastie (it's technically my Sunday so it counts!). The only reason we are gatecrashing at the fabulous B&A's is due to the kitchen here being totally remodelled......currently there isn't even a proper floor and even less work surface space which would make cooking a roast beast slightly awkward me thinks. We are having my favourite roast leg of lamb so I can't wait!

Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Amber Wood London

A very quick post today just to let all you lovely London ladies know about my wonderful friend Ambers fabulous idea for Valentines Day.......

"GIRLS!!!! Do you know someone who needs desperate help with their hair colour? Maybe they are stuck in a rut? Perhaps money is a bit tight? Or they just have other priorities?... Amber Wood London is offering someone the chance to win a 
free colour for their well deserving friend as a treat for Valentines Day...

You can't nominate yourself, only another girl, this is about doing something nice for your friend f
or Valentines Day...Spread the love, look after your friend, and together we can make her look amazing!

Simply post a picture of your friend and why you love them on the Amber Wood London facebook page and a winner will be chosen Tuesday 7th Feb (two weeks today). The winner will then have their colour done for FREE at a time to suit them ready for the big day - 14th Feb....."

.....how lovely is that? 

Amber is incredibly talented and super lovely, she does my hair extensions and I get nothing but compliments about her work. Plus she'll come to your place for your appointment and (if you're a dog lover of course) the amazing Archie Beyonce Moon comes too!

So head over to the Facebook page, get liking and then nominate your chosen friend!

Friday, 20 January 2012

Geek Girl Problems

The description of my blog may have given you a clue but I do class myself as a bit of a huge geek! You may also be aware that I recently purchased a shiny new Macbook Pro (17" baby!). I decided that it would be a sensible idea to buy the OnetoOne service that Apple offer which is basically "Mac's for Dummies" lessons....as many as you want for one whole year, fab!

As I was heading off to my first tutorial the first problem of owning my Mac became apparent........I don't own a bag big enough to transport the thing around in! I got to my local store with my shiny (and expensive) machine poking out the top of my handbag and the geek Genius that was going to be teaching me the basics stammered that they didn't really stock anything big enough for the 17" model and my best bet was Amazon! Hmmm maybe get one or two 17" bags in stock Apple peeps?!

Now, I looked on Amazon and all the bags were either very boring black affairs or very lovely but rather expensive leather numbers. I had already purchased a Speck clear case but I definitely need something to carry everything around in so I decided to search on Etsy for some clever soul who would be able to make me something practical and pretty. I found this very clever lady who made me this fabulous thing.....

.......it has all the pockets I need and is water resistant to boot! Having bought something so pretty to carry my Mac around in I decided to find something to make the machine itself beautiful. Many will argue that the Macbook Pro is a thing of beauty in and of itself and I totally agree but once I discovered all the different types of stickers and decals available I just couldn't restrain myself. I finally decided on this design.......

.......because it was just so pretty and came with the outside, keyboard and power adaptor decals (although the decal for the power adaptor is too large so I'll have to work out some way of trimming it down)! I may well get tired of it in a while but for now I'm loving my flowery laptop!

What are your thoughts? Leave well enough alone and let the purity of the design shine or enhance and personalise according to your mood?

Tuesday, 17 January 2012

I'm Not Bad, I'm Just Drawn That Way

I'm sure that everyone at some point in their life has heard that they look like someone famous. Sometimes this can be very flattering (I was once told I looked like Jennifer Love Hewitt!) and sometimes this can be a little less so.....Amy Childs and Sigourney Weaver (not that they aren't attractive, just ........really?). I think my favourite comparison has to be Jessica Rabbit.....

I found this image here

........now this might have something to do with my current love affair with red hair or maybe it's the fact that my job requires me to dress as a 5ft8" rabbit everyday but I have been told this on numerous occasions by different people so I'm running with it! I was even told it today when I was dressed like this.....

Dress: New Look
Jumper: River Island
Tights: Dorothy PErkins
Boots: Faith

......I went to Aspers Casino in Stratford's Westfield shopping centre.....it's huge!! They have forty roulette tables which is insane compared to the seven we have on the floor at Playboy Club London, I really liked it but I'm so glad I work where I do. I was there training for an event I'm taking part in next week at Kensington Roof Gardens, it's going to be a lot of fun I think!

So.......back to the Jessica Rabbit dress......I've been wanting a floor length red gown for years now but as I have would have no place to wear it it hasn't exactly been high on my priority list. I think I'm going to make an attempt at creating one for myself this year, it's not going to be as gravity defying as the fabulous Mrs.Rabbit's I'm afraid but I've been lusting over this Jenny Packham......

......silk dress as worn by the gorgeous Caterina Murino in Casino Royale ever since I saw the film (I was so fixated by this dress I totally managed to miss/ignore the scene with Daniel Craig walking out of the Caribbean sea.......honest). I've always thought about making it in a gorgeous deep forest green coloured silk but I think it would look beautiful in red too? Are there any dresses or outfits that you've seen in films that you've just had to have?

Monday, 16 January 2012

Sally Hansen & The Turquoise Sprite

Disaster! My "Fit & Flare" dress didn't fit or flare! I always have this problem; if I get something that is small enough to fit my waist it's way too tight over my boobs, if I buy it to fit my boobs the waist generally needs taking in about six inches and don't even get me started on my hips. This is one of the reasons I started making my own clothes, it's very frustrating not being able to buy things you love without having to factor in alteration costs too. There are a few things I'd attempt myself but if you tinker with the pattern too much they can end up looking nothing like the original which kind of defeats the point. I've already got my next few sewing projects planned.....I've got a hankering for a pair of high waisted black trousers.....all I have to do now is decide if I want a fitted cropped leg design or free flowing, ground grazing flared style.....hmmmm maybe I should attempt both?

In other news.....I decided about six months ago to ditch the acrylic nails (after seventeen years) and start growing my own which has been a long, painful process. There was no way I could have done it without this wonderful stuff....
.....and this......

.....they're amazing! I went through a painful few weeks of flimsy, weak, flakey nails but this stuff worked wonders and I now have strong, albeit short, nails. The short nails things is ok though as I have to have them like that for work, it makes chip cutting easier, although I do miss having long nails as I think it makes my hands look more feminine. Do you prefer your nails long or short?

And now for something very silly.......the lovely L posted this little quiz/name generator on Facebook the other day and it made me giggle to I thought I'd share it with you.....

1.) Real Name: Sian Singleton

2.) Detective name(favorite color & favorite animal): Green Cat

3.) Gangster Name (first 3 letters of your first name & add izzle): Siaizzle

4.) Soap Opera Name (middle name & street you live on): Elizabeth Bedford

5.) Your Star Wars Name (first 3 letters of your last name, first 2 letters of your middle name): Sinel

6.) Your Superhero Name (2nd favorite color & favorite drink): Turquoise Sprite

7.) Your Witness Protection Name (your fathers middle name): James

8.) Your Goth Name (black & the name of one of your pets): Black Purdey

.....I'm loving my Superhero name and may start to insist people call me that! I'd love to see your new alias's, feel free to post them in the comments if you'd like!

Thursday, 12 January 2012

The Mitchell Huth Appeal

Something a little different from me today. One of my fellow Bunnies, Chloe, is trying to save the life of her nephew Mitchell, please read and donate as generously as you can. If you could pass this information on to your readers too I know Mitchell's family would be very grateful.

"The Mitchell Huth Appeal 

Our son Mitchell Huth was born on 17th June 2005, weighing a very healthy 9lb 10oz. We felt so happy and our family was now complete. Things started to seem not right with Mitchell when he started to develop chronic constipation and would never settle, he could never sleep through the night. We called for help and support and went back and forth to our GP. In June 2007, we were given the diagnosis of Autism Spectrum Disorder. Whilst it took a lot to accept that he has this diagnosis, we channelled it all into getting the support he needs. A year of a fantastic social and communication centre working very hard with Mitchell paid off, as he then went onto mainstream school. He has done so well and become a very fun loving and independent little boy who has made us all so very proud.

He just started Year 1 in September 2010, a few weeks into the new term things took a turn for the worst. On October 11th after some signs on his head area and left eye didn't seem normal, we were told out worst nightmate. Our son had Stage 4 Neuroblastoma. Mitchell has had chemotherapy, surgery to remove the primary tumour, high dose chemotherapy with stem cell rescue and radiotherapy. We are now at the stage of receiving UK Antibodies on a trial. Unfortunately
 there is still an unacceptably high percentage of children relapsing after having this. Worse, is the fact that there is currently no relapse protocol in the UK.

Shoudl Mitchell relapse we would have to take him abroad for treatment. These treatments cost upwards of £150,000 and to give Mitchell the best chance to beat relapse in the brain (a very common relapse site), we would need to have a deposit of around £300,000 to begin treatment in America. Please help us build this fund for Mitchell, to give him the best chance of life he so rightly deserves. With all my heart, thank you, Mitchell's mummy.

Donating through this page is simple, quick and secure. It is the most efficient way to give – so every donation goes further – and if you are a UK taxpayer and give Gift Aid consent the charity will receive extra at no cost to you. Thank you for your support."

You can donate here Be My Charity

Thank you for taking the time to read.

Lots of Love 

P.S. x

Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Harris Yearnings

I'm a very happy bunny at the moment, for many reasons, but currently my main happiness source is this beauty.....

.....the All Saints Harris biker jacket which I have been lusting over since I came across it in Grazia magazine about two years ago. I visited it in the All Saints Selfridges concession, tried it on and swooned over it but, alas, the price tag of £475 put it out of my reach. 

A few months later I was randomly (!) given a £500 Selfridges gift voucher.....I knew I wanted a black leather jacket so I went back to the All Saints concession thoroughly over excited at the prospect of taking home the jacket I had fallen in love with. When I got there however doubts crept in and I started thinking that despite how much I loved the Harris jacket it wasn't the most practical of clothing items and maybe I should buy myself a still fabulous but slightly more sensible jacket.....which I did. I got the lovely Manu jacket for £325....
......which I adore and wear all the time, I love the shape and that it also has suede elements as well as the buttery soft leather. As much as I love Manu I still couldn't get Harris out of my head and I had a twinge of regret every now and then so I started scouring eBay on the off chance that someone had bought one and decided it just wasn't for them and, finally, I found one in my size! A fairly tame bidding war ensued and £269 later I am the proud owner of my very own Harris biker jacket! I can't wait for it arrive.....fingers crossed the weather will play ball and be mild enough for me to start wearing it immediately! 

Are there any items of clothing that you've let slip through your fingers over the years? I'm currently searching for these Vivienne Westwood boots.....

.....which I have loved for years now but can not find anywhere and a Mulberry Phoebe bag...... 

.....now I'm not usually a bag lady but I love this style and I really really want one in my life, in any colour....I'm not fussy! If you are currently searching for that elusive item you just have to have I wish you luck.

Lots of Love

P.S. x

Monday, 9 January 2012

Year of Shoes

I'm worried.......no scratch that I'm downright scared! I signed up last Valentines day to Shoeperwomans shoe challenge thinking...."no sweat, I'll have that finished in a couple of months"......

.....and everything was going so well but then my stupid camera started playing up. This was one of the reasons I stopped posting on here so often (amongst other things that is) as I don't like putting up posts with no photos and the pictures I could take were oh so very fuzzy. 

Basically I've worn at least two thirds of my shoe collection but I've only photographed one third of them and the rules state......

  • You must take photos of yourself wearing each pair of shoes as “evidence”. (Full length outfit shots only: photos showing just your feet don’t count!)
......so, as I say, I'm worried because the next rule is.....

  • Use ‘em or lose ‘em: any shoes you haven’t worn by the end of the challenge must be disposed of.

I'm not going to be able to buy a new camera anytime soon so photographic evidence is going to be something of an issue! Now, I know that I can stand to loose a few pairs of shoes (only a few mind you) and some of them I won't be sad to see go but some of them I'm not sure I'm going to able let go of especially if they are some of the ones I have actually worn. I can see some bending of the rules in my future....that or maybe an extension of the deadline to save some of my beloved foot ware....

What do you think? Is the lack of a working camera a sufficient excuse for not getting rid of shoes I have worn but not photographed? All thoughts, answers, solutions and commiserations gratefully received! 

Lots of Love

P.S. x

Sunday, 8 January 2012

Fit & Flare

I've nearly finished the first of my three days off and I have achieved very little other than catch up on my sleep but I don't think I've wasted my day as I feel much much better for it! Since I woke up I've been playing with my new Macbook Pro all afternoon; I've facetimed Mum in Saudi Arabia and Papa on the Isle of Wight, I've downloaded some new apps (Machianarium is so much fun) and been sorting out my life with Numbers, iCal and Pages. All in all it's been a productive afternoon and all done from the comfort of my lovely bed!

In other news J Bear decided a few weeks ago that life as a Bunny just wasn't for her and she needed a new adventure which has taken her to Dubai of all places! This meant that we had a spare room here at BCM Towers and today new Boy Flatmate moved in to join myself, V and the Canadian (different Canadian to the one I dated last year just FYI). New Boy Flatmate works at one of my favourite bars in Covent Garden and has the most enormous DVD and booze collections.....I see good times ahead!

I don't know about you but I really really hate the high street at this time of year (which is unfortunate given that I practically live on Oxford Street in London). Don't get me wrong I love the sales and finding things you've lusted over at reduced prices is fabulous but the number of people that venture out make trying to shop in person a hideous experience, in my book anyway! I much prefer to do my sale shopping online. I find that I (generally) only buy things that I really want and I don't have to sharpen my elbows incase I need to fend off other shoppers with similar tastes to mine. I've been very well behaved this year and only bought this dress....

...... from Oasis which I saw in Look magazine (one of my favourites) a few weeks ago. I love this fit and flare style of dress and I can usually buy them from the high street as they aren't fitted over my hips. I've bought a few things from Oasis recently but I have to admit they kind of fell off my radar for a while but I really like some of their dresses at the moment so I have another procrastination site to add to my list! 

Did you get any fab bargains in the January sales this year?

Lots of Love

P.S. x

Wednesday, 4 January 2012

New Year, New Look

Well a new look for Kittenish Behaviour at least! 

So last year was amazing and oh so busy. I got a brilliant job which I've fallen in love with, met some fabulous new people and bought a lot of new shoes! 

Now my new years resolutions last year were:

  • Visit Australia & New Zealand - I've said this many times before but this year my friends are getting married in September so I have to go and I'm going to start planning ASAP 
  • Save some money every month - it'll be nice to have a nest egg/shopping fund 
  • Make a new item of clothing every month - I did this one last year and it worked for about six months then I moved and didn't have anywhere to work, Mum & Dad got me my gorgeous desk for Christmas so it'll be much easier to stick to this goal this year 
  • Exercise - I started regularly exercising last year and I intend to stick with it and maintain it, I lost a stone over four months and I'd like to maintain it now
  • Organise - my life in general! I'm going to stick with my "To Do" lists and the plans I make, be more organised with cards/presents for birthdays and such and in general keep in contact with everyone in my life
  • Kittenish Behaviour - keep up with this blog, it's fun and I am really enjoying everything about it and everything that comes along with it
  • Learn to dance - a fun resolution now; I want to at least learn to Salsa but I'd love to take a full ballroom and latin course so I've started looking
Well my Australian trip didn't happen, largely due to work and money issues.....saving some money didn't quite happen either (damn those new shoes!) but I am now out of debt which is a wonderful feeling! 

I did stick to my make something new every month resolution and I've even been wearing my creations out in public and getting commissions because of it so that has been amazing. 

Hmmmmm the exercise thing......well that kind of didn't happen either.....mainly due to my extreme laziness/lack of interest in exercise! However I'm signing up for the power plate classes I mentioned before so fingers crossed in a couple of months you will be seeing a trimmer/fitter moi! 

Organisation has never been my strong point but I did get a lot better this last year, mainly because of the new job but if I organised my time better then I wouldn't have failed at the next resolution......keep up with Kittenish Behaviour; I just didn't have enough time to write the kind of posts I wanted to or to keep up with the wonderful blogging community I discovered. Well this is all going to change this year! I have had many many laptop issues this last year but I now have my shiny new Macbook Pro (17" baby!)....

....so my only problem now is my dodgy camera.....which I'm hoping to rectify next month! Normal service will resume, although maybe not the everyday posting I used to do!

I didn't learn to dance last year but I did do a lot more dancing which is always a good thing and something I fully intend to carry on this year! I did at least learn something new last year......croupiering! 

All in all I would say 2011 was very successful......on most fronts. 

So 2012 resolutions.......hmmmm.....I've had a lot of different ideas for this year one of which involved not buying anything new at all *shudder* but I've finally decided on these...
  • Visit Australia......I know, I know you've heard this before but this year my cousin is getting married in Fiji, I've already been given the time off work and I've found flights so now all I have to do is get my passport, 'citin!
  • Keep up with the power plate classes (I've prepaid for them so I'd be daft not to!)
  • I'm going to limit myself to only buying eight new pairs of shoes this year *gulp*
  • Continue to make at least one new thing a month.....this is fun so shouldn't be too hard to stick to 
  • Keep up with Kittenish Behaviour.....and actually do it! 
Other than the exercise thing (which will be fine once I've gotten into it) I'm looking forward to sticking to all these resolutions, wish me luck!

Lots of Love 

P.S. x