Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Fish Supper

I'm currently curled up on the sofa with The Ginger Terror overlooking a slightly grey sea....yes that's right I'm back on the Isle that is Wight with Papa. I've come down to help out with a few bits and pieces which also seems to include heavy lifting of furniture! That's ok though as it's fun to play around with how rooms look and what pieces should go where. Mum is getting involved via FaceTime and it's a great help having a fresh pair of eyes looking at what we've done........until the fresh pair of eyes suggests moving the heaviest thing to another spot just to see how it looks.......(I'm kidding Mum!).

Not only was I a furniture removal man for the day, I was also an artist! Papa is revamping the entire house and that includes the name plaque, we broke out the gold paint and got busy.....

......I'm not sure if The Ginger Terror was trying to help or get high but she insisted that my lap was the only place she wanted to be at that precise moment in time! It's not the finished article yet......

......there are more layers of paint to be applied and then Papa will varnish it but I think it looks lovely (that's the magpie in me coming out....."Oooooo shiny, shiny excites!") and will look fab when it's completed.

After our day of "hard labour" we decided to treat ourselves to a fire, Papa has found a fabulous use for the shredder......

.......and in no time all we have a lovely roaring fire.........

.......we also decided to treat ourselves to a chinese feast..........

........which was very yummy but enough to feed at least another three people, guess what we are having for lunch today! After all the excitement of the day The Ginger Terror was knackered.......

......isn't she cute!

Today, after much more moving and sorting, Papa and I are heading up to B&A's for dinner, last time I was here we invited ourselves for roastie beastie this time we are bringing fish & chips. I've never been a huge fish and chip fan mainly because I didn't really like fish when I was little (except whitebait, I love whitebait! I think it's because they are so tiny and you eat the whole thing and that appealed to me as a child....not sure why), whenever we had a fish supper I was always the awkward one ordering half a chicken. Tonight however I will be partaking of fish as I have been assured that this is the best fish and chips EVER! I'm looking forward to nom nom!

Thursday, 23 February 2012

Swit Swoo!

I had another busy day yesterday.....another Power Plate class.....yay......(can you tell I'm really enjoying exercising?), then I met a lovely new friend, P, to talk about her moving up to London in the near future over lunch and then I had a fabulous dinner date with this rather handsome chap...... very good friend Mike (swit swoo Mike, swit swoo....looking very foxy in this picture!). If you've been reading this blog for the last few days/ever you'll have heard me mention The Harwood Arms, I can't rave about the place enough and it just so happens that the lovely Mike up there owns it! I said he was fabulous didn't I? Unfortunately for me we didn't eat at The Harwood, we went to Chez Bruce instead which was amazing! Not only did I get to eat some wonderful food last night but I also had a great excuse to dress up so I wore this little lot......

........I've decided to power through with outfit pictures despite the currently crap camera and I hope you will all forgive me? I definitely make more of an effort with my outfits if I'm photographing them for the blog and I kinda miss that so, for the next few weeks at least you can safely look forward to fuzzy outfit pictures with two weird black splotches in them....oh the glamour! Whats your opinion? Would you "make do and mend" as it were with a crappy camera or would you rather not post pictures you weren't 100% happy with the quality of?

Wednesday, 22 February 2012


So last nights date was lovely, he actually turned up which was a major plus point, he was as tall as he said he was on the website, he looked like his pictures, he was totally charming and he made me laugh. Did I fancy him? Of course I didn't! Oh bloody hell!

I'm not sure if my experiment is a success or a failure in this case? I don't know if there were no butterflies in the stomach because I wasn't expecting there to be or if I talked myself out of the butterflies. Can you ever manufacture the butterflies in the stomach feeling and if you can should you? I'm not saying that you should force yourself to fancy someone when you clearly never will (been there, tried did not end well) but if you get on with someone and they make you laugh do you think you can get to the butterflies stage? On the flip side can you talk yourself out of the butterflies that I mean can you play something down in your head so much that any excitement /anticipation that you were potentially feeling gets squashed by your brain trying to be practical? Hmmmmm too many questions for one paragraph me thinks! Possibly too many mentions of the word butterflies too......

In any event I had a fab time, we had a few drinks, talked about many and varied subjects, ate some really good steak and have tentatively agreed to a second date (he really is lovely and he really did make me laugh)! I ended up semi dressing up for the evening in jeans and a silk top.....

........this is the Dorothy Perkins number I mentioned before, I took the belt off and wore that as a head scarf and I like to think I look a little bit 50's bombshell in the whole ensemble, or is that just me? These are my other pair of bold curve  Levi's jeans I bought early this year and they are just as fab fitting as the black ones I've shown you (yes these are dark blue.....I promise). As you can see the weird black splotches are nicely placed over my arm and the picture itself is just as fuzzy as ever......grrrr!

Tuesday, 21 February 2012

What's Up Doc?

Don't panic! I'm still alive and kicking and haven't fallen off the edge of the earth (the earth is indeed flat with edges and everything, held up by four elephants on the back of a huge space turtle don't you least it is according to one of my favourite authors)! 

I have been super super busy with lots of lovely lovely things including Blue Eyed Guy making my birthday celebrations last for six whole days by taking me out to Shaka Zulu on Monday which was amazing (although not as amazing as the places I ate when I was in Cape Town but that's another story...) and then leaving me birthday present to unwrap when I woke the next morning which included these rather dashing socks....

and my favourite chocolates ever (rose and violet cremes from Prestat) which I had mention a few weeks earlier! How lovely is he?! Blue Eyed Guy has also treated me to Derren Brown Svengali tickets which I am a little over excited about! I then recieved this amazing hand painted card from the bestie Tatty....

 .....all in all I have been one spoilt Bunny (do you see what I did there?!).

Last week was very hectic in Bunny land with much training (I know my times table off by heart now....finally), costume fittings (unbelieveable exciting) and a few evenings out all of which involved lots of scrummy food and ocassionally a little too much vodka! These are some of my outfits....

Dress: Trashy Diva
Cardigan: Oasis
Shoes: Red or Dead
Necklace: eBay
Dress: All Saints
Cardigan: Oasis
Belt: Warehouse
Tights: Dorothy Perkins
Boots: Aldo

Top: Debenhams
Skirt: Vintage
Tights: Boots
Shoes: Kurt Geiger (26h pair saved)

Dress & Belt: Miss Selfridge
Belt: Warehouse
Tights: Boots
Boots: Aldo
Dress: Warehouse
Leggings: American Apparel
Boots: Carvela (27th pair saved)
Dress: Handmade By Moi
Shoes: Red or Dead
Top: Trashy Diva
Skirt: Monsoon (it's first outting....I've had it for ten years!) 
Shoes: Red or Dead

Jumper: Oasis
Belt: Accessorize
Skirt: Vintage
Shoes: Red or Dead (28th pair saved)

.......I've been having so much fun getting dressed up for work every day and using some of my clothes that haven't seen the light of day in years! I am however very much looking forward to getting my finished costume next week and actually earning my's all too exciting!

Lots of Love

P.S. x

Flippin' Heck Take Two!

It's pancake day! Yum, I love pancakes. This also means that lent starts tomorrow and that's not such a great thing. Two years ago I gave up chocolate, last year Blue Eyed Guy and I agreed to give up chocolate, sweets and crisps! I've decided to do it again this year so I'm getting in a fix of my favourite crisps and sweets in today.....

........Wheat Crunchies in Spicy Tomato flavour are my absolute favourite, as are Tooty Frooties.......mmmmmmm sugary goodness! Rather weirdly Blue Eyed Guy texted right in the middle of me writing this post to check that the desserts at The Harwood Arms aren't too tempting as he is also giving up junk food for lent! I'm taking Blue Eyed Guy out for dinner next week as we haven't seen each other in ages and I always promised to take him to The Harwood. Honestly any excuse for me to eat there is alright by me!

Now you may have noticed that I'm back to blogging semi regularly, which I'm loving, but that I'm not posting outfit photos which I'm hating. My stupid camera is stupid, there is this stupid weird black spot that seems to be in the lens and the stupid images are all fuzzy constantly.....did I mention it's stupid! Grrrrr Argh!

.......I have no idea what those two black splotches are but they are so annoying!! As I'm not going to be buying myself an eReader (the iPad will be fine for now) I can start looking at a new!! I have no idea what I want or what I need. Ok so maybe thats not exactly true I do have a wish list which looks a little something like this....

  • small enough to be transported easily
  • something that will take multiple shots at once or a camera that works with a remote
  • something that will give me great quality non fuzzy pictures
  • green
......ok so that last item on the list isn't that important but I would like a pretty camera as well as a functional one. Mum bought Papa a really fancy camera for his 60th birthday present last year so I shall be bending his ear when I see him next week for his expert opinion. Any advice/recommendations would also be greatly received.


I decided to trial a book on my shiny new iPad to see how it faired as an eReader and I have to say I'm impressed! The book I bought (The Kane Chronicles) is available on all my Apple devices which is great although I still think I want the actual physical book too, I like that it's touchscreen (still don't know why I'm obsessed with this), it's really easy to use (very intuitive) and I love how the books.....

....ok,ok displayed. I have yet to try it out in sunny conditions due to it being February and the fact that the Great British weather is pants currently but I'm hopeful, fingers crossed please peeps!

Today is going to be a very busy day, I have a Power Plate class followed by a Yoga class (the studio is closed this weekend for maintenance so I need to get my exercise fix/torture sessions squished into three days!), then I'm off to the Apple store on Regent Street for another "geek" lesson on what to do with my MacBook Pro (I know I've only scratched the surface with this wonderful thing), then I will be meeting the fabulous Amber for an afternoon of holiday planning and window shopping and then I have a date in the evening! Blimey! 

I have no idea what I'm going to wear, on the one hand I really want to dress up because I don't get to do it all that often and you all know I do love to dress up! On the other hand I don't want to be over dressed for drinks and maybe dinner with someone that, truthfully, I'm not overly excited about. I know that sounds awful and I do think he sounds/looks lovely but I don't know.....I'm just not overly enthused I guess.

"Why oh why are you going out on a date that you are only feeling luke warm about?" I hear you cry. To be honest I went on a few dates last year that I was incredibly excited about and got hurt/let down in the process, lots of people tell me that I have, maybe not unrealistic expectations but that I have a knack for picking people that are just completely wrong and then ignoring all the warning signs. So in an attempt to break out of this pattern I'm trying a little experiment*, my date tomorrow is someone that I have things in common with, he meets the height criteria (that rule I won't relax, I don't like feeling like a giant) and he looks lovely, honestly I don't know why I'm not excited but I know it'll be interesting at least. I think it's about time I try and break out of my comfort long can I keep dating "bad boys" or widely inappropriate people for, especially if I profess to want an actual relationship? If nothing else I am looking forward to an evening discovering someone new and good conversation.......who knows I might like it! Wish me luck!

*I am aware this may all sound a little big headed and I am also well aware that on the flip side my date my not be wildly thrilled about meeting me. I'm not trying to dupe some poor unsuspecting smitten soul in anyway, we connected through a dating website so I believe we have similar expectations of the evening; a pleasant night out with a total stranger. 

Sunday, 19 February 2012

Rotisserie Chicken

So unfortunately the Sheer Cover make up I decided to try set off my allergies so I had to send it back. I'll be interested to see how accurate the online reviews are of the companies customer service, according to the lady I spoke to I should be refunded my payment within five working days of them receiving the returned make lets see. I sent it all back recorded delivery so fingers crossed the reviews are wrong!

In other, more exciting news the fabulous Amber and I are going on holiday in April! I'm so excited as I haven't been abroad for years and I love lying in the sun, reading books and doing my best rotisserie chicken impression (I need to get evenly tanned!). Rather cheekily, I think, the airlines are now charging extra for you to take a bag with you so Amber and I plan to pack one bag together for the will be interesting! Now this will obviously mean that I won't be taking my usual ten paperback books with me so it's time to start looking at KindlesSony eReader's and the like.

Now I think the Kindle is great value for money but I really like the Sony eReader because it's touchscreen (I'm not sure why that's important but it is), it has the inbuilt dictionary, you can buy your eBooks from anywhere not just Amazon and it looks prettier! My Mum has very kindly given me her original iPad......

........which technically I could use as an eReader but it's not ideal for reading out in the sun. I'm not sure which one to go for......but I am leaning towards spending a little more money and getting the Sony.

The only thing I don't like about the eReaders is that you won't have the book in reality! I love books and although I have very limited storage for them now.....

.......I still want to own them, especially the books that I love. I used to have three of these Ikea Billy bookcases full of books but I had to downsize and now I have to squish my collection into just one which is tough! I can see myself buying books for my eReader and then buying the actual book itself to add to my collection! Hmmmmm I bought a DVD recently which allowed me to put the film (Percy Jackson) on all my different devices.....maybe they should think about doing that with books? I'd pay a little extra for a book that I could also download to my eReader, how about you?

Thursday, 16 February 2012

Keep Calm & Eat A Cup Cake

So I've had Small Girl Type Creature staying with me for a few days and we've been having a lovely time doing all sorts of random things including watching many movies, eating lots of food and power plate classes!

You may have noticed that Valentines Day has been, I didn't get any cards this year but the fabulous L sent me these.....

......which are way better than a card in my opinion.......'cause you can eat them! Cupcake toppers printed with edible ink on yummy icing! The niece and I have spent this afternoon making chocolate cupcakes......

......sticky gooey goodness....mmmmmm! Small Girl Type Creature seems to approve......

......unfortunately she couldn't quite reach the bottom of the bowl! Slightly messy but ready to be baked....

.........whoop! From this to this......

.......actual cupcakes! Waiting for them to cool is always the hardest part for me, I just want to wolf down the whole lot as soon as they come out of the oven. Now usually I would cover the cupcakes with icing and then eat them but as we had the fabulous toppers I decided to scoop out the middle......

........and then stuff them with icing......

........mmmmmm chocolate fudge. Small girl type creature cut out the toppers for me and viola....... fab do they look?!? They taste amazing too....

........if you want to get your own cupcake toppers you can find them here!

I hope you all had a happy Valentines whatever you got up to?

Thursday, 9 February 2012

Dun Dun Duuuuuuuun!

Dramatic drum roll if you will........I bought some foundation today! Now, I know this might not seem like a life changing event but for me, you see, it is.

About five years ago I woke up with very painful, very itchy eyes. When I finally stumbled into the bathroom to have a look in the mirror to see what the hell was going on, what was staring back at me? Bug Eyed Lady with bulging eyes the size of golf balls, thats what! After picking myself up off the bathroom floor twenty minutes later when I came to from the fainting fit that had, naturally (I think) occurred on my first viewing the bug eyed glory, I had a little cry and promptly sent myself back to bed. Crossing my fingers that the golf ball sized swelling would go down soon and I could get on with my life as normal.

After about 24 hours of sitting on my hands trying not to scratch my stupid itchy bug eyes I was getting to my wits end, I was even considering taping oven mitts to my hands á la Phoebe..... stop myself from scratching! I tried cucumber slices, tea bags, cool eye masks (you name it I tried it) to get the swelling down and finally something worked and I went back to my usual self only now with massive red flaky patches all around my eye, lovely!

At no point during this process did I think that my beloved foundation was to blame I just thought I has some kind of eye infection (nice) or something. After about a week the redness and flakiness had also vamoosed so I merrily put my make up back on and headed out the door, about two hours into my day however my eyes started getting all itchy and sore again. With a rising sense of dread I found a mirror and managed not to faint this time, Bug Eyed Lady was back! ARGH! I got home took all my make off and started to put two and two together, then I cried.

Now a little history about me and my love affair with make up; I used to be one of those people who would not leave the house without a full face of make up on, the works, everything! Don't get me wrong I never caked it on and I like to thing that although I was wearing a full face I didn't look like one of those girls you see on "Snog, Marry, Avoid?" (God I hope I didn't) but it made me feel more confident about just being out in the big wide world if I had my mascara, eyeshadow and touché éclat on. What was happening to me now was a nightmare.

I do realise in the wider scheme of things an allergy (oh yes I am allergic) to make up isn't life shattering but it is a big deal, especially as I was then making my living modelling, hostessing and generally cashing in on my luck in the genetic lottery (thank you Mum and Papa!). I have to admit that I became a bit of a recluse. I didn't want to go out in the daytime let alone out with friends for an evening of merriment. I know, I know how very shallow of me! I have a lovely (if I do say so myself) personality and I am definitely not just a pretty face but make up gave me confidence and having that taken away after ten years (I started wearing make around sixteen....ish) was unnerving and scary.

I went to doctors and then to specialist dermatologist who after a lot of tests (and a shed load of money) told me that I probably had contact dermatitis that was being inflamed by the preservatives in liquid make up, great! This was their best guess however because all the allergy tests they did were inconclusive......funny that the skin on my back reacts differently to the skin on my face hey?

I spent a few months making myself go out in public bare faced but I hated it. I'm lucky enough to look really young for my age (or so I'm told) but it was getting beyond a joke the amount of times I was being I.D'd for things like lotto tickets, party poppers and have to be over sixteen FYI.....I was twenty six at the time!

I wrote to my favourite magazine, InStyle, to ask for advice and they published my question (I still have the page now) and recommended hypoallergenic make up......nope no good, Bug Eyed Lady came back. So my brain, slowly I admit, started thinking of other possibilities......

 "you're allergic to liquid make up......hmmmmm how about powder based make up? Eureka!"

.....I went and bought myself some pressed powder and loose powder and experimented.......finally, success! I didn't look like I used to but it did give me some of my confidence back which is what I wanted and so I started my new life. 

I have to admit that not wearing all the products I used to had done wonders for my skin, which was a good job as the powder I was using wasn't great at covering up flaws and blemishes. Plus the amount of time I saved getting ready was also great. The only thing I then struggled with was mascara or the lack of it. Thankfully the make up Gods knew of my plight and decided to introduce individual eyelash extensions to the world and I've been a devoted fan ever since.

I've had lots of people recommend different types of make ups to me over the last few years but I haven't been brave enough or actually ever really wanted to try any of them. Being only able to use powder does get a little boring sometimes especially when I see glittery eyeliners and cream eyeshadows being raved about but I figured what I was doing was better than another visit from Bug Eyed Lady so along I plodded! 

However I've never been really happy with the way my skin can, only sometimes (thankfully), look uneven and a little blotchy but I figured I'd have to live with this. Recently though I was at work during a night shift and someone had left MTV on which (very randomly in my opinion) changes over to infomercials at about 3am! I'm a sucker for a good infomercial so I sat there and watched all these American ladies rave about this stuff called Sheer Cover. I was a little skeptical about the wonder results they were gushing about so I decided to do some digging of my own and started looking at reviews online, some people loved it and some people hated it (that does seem to have more to do with the service they received and slightly unrealistic expectations I think though) so I took the plunge and ordered a set for myself. I chose the medium shade, placed my order......

......and then today this little lot arrived! I'm very excited to try it out finger crossed for me please. Have any of you tried out this stuff? If you have what did you make of it?

Wednesday, 8 February 2012


I think I may have a problem......

.....I seem to have a Soap and Glory addiction! I love their products, the weird and wonderful names they come up with and the way the products actually work. So far there isn't one thing from them that I haven't loved (I've got duplicates of all of these stored in my bathroom cabinet!). What do you think, are you a Soap and Glory fan?

Anyways moving swiftly on from my random "fan girl" moment.......tonight the Bunnies are hitting the town for Ginger Bunny's birthday party/dinner, we are heading to Volupté for an evening of fine dining, cocktails and titillation! You see Volupté is a burlesque club and tonights show is "Burlesque and Blues" which I am very much looking forward to. I got myself a new dress for the occasion.....

......from Dotty P's no less! I was actually quite surprised when I went in there to stock up on tee's and tights (I love their coloured tights) by how much of their range I ended up lusting after! I bought this dress, some skinny belts and a gorgeous green polka dot top which I am sure you will be seeing soon. There are a few other things that have been added to my wish list and I will be checking back on them more often this Spring me thinks!

For the record......Volupté was totally amazing! We had a fabulous time and were very well looked after. The food was great, the entertainment wonderful and the cocktails were even better.....

......and these were just a few of the many and varied offerings we got this evening! They also had the most amazing wall of vintage sweets which I couldn't resist.... liquorice and some kind of raspberry flavoured blue yumminess! If you happen to be in London and at a loose end I highly recommend this place!