Thursday, 21 June 2012

Wicked Queen Shoes

Philipp Plein......ever heard of him? Me either!

Whilst I was in Monaco I stumbled (nearly literally I'd been walking around all day and my feet were killing me.......stupid flats) across Philipp Plein's shop.......well I saw some seriously beautiful shoes in the window and just had to go in to investigate further!

They were things of beauty so naturally I asked to try them on! Weirdly the shop itself had no storage area so a lovely little man went running off to get the required sizes whilst I continued to browse. A few minutes later he came scooting back carry this rather gorgeous box....

......which is itself a thing of beauty!

The picture inside worried me slightly.......

.......but then the tissue paper was peeled back revealing these gorgeous things......SWOON!

My best friend Tatty has christened these my Wicked Queen Shoes as she thinks Charlize Theron's character in Snow White and the Huntsman would definitely wear them.

I love all the details and the crystals make them very shiny (the magpie in me approves!) .....

........even the underside has some sparkly details. I had no idea how much they were (if you have to ask you clearly can't afford it seems to be the motto in Monaco!) but I'd won at the casino the evening before so I snapped them up.

I've worn them twice so far and received so many compliments and best of all they are comfortable!!!!

Saturday, 16 June 2012

Nosey Bugger

I always read these types of post with interest (I'm a nosey bugger really) but have never actually considered doing one myself because bags have never really been my thing and whilst I do really like the bags I use they aren't anything special. Now, as you know, I got a Mulberry Daria for my birthday so I couldn't resist the urge to show it off a little more.....

.......*sigh* isn't it gorgeous? So this is what I choose to lug around with me everyday I leave the house; an umbrella, this one is totally useless it turns out but I keep forgetting this until it starts raining again and I open it promptly turns itself inside out and offers as much protection as a brown paper bag! I need a new umbrella! Next we have my make up bag which actually doesn't really have all that much make up in it (stupid allergy!) it does have hand cream, plasters, a glasses repair kit and lip balm though. My hairbrush and hair ties......vital......obvs! My Daria wallet which is just as gorgeous as the bag *sigh*. My teeny blue pencil case which I've had for years, I used to always carry a notebook too but now I have my Mum's old iPad so I use that for making notes. I also use the iPad as an eReader which is much better than carrying around the huge hardback books I always seem to end up reading. I always carry around a bottle of perfume, this one is Tom Ford's Black Orchid and that's a bottle of hand sanitizer (essential when you do what I do for a living.....goodness only know's where those casino chips have been!). My Oyster card which has my years season ticket on it so I'm always terrified of loosing it, Smints mmmmmm Sminty goodness and last but not least is my Guerlain Météorites Voyage compact.

I think this deserves a special mention because it's just so beautiful. The compact itself is gorgeous.....

......and the powered it contains is just as beautiful and smells of violets! You can also see my iPhone which is always in my bag but as my Fuji instant camera finally died a permanent death the iPhone is the only way I have of taking photos at the moment (outfit posts will be interesting!).

So there you go. As I mentioned yesterday I've been up to quite a lot in the last six weeks including trips to Monaco and Dubai, work drama and love life ups and downs. I promise to tell you more next time! 

Friday, 15 June 2012

Accidental Ombre

Hello Lovely Peeps, it's been a while! How the devil are you? What have you been up to? I've been having a rather crazy couple of months......some of which I'll tell you about today and some of which I'll tell you about over the next few weeks.

Last time I was here I was just about to have my hair extensions put back in by the wonderful Amber......well they're in and they're fabulous......

......I did attempt to dye it a bright red using Live Colour XXL: Red Passion..... you can see it's not really turned out the way I had intended but I'm quite liking the accidental ombre I seem to have achieved! The curls took ages to do with my brand new green peacock GHD's (my wish list worked!) but I decided it was worth it for my birthday night out.

We went to Groovy Wonderland in Loop Bar which I loved (I had my birthday there last year) .....I'm mean whats NOT to love? 70's and 80's music, light up dance floors, my fabulous friends and the most beautiful cake ever.....'s just as beautiful on the inside too...... made by the talented Louisa, plus four bottles of my favourite champers (Laurent Perrier Rose just FYI) turning up from a secret admirer! All in all I had an amazing evening and was thoroughly spoilt.

Now you may or may not remember that I've decided to enter into a one hundred day shopping ban which I was dreading but it's turning out not to be too bad.......this may have something to do with the aforementioned spoiling. You see I got given some brilliant presents for my birthday including a Selfridges gift card which let me go a little shopping crazy without actually spending any of my own money and therefore, I think, not breaking the shopping ban! Heres what I got....

......a rather gorgeous Michael Kors watch. I've wanted a chunky watch for a while now, the last watch I owned was a slim Gucci bracelet style I've had since I was twenty which is currently on an extended loan with Small Girl Type Creature.

This is one of my favourite perfumes ever and it turns out they are planning to discontinue it....le gasp! I will just have to go back and stock up on all the bottles they have left!

These rather stunning shoes are by Kurt Geiger and I love them, I actually saw Amber wearing them and decided I needed a pair all of my very own. They are surprisingly comfortable to wear but they really don't mix well with rain and cobblestones........I have the scars to prove it!

You may recognise these gorgeous lovelies from my birthday wish list (see I told you it worked!) I haven't worn them out as yet but I have a few different outfits planned for them.

Whilst I was in the Topshop concession in Selfridges buying the above shoes these grey lovelies also caught my attention and I had to take them home!

Last but most definitely not least I got myself the Mulberry Daria bag that I've been lusting over for years!

Of course I needed to get the matching wallet too!

As I've said Im not including any of the above purchases in my shopping ban so I'm also not including the shoes against my New Years Resolution of only eight pairs bought this year (good job really I've only got three pairs left!). So yes I've definitely had an amazing birthday this year, I'm a very lucky girl.