Thursday, 28 February 2013

The Torture Man

Hey Peeps

How have you all been? I've been doing my best chipmunk impression, it's really good! Last Thursday I was actually in so much pain that I bowed to the inevitable and went to an emergency dentist to see what was wrong. If you've watched my 50 Random Facts About Me video you'll know that I hate the dentist with a passion so you can imagine how much pain I was in that I voluntarily went to see the man with the torture devices!

I found a 24 hour dentist online through the NHS website and booked an appointment. I turned up and immediately got a bad feeling but I looked like a hamster that has only stuffed one side of it's face with food so I filled in the form and waited. Besides the receptionist there was one other guy in the waiting room reading a paper, my appointment time had been and gone so I thought the dentist must be busy until my fellow waitee sighed put his paper down and asked me if I wanted to come through? He was the dentist!!!!!

The very first thing I said was that I was very nervous and hadn't been to see a torture man dentist for about ten years! I was asked to lie back on the chair and my palms immediately started sweating. The torture man dentist then started tapping my teeth vigorously with the end of one of his metal implements.....have you seen that video with the guy and the cat and the guy throws the cat at the ceiling and the cat sticks?? Yeah?? That was me! Oh Mmmmmm Geeeeeee! Whhhhhhy? He told me it was to ascertain which tooth was hurting the most....errrr after that they are both the same! Whhhhhhy?

I had a couple of X-Rays taken (he nearly took out a tooth with the bite down thingy he jammed in my mouth!) and I was then told I'd managed to crack my top right wisdom tooth in half and the bottom one needed to come out too, oh and while he was in there how about a deep nerve treatment on my back molar? Eeeeer no thanks very much luv! I grabbed my antibiotics and The Fella paid the £110 bill for the lovely torture I had just endured, nice! As I was running out of the door the torture man dentist shouted after me that modern dentistry had changed........shame he hasn't kept up with those changes hey!

I've booked an appointment for next week at my old dentist who was  actually lovely and very good with nervous me, once I've found out what I need doing my lovely Mum is going to get me booked in with her dentist in Saudi Arabia! It's considerably less expensive over there and it'll be hot so I can lie by Mum and Papa's private pool in the sun while I recover. I can also do some fabric shopping whilst I'm out there! Win win in my opinion.

The antibiotics did there job and I was de-hamstered in time for the Kittenish Behaviour photo shoot on Tuesday! Here is a little sneak peek....

......the boutique opens tomorrow and I'm so excited for you all to see! Be sure to head back here tomorrow as I'll be announcing a fabulous competition to celebrate the launch!

Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Slumber Party

Hey Peeps

So the fabulous people over at contacted me and asked me if I'd like to take part in their What's In Your Pocket challenge. How lovely! I'm sure you've seen some of the wonderful posts other bloggers have come up with but to give you the gist they set up a hidden camera in a busy dry cleaners and when the customers came in to collect their clothes they were told they'd left a £20 note in their pocket! You can see the reactions here.....
.....I just love how happy and smiley it makes everyone!

As I had the Small Girl Type Creature staying with me these last few days I decided that we would have an old fashioned style slumber party with masses of junk food, cheesey movies and wacky PJ's.

We pulled out the sofa bed and loaded it up with cushions, blankets and our £20.72 worth of M&S "junk" food. Instead of a movie we had a Charmed marathon which was so much fun. After about four episodes we kinda fell into a sugar comatose state and literally couldn't move. It really was a lovely way to spend the evening and I now have enough treats to see me through till summer (good job I didn't give up chocolate for Lent this year)! Thank you we had a fab time.

Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Tiffany Blue

Hey Peeps!

I have the Small Girl Type Creature staying with me for a few days which is lovely. We have planned loads of things for the few days she is here. Yesterday afternoon was spent organising and inventorying before we headed out for dinner and cocktails with the lovely LouLou and her fab boyf. I ordered an Elizabeth Taylor which is champagne and violet liqueur..... tastes amazing! If you find a bar that stocks violet liqueur I highly recommend you try one.

Today we had many many MANY errands to run but we interspersed them with a lovely lunch at Browns with Small Girl Type Creature's brother and then a rather fun trip to Tiffany's to spend the last of my Christmas pressie from The Fella! My make bag was looking a little worse for wear.... I thought I'd treat myself to a shiny new one and with my remaining vouchers Tiffany's was obviously (!) the logical place to go.....

.......I love this colour so much. Whilst I was emptying out my old make up bag I decided to do a bit of a clean out of my bag in general and pretty much everything I have in there is Tiffany blue at the pretty. Anyways onto the make up bag.....'s lovely soft leather and a very good size. I was reading the care card and I did have to laugh because it says and I quote "Avoid contact with ink, oily substances, cosmetics(!!!) and solvents" it's a make up bag for crying out loud Tiffany's, of course it 's going to have cosmetics in it!!! I have completely ignored the care card and stuffed everything in.

Todays FABruary challenge was style a skirt and in all the running around excitement I completely forgot! No photos at all, oooops. I'm still trying to get to grips with my new camera and find a place in the apartment I like as a background....hmmmmm must try harder!

Tonight Small Girl Type Creature and I are having an old school slumber party care of I'll share all the photos of that tomorrow as we've only just started but so far there is Charmed on the tele box and crazy PJ's being worn. I hope you are all having a fabulous Monday? I also hope you peeps enjoyed my very first YouTube video? If you've not seen it yet feel free to have a look!

Sunday, 17 February 2013

Scarf Fun

Hey Peeps!

So my decision to blog everyday this month was a little on the rash side given that I knew I was going to be mad busy setting up the business and also that I would be spending the last couple of weeks healing after having semi permanent make up done. Yeah I didn't really think that one through did I! Well today my eyes were finally healed enough for the wonderful Jo to put my eyelash extensions back on so I feel like myself again! This means I feel perfectly (well kinda) comfortable getting in front of the camera again so here is todays challenge....

.....Scarf Fun! I own a lot of scarves, I see all these fabulous women wearing them and think "I can do that!" so I buy a scarf, put it in my wardrobe and then generally forget about it......unless it's winter then I always throw on a scarf but I'm usually looking for warmth on those occasions so I tend to wind it around my neck, tuck it in and run. However most of the scarves I own are little wisps of silk or chiffon so when I do remember them I tend to wear them in my hair like this. Must remember them more often, I like this look!

Today my wonderful pattern cutter came over with the finalised bodices of all my dresses, they look so fab I can not wait for them to be made up in my fabric choices. The look book photo shoot is all coming together nicely too, it's definitely going to be down to the wire with getting everything on the website ready for the launch on the 1st March but I can do eeet!

I hope you are all having a fabulous weekend? I'm just about to head out for a glass of wine with The Fella!

Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Dazed and Confused

Hey Peeps!

I had a fabulous idea for todays outfit post "Layer Up" but I went and had my semi permanent make up (eyebrows, eyeliner and beauty spot) touched up at the Tracie Giles clinic yesterday and I'm rather swollen. Ouch. So instead of the outfit I thought I would share a little story with you about my Papa. Aaaaah!

Now I'm sure you all remember just how much I love my Papa (and of course my Mum too) and this little story illustrates just one of the many reasons why. When I moved into my new pad, Kitten Towers, Papa came round and after his initial reaction of "it's amazing Darling" his next statement was:

"You need a bathmat and a carbon monoxide detector, a proper one, with batteries"

yes Papa. I promptly went out and bought the required bathmat....

.....for the amazing sunken bath (this bath is AH-mazing) and then whilst I was with Papa I also bought the battery operated killer gas detector.....

So skip forward a couple of days and I was blissfully asleep in my very quiet apartment when suddenly this wailing starts and I leap out of bed screaming "Oh my God I'm dying" because clearly the killer gas alarm has gone off! I get to the wall which I have attached said alarm to and stare at it in bemusement  because it's not making any noise. I press the test button and it compliantly makes the awful high pitched screech that would indicate that I was indeed being poisoned by killer gas. Hmmmmm. I am a bit dazed and confused by this point. Now I may not have told you this before but I go to sleep listening to audio books, it helps me turn my brain off, so I was still attached to my iPhone and checking it I notice that its 6.30am......6.30AM! Urgh! The wailing that has woken me up is still going on during all this and it begins to dawn on me that instead of the killer gas alarm it's a car alarm outside my front window....DOH! Maybe I shouldn't be listening to audio books to turn my brain off, it seems to take too long to turn it back on again. I crawled back into bed and when I told Papa about these happenings, at a reasonable time of day, he had a good chuckle at/with me and then underlined the importance of the killer gas alarm......again.

So I am now 100% safely ensconced into Kitten Towers.......well if you ignore the lack of handrails by the stairs and in the bath hey Papa?

Hopefully an outfit post tomorrow, the challenge is "Lace" and I know exactly what I want to wear.

Monday, 11 February 2013

God Of All Illness and Flowers

Hey Peeps!

How are you all today? I'm feeling much much better after a weekend spent curled up in the foetal position around my beloved hot water bottle cursing the God of All Illness! I was able to "work" from my bed but there was no way on earth I was posing for photos for the blog so I missed out on "Sparkle For Daytime" which I was very much looking forward to (I love a bit of sparkle......just call me Magpie!) and "Colour Block" which I was less looking forward to. I'm not sure why I was anticipating colour block with something akin to dread, my wardrobe consists mainly of colour, but I was and I'm not overly sorry that I now have some more time to come up with something worthy (I will be doing all the days I miss and blogging them into March just FYI).

Todays challenge is "Flowers" which can be interpreted many ways. Personally I love a pretty floral print and I own many (MANY) dresses in so many different flowery prints that I'd make any florist jealous! In fact I'm stocking many floral printed lovelies in the boutique......

.......they are all Bernie Dexter numbers and oh so gorgeous. You could also interpret Flowers literally and wear one of Crown and Glory's fabulous head pieces such as this beauty The Lana which I just happen to have gracing my wardrobe (and head on occasion) ......

.....incidentally the wonderful Sophie and I are working together to create a exclusive range to compliment my first line, I'm so excited! That definitely has to be one of my favourite things about this venture; being able to work together with other designers to create beautiful items is something I'm enjoying so much it doesn't really feel like work. I'm a very lucky girl. I hope you are all having a fab Monday?

Friday, 8 February 2013

Red Lips & Statement Ring

Hey Peeps!

So I've been feeling a bit sorry for myself these past few days because my make-up allergy has decided to rear it's ugly head and my eye is all sore and swollen.....ouch! This is why the Red Lips challenge didn't really happen yesterday. I love red lipstick but I always worry about wearing it because it's very hard to maintain during the day and my hair always gets stuck in it! Saying that I did treat myself to this gorgeous Tom Ford for my birthday last year and I've been wearing it quite a lot.....'s definitely my favourite red so far.

I had the Lanzarote Ladies over for dinner and cards last night which was fab, they brought me some gorgeous flowers....

...and we had a lovely game of Crazy 8's which I won! Archie B joined us too....

.....but I don't think he was too impressed with the card playing.

Today's challenge is "Statement Ring" and I knew this one would be easy because I recently treated myself to this lovely.... bestie Tatty is convinced this is a dragon egg and will eventually hatch! I'm quite excited by this prospect as I've always wanted my very own Toothless but I want to keep the ring too. I actually have quite a few rings I could have worn today but my YSL Arty has been attached to my finger since I got it home.

This afternoon has been spent finalising the samples with my amazing pattern cutter. It was so exciting seeing my designs made flesh so to speak, even just in calico. The final samples will be finished next week ready to be photographed for the website which is also starting to really come together and look fab! I know I keep saying this but it's so exciting!

Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Belt It & Jacket Up

Hey Peeps!

So I was a very poorly girl yesterday (something I ate I think) so I mostly spent the day in bed feeling sorry for myself and answering emails. I guess that is one of the perks of being your own boss; if you're having an off day you can go to work in your PJ's! Knowing me this could become the norm rather than the exception with this in mind I'm trying to come up with a daily schedule to make sure I get everything work related done and to try and keep the work/life balance in order too.

Yesterdays FABruary challenge was "Belt It" which is one that I knew I wouldn't have a problem with......I have many many belts......many. However the idea of anything being strapped around my waist yesterday made me feel even more icky so I've combined "Belt It' with todays "Jacket Up"....

Dress: ASOS, Jacket: H&M, Belt: Accessorize, Tights: Dorothy Perkins

.......the dress is a navy blue version of the stripey dress I was wearing the other day and the jacket is dark brown, honest! I'm still getting used to this new camera and I ran out of daylight hours hence the colours in these photos. I love that my iPhone is my remote/viewfinder but I do get a bit distracted! I'm also experimenting with locations around the new apartment so you're kind of getting a mini apartment tour too.....this is my dressing room/office.

The reason I ran out of daylight hours today was due to another visit to the Royal Albert Hall to see Kooza again! A friend of mine had some free tickets and the show was so amazing that I wanted to see it again. We were sat up in the circle this time and it was really interesting seeing the show from a different view, I do prefer the ring side seats though. 

In other exciting news my fabric samples arrived today and they are gorgeous! I'm so happy. My pattern cutter is bringing the calico sample dresses over on Friday for final alterations and then the finished product will be made up in the gorgeous fabric samples that arrived today, eeeeep! 

I hope you are all having a fabulous week?

Monday, 4 February 2013

Denim With Style

Hey Peeps!

So I failed a bit yesterday with no post but I was soooo busy! I did take a picture of my outfit which had to be "Denim With Style".......

 Top:ASOS, Necklace:Handmade by my Niece, Belt: Warehouse, Skirt: Topshop, Tights: Pretty Polly

......I wore this little lot to one of my favourite places ever, The Harwood Arms! One of my lovely Bunny friends birthday falls on New Years Eve and as we couldn't see her on the day we organised a little night out to celebrate in style when we were all free. As always the food was amazing and the service was brilliant, I'd highly recommend it if you are ever in Fulham Broadway.

Todays challenge is "Wear A Dress" this I can do! I love dresses and have an entire wardrobe with nothing but dresses in it. I decided on this stripey lovely from ASOS.....

Dress: ASOS, Tights: Pretty Polly

.......I teamed it with my favourite tights from Pretty Polly, they have inbuilt socks which are fab. I've had my hair redone this vibrant red colour which I've fallen in love with, the only trouble is red is a notoriously difficult colour to keep this bright so I'm having my hair dyed once a month at the moment. It's really not that much of a hardship though as my hairdresser also happens to be my fabulous friend Amber.

Coincidently Amber Wood London is currently running a competition at the moment in time for Valentines day, all you have to do is nominate one of your gorgeous friends for a make over. Just post a photo on the AWL Facebook page along with and explanation on why your friend should win and then cross your fingers. Winner will be announced on the 8th February, good luck!

These are the first picture I've taken with my new Samsung NX20 and blimey does that thing have a lot of buttons! One of my favourite features is this little app you can download which turns your phone into a remote, that's why I'm clutching my iPhone in both pictures. I love the app as one of my pet hates was having to take timed shots anytime I wanted to do an outfit post. For a first attempt I'm quite happy with these pictures, I definitely need to read the manual though!

My day so far has largely consisted of answering emails and proofing various different items for the boutique. I'm really enjoying everything about this new venture and I can't wait to share it with everyone! So exciting!

Saturday, 2 February 2013

Think Pink

Ok so I'm not feeling up to full on outfit photos today, plus I was going to say I don't really own anything pink and, clothing wise (other than two jumpers), thats true but then I had a look in my shoe closet......
.......nine pairs of pink shoes! Thats a lot of pink shoes.........mmmmmmm shoes. Now I do own a LOT of shoes but I had no idea I had this many pink ones, I must start wearing them more.

Tonight The Fella and I are off out for dinner at Aqua Nueva and then we are heading to Rosè Club where I will be drinking pink champagne (Laurent Perrier Rosè is my favourite) so although I'm not actually wearing pink my day will definitely have a pink theme!

I hope you are all having a fabulous weekend?

Friday, 1 February 2013

Arm Candy

Hey Peeps!

So not only am I in the process of setting up my own business, creating my own designs and generally running around like the proverbial headless chicken I've also decided to take up the FABruary Style Challenge issued be Inside out Style which means blogging everyday in February! I have been a very lazy blogger for a while now and that's been down to various things going on in my life however this next month is going to be one of the most exciting months ever for me so I wanted to document it and what better way to do that than with a challenge! 

So without further ado I offer up todays challenge Arm Candy....

......this wonderful assortment comes from all over the place. I of course have my Christmas pressie from The Fella on, the gorgeous Tiffany's diamond bangle along with my Knotting Elle bracelet, a hematite bracelet from Next many many years ago and lots of shinys from Accessorize. I threw this little lot on with my faithful skinny jeans and a grey tee. This is way more jewellery than I usually wear (well it's more than I would usually wear in one spot anyway) but I really like how it brightened up my outfit. I have a jewellery box overflowing with sparkles so I really ought to dig them out and layer them up like this more often! 

I'm not taking whole outfit posts at the moment because I've just had semi permanent make-up done at Tracie Giles, who I highly recommend. I've nearly healed from my second trip (you go back for top ups after the first treatment to perfect whats been done) so I will be busting out my shiny new Samsung NX20 (fancy new camera) tomorrow and attempting some outfit shots! Wish me luck?

Today has been spent sorting out Trademarks (not fun but thankfully I have an expert helping me), reorganising the website and ordering many many many yards of fabric. I've set myself a launch date of the 1st of March so I need to get cracking......eeeeep!