Saturday, 2 February 2013

Think Pink

Ok so I'm not feeling up to full on outfit photos today, plus I was going to say I don't really own anything pink and, clothing wise (other than two jumpers), thats true but then I had a look in my shoe closet......
.......nine pairs of pink shoes! Thats a lot of pink shoes.........mmmmmmm shoes. Now I do own a LOT of shoes but I had no idea I had this many pink ones, I must start wearing them more.

Tonight The Fella and I are off out for dinner at Aqua Nueva and then we are heading to Rosè Club where I will be drinking pink champagne (Laurent Perrier Rosè is my favourite) so although I'm not actually wearing pink my day will definitely have a pink theme!

I hope you are all having a fabulous weekend?


  1. Little bit in love with that last pair! xx

    1. They are rather fab, I've yet to wear them though! xx


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