Wednesday, 27 March 2013


Hey Peeps!

I feel much better and I'm finally out of my PJ's! Today I've decided to wear this little lot.....
Dress: Addiction from Kittenish Behaviour
Cardigan: Oasis
Belt: Accessorize
Boots: Faith

.....for general running of errands, sewing and later on some drinking! I adore the print of this fabric and when I saw it I knew I had to make it into a dress, the only trouble is it gives me cravings.....I constantly want biscuits. Mmmmmm biscuits. I think my favourite biscuits are Jaffa cakes although I'm not sure if they would be classed as a biscuit or a cake? Your thoughts? I actually used that as a chat up line worked!

Right, again another quick post from me, I must get back to cutting out patterns and eating Marmite on toast dipped in ketchup.....what? That is a totally normal combination! Isn't it?

Tuesday, 26 March 2013


Hey Peeps!

A very quick update from me today. Some of my new fabric samples have arrived and I had to share....
Pin Up Beauties / We Are Siamese
Strawberry Fields / Voyage
.....I'm so excited to start creating with them! Keep your eyes peeled as they'll be appearing in the boutique very soon. I hope you are all having a fabulous Tuesday? Mine has been spent curled feeling less than well but the arrival of all these goodies plus the liberal application of lemon Fondant Fancies has perked me right up! I'll be back tomorrow with an outfit post and some more sneaky peeks at finished designs.

Sunday, 24 March 2013

This Week I Have Been Mostly.....#3

Hey Peeps!

It seems this week has mostly been yellow......
Coolest neighbours / Picture wall finally finished / Frank
Yellow Fondant Fancies / Torture devices from the dentist / Thames by night
Shiny Disco Balls / TGI Friday's / Humitas at the Gaucho 
.....any very tasty! All in all a good week. Next week is shaping up to be another interesting one, I have lot's of fabrics arriving which means lot's of time at the sewing machine which I am very much looking forward to and it also means lot's of new items in the store so keep your eyes peeled.

I also have the unenviable task of shopping for The Fella's birthday pressie which is usually something that I would very much enjoy but the man already has everything he's ever wanted or needed (except for a yacht but I didn't win the Euromillions so I'm not getting him a Sunseeker this year!) so what on earth do I get him? I'm actually!

I hope you are all having a fabulous Sunday and there is a delicious roasty beast (or nutloaf for all you vegetable peeps) in your imminent future! I've left Sunday dinner to The Fella this week so who knows what I'll be eating! Right I must dash there is something beeping in my apartment and I need to track it down......I don't think it's the carbon monoxide alarm......

Saturday, 23 March 2013

This Is What I Would Have Bought #2

Hey Peeps!

So I had a fabulous time with the lovely K last night. We first went to Windows for some nibbles and then headed to Whiskey Mist for a night of frivolity and dancing, much fun was had! I decided to throw my hair up, add some bright pink lipstick and actually venture out in my glasses (not a regular occurrence let me tell you) for a little Librarian Chic......
.....I love how the lippy clashes with my hair. I've seen rave reviews of the Rimmel Apocolips Lip Lacquers so I thought I'd give the hot pink shade a try and I loved it, it stayed put all night and didn't dry my lips out at all. Double thumbs up from me.

So this week was a very quiet week for window shopping which is very in keeping with my usual spending habits given how much I "spent" last week. Without further ado here is what I would have bought.....

Own The Runway Alpine Chunky Cardigan £24.99
Pree Brulée Heloise Necklace £24.00
Topshop Genius Tee £20.00

Grand Total : £68.99

I love this chunky cardigan and with the weather being as horrid as it is I have a feeling chunky knitwear will be needed for a while longer (boo hiss!), the Pree Brulée necklace is gorgeous (all their jewellery is stunning) and it would be a great addition to my statement necklace collection and the Topshop tee is genius (do you see what I did there.....) just the right amount of nerdiness. I think the only thing from this list that I'd be able to recreate would be the tee so it's going on my "To Do" list!

Last but not least for todays instalment I would like to announce the winner of the Kittenish Behaviour giveaway......drum roll please......

The lovely Rosa from Hello Scrapbook

.......I shall be making Rosa here very own Barbarella dress and I hope she loves it as much as I do! 

Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Goodbye Boots

Hey Peeps!

How is everyone? I'm not a very happy bunny at the moment after my trip to the dentist and that visit is going to be the least painful one of the lot! Do you remember the days when you used to get a sticker and a sugar free lollipop if you managed the visit without biting the dentist? Well I didn't bite anyone at all and after this trip I only came home with these....
......I want my lollipop!!

As you are no doubt aware I have banned myself from shopping for one whole year.....with a few exceptions, one of these exceptions is a pair of black flat boots as the ones I own I have literally worn to death.....

......if it rains I get wet feet but I love them so much. I went back over some of my old blog photos and I wore these boots so many times. Only problem is that when I started blogging I wasn't so great at photographing my outfits (not that I am now) so I only have a few full length outfit posts.....
......hmmmmm I'm quite liking the fringe but I definitely prefer the red hair.......but I digress my beloved boots have got to go. I thought I had found the perfect replacement pair on eBay (they were the black version of the ones I wore in this outfit post) but unfortunately they didn't fit so it's back to the drawing board. So if you happen across a pair of black slouchy suede boots please let me know?
P.S. Don't forget to enter my giveaway for the chance to win your very own limited edition Kittenish Behaviour dress!

Monday, 18 March 2013

Passion For Fashion

Hey Peeps

So are running their "Passion For Fashion" competition again, how fabulous are they? I've loved seeing everyone else's entries and it's inspired me to put my own looks together. This has been especially fun because of my shopping ban.....I'm thinking that if by some miracle I actually won I would legitimately be allowed to buy my winning look.....huzzah! So without further ado I bring you.....

ASOS Bikinin Top £14, ASOS Bikini Bottoms £7, Crown & Glory Whole Lotta Rosia Crown £20, ASOS Shorts £25,
I Love Shoes Wedges £47 and Ted Baker Shirt £79
I adore this outfit! One of my favourite Disney movies is The Little Mermaid and when I saw this cover up from Ted Baker I fell in love. I think it would look great combined with this deep blue bikini and I'm loving ASOS for swimwear at the moment. Bikinis have always been a bit of a problem for me because I need such different sizes top and bottom, being able to buy them separately is perfect. I've been lusting after this rose crown since Crown & Glory released it but I was never quite sure how I would style it until now and with these hot pants and wedges I'd be happy to go from the beach to the bar and feel very stylish.

Pretty Polly Secret Sock Tights £10, In Love With Fashion Dress £40, New Look Crop Cardigan £9.99, Knotting Elle Shappire Set £20, Kurt Geiger Trainers £75
I fell in love with these sparkly trainers when Small Girl Type Creature and I stumbled upon them whilst in the Covent Garden Kurt Geiger, I'm not usually a trainers fan but these are gorgeous. When I planned this outfit I started with them and worked my way up! I do already own these tights and I love them, the "sock" detail add's a little something more to an outfit than just plain black opaques would. The dress is beautiful, I think the tie detail at the front is really unusual and oh so flattering and the print is gorgeous. I've teamed it with this little crop cardigan for Spring but you could just as easily throw on a chunky knit and look just as stylish in the colder months. Finally I picked an arm party I've been eyeing for ages from Knotting Elle, sparkly goodness to satisfy the magpie in me!


Argento Pearl Bracelet £10, Argento Pearl Earrings £10, Eclectic Eccentric Athena Crown £18.50, Trashy Diva Honey at Kittenish Behaviour £100, Aldo Prue High Heels £44.98
This outfit was so much fun to put together; I knew I wanted to style the party ensemble around the Athena crown from Eclectic Eccentric because it's another piece I've been lusting over with no idea how I'd actually wear it! The Trashy Diva Honey dress is a classic shape which I love in this beautiful red satin fabric. It will look great with the pearl jewellery and of course some more sparkly shoes (magpie alert, magpie alert!).

There you go, my three looks. What would you put together with £200? 
P.S. Don't forget to enter my giveaway to win your very own limited edition Kittenish Behaviour dress, good luck!

Sunday, 17 March 2013

This Week I Have Been Mostly....... #2

Hey Peeps

Happy St Patricks day! I'm off to celebrate a friends 40th birthday this evening which I am very much looking forward to. Do you have any plans today?

I always like reading peoples weekly round ups and seeing what they've been up to, so here is my contribution....
Siri sang to me / Marilyn as Sugar Kane in my favourite film ever / Homemade Mac'n'Cheese
Shades of Grey outfit post / Mississippi Mud Pie cupcake / Sneaky peek at a new design
Turquoise kitty ring holder / Fondant Fancies / Barbarella outfit post's been a very good week indeed. Next week I have lots to look forward to including; fabric shopping with my wonderful pattern cutter, new Bernie Dexter dresses on the boutique, finalising designs and a trip to the dentist. Ok so that last one isn't so exciting but the prospect of being pain free and able to eat what I want and how I want is very exciting so I'm trying to be positive about it's only the hygienist this's the root canal after that........gulp!

I hope you've all had a wonderful week and a relaxed weekend?
P.S. Don't forget to enter my giveaway to win your very own limited edition Kittenish Behaviour dress, good luck! 

Saturday, 16 March 2013

This Is What I Would Have Bought #1

Hey Peeps

So as I'm sure you know by now I've decided to ban myself from shopping for one whole year in an effort to inspire me to design and make things for myself, to try and save some money, actually use more of the things I already own and generally prove to myself I can do it! Week one has been a success, I have bought nothing new at all even with all the window shopping I've been doing. Here is what I would have bought......
Monsoon Flossy Print Shirt £49
Dune Marthas Embellished Ballerina Pumps £75
Eclectic Eccentricity Athen Leaf Crown £18.50
Topshop Embroidered Collar Tee £38
Warehouse at ASOS Pansy Print Scarf £22
Crown & Glory Whole Lotta Rosie Headband in Mint £20
I Love Shoes at Sarenza Phoedeal Wedge £47
ASOS Skater Striped Dress £40

Grand Total : £309.50

WOW! That's actually an awful lot of money and this wouldn't have been a typical week for me. It seems that banning myself from shopping has coincided with the shops releasing every item of clothing I've ever dreamt of owning.......hmpf! This week instead of putting this money into my savings account I'm going to donate it to Comic Relief, it's always been my favourite charity organisation and it's an amazing cause.

The good news is my new Bernina sewing machine is ever so clever and will do amazing embroidery so the Topshop tee is a possibility and the Dune shoes are very similar to a pair I've previously made..... I can attempt to make them too. I already own some minty green heels (not wedges but hey ho). The dress is a similar shape to my Barbarella dress so a stripey version is doable with minor tweaking of the pattern. The two head pieces are utterly gorgeous and I totally would have bought them ..... whether I would have worn them is a different matter though so I shall lust after them from afar. The print scarf is something that it is completely possible for me to make so I shall be keeping my eyes peeled for pansy print fabric and finally I think it's the print of the Monsoon shirt I like the most, I'm in the process of finalising my shirt pattern for the boutique so again totally possible to make something similar! 

One week down, fifty one left to go......le sigh! 
P.S. Don't forget to enter my giveaway to win your very own limited edition Kittenish Behaviour dress, good luck! 

Wednesday, 13 March 2013


Hey Peeps! 

How is everyone today? I'm feeling very proud of myself because I have finally sorted out my crafting and sewing area......finally! It looks so lovely there now I can't wait to get started on a project. I think it will have to be some form of clothing because I'm already missing shopping and it's only been three days since I started the ban....oh gosh this is going to be a long year!

I decided to wear this today.....
Cardigan: Gap (v.old)
Dress: Kittenish Behaviour Barbarella 
Belt: Accessorize
Tights: Primark
Boots: All Saints (eBay)
Bracelets: Addiction, Barbarella and Gabrielle by Knotting Elle at Kittenish Behaviour and Tiffany's

.....I love this dress and I really like it styled this way which is a little out of my comfort zone with the flat chunky boots but I think it's something that's going to grow on me (I can't totter around on super high heels all the time....can I?). These All Saints boots are new to me from eBay and they are one of the few items I'm allowing myself to buy this year. So far I'm loving them, very comfy and they have a fleecy lining too so toasty feet....yay!

I hope you are all having a fabulous Wednesday? Do you have any exciting plans for your evening? I'm getting a much needed Photoshop lesson from a friend and all it's costing me is a Chinese take away, all good!
P.S. Don't forget to enter my giveaway to win either this or any other of my limited edition Kittenish Behaviour dresses, good luck!

Monday, 11 March 2013

Shades of Grey

Hey Peeps!

So today I decided to use one of the FABruary style challenge suggestions I missed as outfit inspiration and I'm wearing this little lot.....
Cardigan: Siren London
Top: Forever 21
Belt: Accessorize
Skirt: ASOS
Shoes: Accessorize
Headband: Accessorize
Earrings: Argento

.....which was day 28 "Shades of Grey". I saw this cardigan on Rachella over at The Only Fashion Princess and I had to have it! It's a gorgeous shade of charcoal grey with little silver flecks and the cutest fur trim on the collar. It's very slouchy but the sleeves are fitted which gives it a great shape. The tee and skirt are two of my favourite items in my wardrobe at the moment and as you can tell I'm a bit of an Accessorize addict, it's the magpie in me I just can't walk past that shop without something catching my eye. I think Accessorize is going to prove the hardest thing to give up during this shopping ban experiment, everything in there is so lovely, shiny and inexpensive. It's one of my favourite places to go as I know everything is going to fit and it's all so pretty! Do you have a particular shop that is a weakness for you?

I have to mention that the title of this post is in no way related to a certain book. If you've read it or are thinking about reading it I urge you to check out this blog written by Amberance instead. It is so funny I do actually laugh out loud whilst reading it.....regardless of where I am......the train, the bus or the front room. People look at me like I'm slightly weird but that's ok, I am!

I hope you are all having a fabulous Monday and if yours isn't super shiny at least it's nearly over!
P.S. Don't forget to enter my giveaway to win your very own limited edition Kittenish Behaviour dress, good luck!

Sunday, 10 March 2013

This Week I Have Been Mostly .....


Hey Peeps!

First of I'd like to wish my Mum a very happy Mothers Day, she's all the way over in Saudi Arabia so I didn't get to see her today (sob) but I will be jetting off over there very soon so I shall give her a belated hug when I do see her. Love you Mum xx

Right! How have you all been? I've had a rather interesting week indeed. Lot's of work, lot's of lovely visits from friends and a free facial!

The fabulous people at the Creme De Le Mer counter in John Lewis called me last week and asked if I fancied coming in for a free (FREE) 45 minute facial sometime? Errrrr yes please. I booked in for Thursday afternoon and it was amazing....

......the lovely therapist first asked me if I had any concerns with my skin and what my current routine was, she then gave me this funky headband which had inbuilt speakers and a choice of sounds! I picked waves and with the lighting and my eyes closed it was almost like being at the beach, almost. I got to sit back and relax whilst I was cleansed, scrubbed, toned, serumed, infused, massaged and moisturised. At one point the face cream was layered on very thickly, then massaged in and then wiped off! To me that is almost sacrilege but it felt amazing. Once she was finished she went over everything she had used and done which was very good to know (I put my serum on at the wrong stage apparently!) and gave me a whole load of samples! Creme De La Mer is very very expensive but I've found that I need so little of it everyday that I only have to buy it twice a year, if you divide that by twelve months it works out at £32 per month which I don't think is too bad and totally worth it. I aslo found out that they offer a £100 hour long facial which sounds amazing and you get the £100 off any products you buy, I'll definitely be doing that next time I need to buy a new pot of face cream!

Enough gushing about face cream and onto more important things like food! If you follow me on Instagram then you'l know that I've been treating myself a lot this week.....
........satay beef stir fry, green snack attack, Nando's winner winner chicken dinner, little and large Costa's, Mint Matchmakers and a whole lotta berries homemade smoothie. A very tasty week indeed.

The Fella and I went to see Oz the Great and Powerful last night which I thought was beautiful but the story was a little meh, I was still over the moon however and that was due to the minty chocolately goodness of Matchmakers, om nom nom.

I hope you all had a fabulous week? Enjoy your Sunday evenings Peeps.
P.S. Don't forget to enter my giveaway to win your very own Kittenish Behaviour dress, good luck!

Saturday, 9 March 2013


Hey Peeps!

My name is Sian and I'm a shopaholic! 

This actually isn't going to come as much of a surprise to anyone who knows me even a little bit, what will come as surprise is what I'm going to say next…….I'm quitting shopping for one whole year. Yup that's right one whole YEAR! I own a silly amount of clothes, shoes and accessories and I wear only a tiny amount of them which is ridiculous. When I say a silly amount I really do mean a silly amount… goes:

Shoes: 111
Dresses: 105
Jumpers: 40
Cardigans: 32
Tops & Shirts: 64
Tees: 75
Jeans: 11
Trousers: 11
Shorts: 5
Skirts: 39
Playsuits & Jumpsuits: 4
Coats: 16
Jackets: 8
Scarves: 45
Gloves: 14
Bags: 12
Hats: 16
Headbands: 7
Belts: 54
Necklaces: 58
Earrings: 71
Bracelets: 46
Rings: 15

……… thats a whopping 859items! See I told you, a LOT. I used to impulse buy all the time when I was younger which meant I ended up with loads of stuff that I liked the look of but it didn't really fit/suit me and so it would languish in the wardrobe never see the light of day. I've refined my style over the years so now I'm a lot better at buying stuff that I really like and most of it fits/suits me (there is always the odd impulse buy). Combine this with wardrobe edits over the years and I now love everything I own……I just don't wear most of it! I'm like a magpie crossed with a hoarder and let me tell you that it's not a good combination… is a very sparkly combination however! So why a shopping ban I hear you cry! In a nutshell I want to save some money, give myself a challenge and have a bit of a clear out. 

The Rules:
 Rule 1. No shopping for clothes, shoes, jewellery or accessories from the 10th March 2013 until the 9th March 2014 (gosh that looks scary!)
Rule 2. If I don't wear it between those dates I have to sell, donate or ditch it (There are a few sentimental exceptions to this rule)
Rule 3. I will continue to window shop and all the money that I would have spent on stuff over the year goes into a savings account (that way I will still be getting my shopping fix sort of but not by buying lots of make up etc)

There will be a few exceptions to the no shopping rule; black flat boots, black high heeled court shoes, black ballet pumps and high waisted blue jeans/jeggings. These are items that I've previously owned and literally worn to death so I want to replace them as I know I'll wear them but they will be the only things I can buy and only once in the next year. 

You don't need to worry about me going cold turkey on the new clothing front though! As I'm sure you are aware I've just started up my very own boutique and this means I'm in a position to create all those dream items I've always wanted so thats what I'll be doing. All in all I'm thinking this is a win win situation new clothes and an ever growing savings account……please remind me of this when I'm lusting after a new pair of shoes! Wish me luck?
P.S. Don't forget to enter my giveaway to win your very own limited edition Kittenish Behaviour dress!

Friday, 1 March 2013 and A Giveaway

Hey Peeps

So today is the official birth date of and what a birthday it's been so far, lots of adverts have gone live across some of my very favourite blogs, there has been a bona fide official order from someone other than a family member and so much love and so many positive comments that I'm all of a flutter! Thank you to everybody!

To celebrate the launch I thought I would give you all the chance to win your very own Kittenish Behaviour dress. All you have to do is tell me which one is your favourite and why. Is it.....





Madison enter you just need to fill out the rafflecopter do-dad below, couldn't be easier! You have until the  22nd March to get your entries in.....don't forget that you can tweet everyday for extra chances, please leave me a comment with an email addy I can reach you at too. Good luck!

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