Friday, 26 April 2013

Birthday Wishes

Hey Peeps!

How are you all? I'm not a well bunny at all I have stupid Bronchitis which means lying in bed not moving an inch which is very very dull! Thank goodness for Netflix is all I can say. I hope you are all having a much better week than me?

So on a more cheerful note it's my birthday next week (we will of course be shaking our funky thangs at the Loop Bar as is standard for my birthday) and I thought I would do my annual wish list because I've been told I'm difficult to buy for! So for any of my lovely friends and family that are feeling particularly generous cast your peepers over this little lot......

Gold Belt RMW £14 / Great British Tits Tee Topshop £20 / Nude Embellished Belt Miss Selfridge £28
Black Leather Skirt Miss Selfridge £65 / Irregular Choice Miaow Boots £105 
 I've been in love with this gold belt since the wonderful Rose put it up on her store, it's out of stock at the moment but I had to share it. I fell in love with the "Tits" tee as soon as I saw it completely my sense of humour! It's that gorgeous belt again......I thought I would add it to this list just in case anyone was feeling generous? The skirt: skater style, mini, leather! What is not to love? I could definitely make this myself though. Ahhhhhh I have been lusting over these Irregular Choice boots for years now they come in blue too which I am also very tempted by and if that wasn't enough for you to be getting along with there is also this lovely lot I am adding for your consideration........

Crown And Glory Mint Whole Lotta Rosie £ 20 / Peacock Sunglasses Accessorize £15
Cotton Top Miss Selfridge £35 / Prestat Rose and Violet Cremes £15 
Again, you've seen this Crown and Glory beauty a few times here on the blog what can I say I'm in love and ever hopeful! The sunglasses are actually a practical ask as I seem to have misplaced my two pairs and the sun has finally made an appearance. Shocking I know! I have this gorgeous top in white already and I love it......this is typical me buy something in every colourway available.....well.....why not? Last but not least the Prestat rose and violet cremes that are my absolute favourite.

Oh and if anyone is feeling really really generous I would love a pair of diamond stud earrings, one carat per ear please!

So there you go folks Sian Shopping 101 all sorted.......difficult to buy for? Moi? Never........

Sunday, 21 April 2013

This Is What I Would Have Bought #4

Hey Peeps!

I've had a fabulous week thank you for asking! How was yours? I've been out partying three times (yup THREE!) had girlie evenings in and cooked lots of yummy food. During all this excitement I've also managed to do a little window shopping and here are the results......

Playsuit Oasis at ASOS £45
Silver Saddle Bag Zatchels £36
Statement Necklace Galibrady £45
Mint Green Metallic Satchel Zatchels £65.50

Grand Total : £191.50

This playsuit is so gorgeous, I haven't designed a playsuit for my collection but I really should. The bags are utterly beautiful and the fabulous people at Zatchels are having a 50% off everything sale until 5pm tonight, so far this shopping ban has been easy but this sale has really tested my willpower! I've even cheekily asked for one of these beauties as my birthday present, fingers crossed hey! Last but not least this beautiful necklace..........I really am such a magpie, anything shiny and I'm mesmerised. I love Galibrady jewellery the pieces are always unusual and a bit quirky which is right up my alley. For more statement jewellery the wonderful Sarah over at A Million Dresses has a knack for tracking down beautiful necklaces at ridiculously low prices which again has been testing my willpower although I do love seeing what she has found.

So that's been my week, I'm rounding it off with a lovely roastie beastie this evening with a few friends which I am very much looking forward to. Do you have any plans?

Friday, 19 April 2013

Warm Fuzzies

Hey Peeps!

So the lovely Peeps at Parcelgenie very kindly gave me some credit to share the pressie love amongst my friends and family! How fabulous? So of course I immediately starting browsing the many many choices of gifts available and planning on what to send to who.
Champagne truffles / purple and red / Mega retro sweet box
Cup of hot chocolate and a cookie / cake balls / Love hearts and confetti 
The app is so simple to use; you pick a pressie you want to send, enter your friends phone number and pay. They then get a text asking for their address and hey presto the pressie arrives and happiness ensues. Each pressie comes with a preset message but you can change that to whatever you like. Fab huh?

In other news I ventured out with the lovely L of Knotting Elle fame to the OK! magazine 20th anniversary after party at Whisky Mist on Tuesday night and much fun was had. I wore the Madison dress from Kittenish Behaviour and took a whole bunch of business cards in case I got any interest.....good job I did too.......I got so many lovely comments and enquires it gave me the warm fuzzies! Ahhhhh.

I never really take outfit photos of my evening looks because it's always so dark and I really don't like how the pictures come out with a flash so here is a little Instagram selfie. I'm thinking I might actually just do a morning of dress-up and photograph everything I've been wearing out recently as I've been really liking my outfit choices (something other than jeans and tee Peeps! *le gasp*). Thats not really it?

Sunday, 14 April 2013

This Week I Have Been Mostly......#4

Hey Peeps!

So I pretty much gave you a rundown of my week yesterday but I thought I would share all the pictures I took this week.....
Deliverance burger and chips / Twirly Time / Kittenish Behaviour Agate Slice Necklaces
Tulips from Amber / Pink sparkles and M&M's / Roastie Beast by candlelight
Mermaid hair / Rainbow over the Tate / Champagne truffles from Parcelgenie
......lots of food again! Om nom nom.....

My night out in Essex was highly amusing and actually quite fun. We started off in the bars of Leigh on Sea and then headed to Rayleigh to Bar Blanco where we ended up hanging out in the VIP section (roped off table) with some of the TOWIE cast! They are tiny! We finished our night with cheesy chips before heading home, all in all a rather entertaining evening.

I actually have very few firm plans for this coming week but there are some exciting possibilities including movie going, club attending, beast roasting (again.....yay!) and dressmaking, 'citin!

Friday, 12 April 2013

This Is What I Would Have Bought #3

Hey Peeps!

I've actually had quite a busy week which has been nice. Monday and Tuesday were spent learning all the tricks of my amazing Bernina sewing machine (honestly it does so much!). Wednesday night I headed out with Bunny L and J Bear (aka The Energiser Bunny) on a club crawl featuring Mahiki, Libertine and The Box. Yesterday I had the wonderful Amber over to do my hair and enjoy a cheeky mid week roast with myself and Bunny L and today Amber, Archie B, K and I have been chilling, chatting and catching up with Downton Abbey, blissful! Tomorrow night I'm venturing in to the wilds of Essex (Leigh On Sea to be exact) for a night of fun with Bunny A and friends......Sunday will be spent recovering!

During all this excitement I have been window shopping and here is what I fell in love with this week...
Bree Dress Motel at Topshop £48.00
Sequin Panel Trucker Jacket Miss Selfridge £49
Nude Embellished Belt £28

Grand Total £125

....I absolutely love this dress, the spots, the shape, the's gorgeous, it's also something I can possibly attempt myself so again it's going in my "to make" folder. The denim jacket is beautiful, I don't actually own a denim jacket of any kind so perhaps a sequinned sparkly one isn't what I should be looking at but as you know I am a magpie. The belt.........*sigh*........the belt. I have something very similar in black but I only bought that because this nude one had sold out, it's so shiny....magpie alert, magpie alert! 

I hope you are all having a fabulous Friday and you have an exciting weekend ahead of you?

Sunday, 7 April 2013

Not Too Shabby

Hey Peeps!

Sorry I've been a little quiet for the last few days. The Fella and I have decided to go our separate ways which is very sad but probably the best thing for both of us, and that is all I'm going to say about that!

In other news; I've been busy making lots of things for friends and family which is so much fun, the Gabrielle dress is 100% finished and just waiting to be photographed for the website, a huge Spoonflower fabric order has arrived, I had a fab weekend with the girlies (partying with the one and only Chuck Bass at Whiskey Mist) and I have my Bernina lesson to look forward to tomorrow! Oh and some exciting new jewellery supplies have arrived and are just crying out to be played with! Then to top it all off the wonderful L sent me this little box of goodies from Parcelgenie just to put a smile on my face.....

......all in all this week has been not too shabby. I hope you have all had a fabulous week and you have exciting things planned for the coming one?