Friday, 19 April 2013

Warm Fuzzies

Hey Peeps!

So the lovely Peeps at Parcelgenie very kindly gave me some credit to share the pressie love amongst my friends and family! How fabulous? So of course I immediately starting browsing the many many choices of gifts available and planning on what to send to who.
Champagne truffles / purple and red / Mega retro sweet box
Cup of hot chocolate and a cookie / cake balls / Love hearts and confetti 
The app is so simple to use; you pick a pressie you want to send, enter your friends phone number and pay. They then get a text asking for their address and hey presto the pressie arrives and happiness ensues. Each pressie comes with a preset message but you can change that to whatever you like. Fab huh?

In other news I ventured out with the lovely L of Knotting Elle fame to the OK! magazine 20th anniversary after party at Whisky Mist on Tuesday night and much fun was had. I wore the Madison dress from Kittenish Behaviour and took a whole bunch of business cards in case I got any interest.....good job I did too.......I got so many lovely comments and enquires it gave me the warm fuzzies! Ahhhhh.

I never really take outfit photos of my evening looks because it's always so dark and I really don't like how the pictures come out with a flash so here is a little Instagram selfie. I'm thinking I might actually just do a morning of dress-up and photograph everything I've been wearing out recently as I've been really liking my outfit choices (something other than jeans and tee Peeps! *le gasp*). Thats not really it?

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