Monday, 30 September 2013

This Is What I Would Have Bought #5

Hey Peeps!

So I haven't done one of these posts for a while and that's mainly been because I haven't actually been doing that much window shopping! When I started my shopping ban I was drooling over lovely things on my favourite websites pretty much daily but in the last couple of months thats really worn off. I'm not sure if it's because of all the other stuff thats been going on (D. Ramas!) or I just haven't really wanted to look, either way I've not actually missed the shopping.....maybe I'm cured! Nah who am I trying to kid, shopaholics unite wooooooo......!

Anyway, moving swiftly on (clearly the shopping ban has sent me round that final bend and in to crazy town) here is what I've been eyeing up this week....

Oasis Winter Rose Print Dress £65
Miss Selfridge Inspired Metal Bag £40
Topshop Pink Denim Skater Skirt £20
Grand Total: £125

....there were a few other items that had made it onto my Pinterest board but after looking at them again  I decided that these three are what I would actually have wanted to spend money on so I narrowed down the list! Go me! Usually I'd have bought the lot and they'd have ended up forgotten in my wardrobe. 

Today I wore my blue denim skater skirt, grey tee and little blue cardigan all of which I love. When I came to photograph them however I couldn't get one picture I liked....out of seventy two! Not one. Hmmm. I did take a few pictures of some details though so here you are....
...Chi being cute, my lovely watch (which I've only just noticed has the wrong date!) and Irregular Choice flats. I think it's very unfair that Chiana takes an amazing picture every time I point a camera at her and yet I really struggle to get just one that I like of myself. Shall try better tomorrow!

Sunday, 29 September 2013

This Week I Have Been Mostly.....#6

Hey Peeps!

Yesterday.....hangover from hell, never EVER drinking again! Despite wishing I could stay in my bed curled up in the foetal position, uttering the occasional moan I had more important things to do. My cousin is over from China for a few weeks and had organised a get together in central London which I couldn't miss. Plus Mr McFly was going to be joining us so I had to show my face (he doesn't know my cousins). It was lovely to see my cousins and it didn't kill me which was a very real fear at one point!

So this past week has really been a mixed bag, but thinking about it there has been more good than bad (at least thats how I'm choosing to look at). I've been enjoying blogging more regularly again and even the exercising! The creative element I think has been my favourite though I have a new top, a nearly finished dress and Chiana got a new toy too. I have lots more ideas of things to make this coming week so watch this space!

Here is this weeks round up in picture form...
Chi in her Cat Cave / Swiss goodies / New game
Graze yumminess / Chi protecting me from the worlds largest house spider / Champers
Birthday Love from the Birthday Girl / Evil boys pushed me over / Chiana proving she loves me usual lots of food and kitten with only a little bit of ouch!

Today I went to the National Home Improvement show at Olympia to watch the Chef do his thing, eat the free food and make yummy noises where appropriate. This wasn't too hard...
...on the left is all the food he whipped up in about twenty minutes and on the right is a dessert platter we shared at The Harwood Arms. After the Chef had finished his demonstrations at the show we snuck out and went to The Harwood for ginger beers and all those yummy things, so spoilt.

I've decided to wear this little lot today....
Cape: Winter Wonderland 
Belt: Accessorize
Jumper: Forever 21
Jeans: Levis
Boots: All Saints

...I'm loving this cape at the moment. When it starts to get a bit colder I going to wear it with my extensive collection of elbow length gloves, I have about seven pairs! 

Friday, 27 September 2013

The Box

Hey Peeps!

A very quick post today as I'm heading out to shake my funky thang at The Box to celebrate Miss Amber's birthday, whoop. These will probably be the only photos of my outfit as picture taking isn't permitted once inside The Box, what happens in The Box stays in The Box! How many times can you say "The Box" in one sentence?

I decided to wear this little lot....
Cape: A stall at Winter Wonderland
Belt: Topshop
Dress: Celeb Boutique
Shoes: Kurt Geiger

...I love these Celeb Boutique dresses, they really do suck you in and give you curves. Kind of like wearing a Spanx but in pretty dress form, non? I have my stupidly high heels on now but have craftily hidden my comfy flats in my bag for the slightly tipsy return home. Well it's a birthday it would be rude not to get a little squiffy!

Thursday, 26 September 2013

Walrus Of Love

Hey Peeps!

So......yesterday. Not a good all. Nuff said.

Today I'm wearing this little lot...
Top: Miss Selfridge
Leggings: American Apparel
Boots: Kurt Geiger

...I have no idea how I ended up buying this top. I was browsing the Miss Selfridge website and somehow it ended up up in my basket. I'm so glad it did, it's definitely not my usual style (errrr Hello where's your waist?) but I love it, I think it's the lace panel and hint of can totally see my bra!  

So, I haven't told you a dating disaster for a while now.....probably because I was in a relationship for a bit (well, eleven months) and also I hadn't been on any really awful/funny dates in quite a while either. Recently my flatmate Legs introduced me to a new app called Tinder which basically shows you other users of the age range you set within an area you specify and if you both like each other you can start chatting. Now there were five of us sat in my front room having a right giggle liking or discarding potential matches whilst drinking the vino so as you can imagine none of us were taking it too seriously. The other ladies were looking for guys in a certain age range and at one point three of them had liked the same guy who then started a conversation with each of them!

I found a few people I quite liked the look of and one of them happened to be the Walrus of Love as he shall now be known. We chatted a bit for a couple of weeks (I was down on the Island with my folks) and we eventually agreed to meet up for some drinks once I was back on the mainland. So the day of our date arrived and I have to admit I wasn't overly see I'd been on my first date with Mr McFly the night before and it was amazing (although apparently I need to work on my flirting technique as Mr McFly had no clue that I like him!). I decided that I would still meet up with the Walrus of Love so off I headed. The minute I saw him I knew there was no spark but you can't just turn up, look at someone and say "nah, no thanks!" besides I enjoy meeting new people so I thought an enjoyable evening could be ahead.

The Walrus took me to a wine and cheese bar which was lovely, we found seats, grabbed a bottle and a cheese board and started with the standard get to know you questions that I'm sure happen on every first date. Apparently I'm edgy/alt because I have (had) bright red hair and at the time had my nails painted five different pastel hues, ok then. After about twenty minutes of chatting the Walrus kind of lunged at me for a hug....well thats what he said but I think he was aiming for a cheek got slobbered! Even if I had fancied the pants off him this was way too much way too soon, especially as the bar was so busy we were sharing a table with two other couples (nothing more cringey than having the get to know your date conversation when other people can hear you and then having to fend off a random lunge!). I kind of smiled at him and gave him a half hearted pat on the back until he let me go, any boys out there reading this (?) do NOT do this it is BAD!

After we had finished the wine and cheese the Walrus suggested a stroll to another bar along the Southbank, hmmmmm ok. We were wondering along and he grabbed my hand, again WAY to soon for anything like that we'd only known each other for and hour and a half! Instead of heading straight to the bar the Walrus pulled me over to the railings to look out over the Thames, very pretty and quite romantic I guess but I was just feeling on edge from all the inappropriate touching. Unfortunately that wasn't going to stop anytime soon as instead of letting me lean against the railing the Walrus tried to manoeuvre me so that I was leaning on him, errrrr NO! It got to the point where I had to tell him he was being way to forward and to please stop, his reply; "you have too many rules, if I feel something I just go for it!". Dude really? You are going to get yourself in to all sorts of trouble if you carry on like that.

We got to the pop up bar he'd been talking about which was very nice, grabbed some drinks and then went to find some seats outside. Even after me asking him to back off with the touching he tried the classic "Yawn and Hug" technique....again Dude, really? The wine I had was actually awful and I was beginning to feel the effects of staying up and chatting till 5am in the morning (told you it was a good first date with Mr McFly) so I did the "Yawn and Send Yourself Home Early" ploy. I had spent a two hours with the Walrus.

Ok, so you are getting the impression of this date from my side but honestly would any of you say it went well? I didn't think so and after I got home I thought that would be it....oh no. I got a Facebook message the next day asking what I was up to that week, I didn't reply immediately which prompted a "I take it you're washing your hair then" message an hour later from the Walrus! I replied politely that I was indeed busy and I hoped he was going to have a great weekend (he was off somewhere for a jolly). I myself was off up to Glasgow for Mini Ginge and Boaby's wedding which I was very much looking forward to and indeed it was amazing. Around 2.30am on the Sunday I got a couple of WhatsApp messages from the Walrus one of which was a voice recording! Alcohol has much to answer for I know. The next day he messaged again to apologise and claim he had no idea why he sounded so much like Barry White (hence the nickname) by this point I felt justified in ignoring him, all just a bit too weird for me!

Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Ugliness Personified

Hey Peeps!

So Day 4 has not quite gone according to plan but hey ho that life and these things happen. As yet I haven't bounced around like a crazy person but there is still time and I fully intend to get todays workout done.

Creatively I have been putting together a toy-come-interactive food dispenser for Chi made out of toilet rolls no less! You may think I'm crazy but when I decided I wanted to get a kitten I did some research as I knew my kitty was going to be a permanent indoor house cat and I wanted to make sure that she would have the best environment possible. Russian Blue's generally make great house cat's but they are an intelligent breed and do need mental stimulation. The majority of a cat's day would usually be spent hunting for food but when they are kept as pets this is obviously not the case. Their fabulous owners lovingly provide them with their favourite food and that's it, job done. After looking online I found lots of info for amusing your kitty and one suggestion was to tape lot's of toilet rolls together and then put food in and watch hilarity ensue! I made Chi a small one when I took her down to the Island (Chi is a traveling kitty and loves trains!) and she loved it so I've recreated my effort but on a grander scale....
....ugly isn't it? Despite it's ugliness Chi loves it's (she sat next to me purring madly whilst I was making it) and once the food was in she was in heaven. Given her love for chewing things I'm not sure how long it will last but at least I'll never run out of the raw materials to make her more!

I took pictures of todays outfit and hated every single one of them, so I took some more.....hated those too, boo. The only photo I liked was the one of my boots... there you are! Gorgeous boots from Office which are actually very comfy, Chi being helpful yet again in the taking of photographs and tomorrows sewing project, citin! Does that ever happen to you? You are wearing what you think is a really cute outfit yet no matter how many pictures you take you hate all of them? I loved the outfit (green jumper, blue jeans and the boots in case you were interested) so I wore it but there was no way I was putting any of the sixty odd pictures I took up on here!

Monday, 23 September 2013


Hey Peeps!

Day Three = why??? Why did I decided this was a good idea? Ouch. Ok, I'm done. No more whining. Ouch. Right, really done now.

My wonderful Mama took up quilting a couple of years ago and last Christmas she offered to make me my very own quilt, amazing! Then came the hard choice of fabrics, blimey there is a world of gorgeousness out there and I had to narrow it down to just I knew I wanted it to be blue based so I started my hunt on Etsy and finally managed to make a selection that both Mama and I were happy with.

Now as you may be aware my parental units live in Saudi Arabia (odd I know) so I don't get to see them very often. In August they came back to the UK and Mama brought with her my finished quilt....
 ...and two pillows! Isn't it utterly beautiful? As you can see Chiana thoroughly approves....
....and so do I, thank you Mama you're a star!

Tonight I'm off to see Mr McFly, we will be watching a film and eating ice cream. It is yet to be determined if we shall be doing this in a cinema or curled up on his sofa though. I have decided to wear this little lot....
Jumper : AX Paris
Leggings: American Apparel
Boots: Pied A Terre
Jacket: All Saints
Ring: YSL 

.....I think it will work whichever scenario ends up being the case (although I do plan to take my boots off if it's the sofa we end up on!). This fab jumper is courtesy of AX Paris, I was the lucky winner of the lovely Paige Joanna's giveaway, my first new thing in six months! I also decided to wear this leather jacket which has been rather forgotten since I got my amazing Harris lovely. Do you play favourites with your clothes to?

Chiana up until now has not been interested in my photography efforts but today she was awake and wanted to play! Well those boot laces are just asking to be chewed aren't they....
......after realising she couldn't keep the laces Chi decided to go hide in her box. This is where all her toys get hidden after she's finished playing with them.....I think she thinks I can't find them if they are out of sight!

Sunday, 22 September 2013

This Week I Have Been Mostly...#5

Hey Peeps!

Waaaaaaa! I ache....all over....where did these muscles come from? I'm pretty sure they weren't there last time I looked! Question......why can't you get yourself to the point you want to fitness wise and then stay there without maintenance? Oh! Another question.....when do those endorphins everyone talks about kick in? So Day Two has not gotten off to a flying's nearly 1pm as I write this and I'm still in my PJ's (Kittenish Behaviour Tee and first class bottoms in case you were interested), on the plus side I'm sitting on top of the made bed so that's progress....right? Ahhhhhh it's Sunday! You're allowed to have a lie in on a Sunday.

Anyway, I digress. Yesterdays make was interesting and it's almost finished! I only have to bind the neck and armholes and make a decision about hemming. The pattern itself is very simple and easy to follow I just picked the most annoying and slippery fabric to work with.....grrrr argh! Saying that my first attempt at french seams came out well and I didn't use a pin once....go me!

Now if you follow me on Instagram you will know I have pretty much turned into a crazy cat lady since I brought Chiana home so it shouldn't be too much of a surprise that my weekly round up is basically pictures of my kitten...
Boiling water for bath / Chiana finds new and exciting places to explore / woken up by purring monster
reorganising the shooooooes / curiosity / sushi for one
Mr McFly has a sense of humour / cold weather = blankets= contended kitty / Chiana being "helpful"
...with a few other things thrown in it seems. Yes our boiler decided to pack up this week so I spent an hour boiling water to try and get a warm bath; I failed, only a mildly less cold bath was acheived brrrrr. We finally got the boiler fixed a few days later and Chiana decided there was no place she would rather be than in the bathroom with me whilst I was having a blissfully warm bath...she only ended up with a wet tail and back paw thankfully. Fabulous new boy has been christened Mr McFly! Mr McFly went to the land of cuckoo clocks and chocolate to film some very expensive gems for Sotherbys (I asked him to bring me one home but the five security guards had other and he lied on his entry card, naughty Mr McFly!

Right enough of this lying about nonsense I need to bounce around like a crazy thing, Jillian I'm coming! .......ok it's now 2pm and I'm officially a hot sweaty mess....ew. I think Chiana has decided that I'm crazy......

purr.....purr.....mmmm this hard and unyielding surface is so much better to sleep on than my humans nice squishy lap....wait......WTF?!?.....why is my human bouncing around and swearing profusely? ......purr.....purr.....I think I'll bestir myself to investigate these crazy antics......hmmmmm......she appears to be jumping in that particular spot.....must be a good spot.....I shall sit right there and see......NO human I want to be on that spot! were is a good your on all fours trying to lie flat on the floor but you appear unable to keep yourself on the floor once you've gotten down there......poor human.....I shall climb into your tee to help weight you down so you can just lie on the floor.....wait!......I didn't think this through......I'm getting squished......I know I shall jump on your back....with claws extended ( are a moving surface....I'm not stupid) and weight you down that way.....purr....purr.....hey whats with all the swearing? kiss ME with that mouth!.......oh now appear to be trying to touch your toes....I assume it's because you want reassurance that they are still there? let me bite them for you......see they are still ADORE've ignored me for long enough......oooooo noise from that my other human up and awake......bye sweaty mess!.......I'm off to get head rubs.....purr....purr....

.....haha! I've just realised the ultimate bonus that will come from this working out nonsense; not that I'll be able to fit in to all my clothes again, not that I will feel healthier and not need a breather whilst walking up ten stairs and certainly not that it's good for me. NO! The ultimate bonus is that my lap will be come so toned and muscly that it will be a hard and unyielding surface that the cat will want to sit on, result!

So today I have decided to wear this little lot.....
 Cardigan: Topshop
Tee: Dorothy Perkins
Skirt: Topshop
Tights: Primark
Shoes: Office
Jewellery: Etsy

....for lounging around the house in, if I had ventured out today these are the boots/shoes (?) I would have worn. I'm never really sure about this colour on me but in general I love it. Do you have a love/hate relationship with colours? Any colour you absolutely love but it really just doesn't do you any favours? I think next time I wear this jumper I'll try it with navy instead of black....less bee like.

Saturday, 21 September 2013

Mystic Violet?

Hey Peeps!

So it's Day One of my life overhaul challenge and so far, so good.

Taking outfit photos was a little traumatic (for me). I've accidentally left my tripod down on the Island so I got creative with things readily to hand around my room and managed to snap some pictures. Then I looked at them and was less than pleased, not sure why really. Maybe it's the lack of hair (still feel naked without my extensions) or it could be the hair colour? I decided I fancied a change (I have been a red head for over two years now) and I happened to have some purple hair dye just lying about....
......looking at it in those pics it actually does look rather like the colour on the box but that was under very bright lights, for the most part it just looks dark which I'm not loving. Think I'll be back to bright red by the end of next week! Anyway I digress....outfit pics! Here you are... 
Dress: ASOS
Cardigan: Yumi
Tights: Primark
Flats: Dorothy Perkins
Watch: Michael Kors
Necklace: Pressies from Loved Ones

....I like this dress (I should, I have it in four different colours) it's comfy to wear and way more stylish than my PJ's (yes even my first class PJ's) for lounging about the house and I can happily report that sewing in it is a pleasure (nothing too tight or restrictive to ever be worn whilst me).

Also I've exercised and I'm still alive! I have a small confession to make.....I had actually started bouncing around my room again about a week ago when I dug out the Zumba DVD's I bought back in January. I thought I would have a look through and see what it was all about. My theory was that I enjoy dancing and Zumba was a dance based workout so......yeah. It was great whilst I watched the Learn The Moves DVD, the instructors broke down the moves very well and I was following along just fine when they were going super slow. Then they upped the tempo and all was good, I was coping. Then they upped the tempo again......hmmmm if I concentrated really hard I was ok but in very real danger over falling over my own feet! Then they went at full speed and I ended up in a tangled heap on the floor, how does anyone move their feet that fast? Answers on a postcard please! This was never going to do so I decided to pull out my trusty Jillian Michaels 30 Day Shred DVD as that I knew I could do. It's a little shocking how unfit I am at the moment but I've got to start somewhere. Here are my starting measurements;

Bust:    36"
Waist:  26"
Hips:   41"
Thigh: 23" ever the weight I've gained has gone on my thighs, hips and butt, for the first time ever though I've also put on weight around my waist! Eeeep this will not do at all, good job I'm exercising again really isn't it? I think the hardest part of this is going to be not checking my measurements again until the end of the thirty days, I shall try not to peek!

Finally the creative aspect of the challenge! I've been reading lots of sewing blogs over the last few days (Dolly Clackett, Tilly and the Buttons and Gerties Blog for Better Sewing to name but a few) and I found this gorgeous and FREE Colette pattern for the Sorbetto Tank Top mentioned a few times over on Did You Make That so I thought I would give it a go with some fabric my Mum gave me the last time she was over in Blighty...
...fingers crossed I have something to show you tomorrow! Wish me luck?

I Will Not Spend This Coming Winter Impersonating A Bear!

Hey Peeps!

So they say it takes thirty days to form a habit and apparently there is even scientificy mumbo jumbo to back that theory up...

"It’s the process of your mind forming a certain kind of sheathing around the neurones involved in a habitual thought or behaviour which acts in a way like electrical insulating tape: It makes the electrical impulses travel faster, thereby speeding up the functioning of the entire neural network involved" 

...say what? Honestly that made little to no sense to me but I like the overall idea so I thought I would give it a go. 

Now being my own boss and working from home is something that I'm loving but (and it's a big but) it has meant that my laziness (typical Taurean trait and yes I am conveniently falling back on astrology to justify a personality trait) has been running rampant! Working in my PJ's? Totally acceptable; I'm comfy, no one will see me and cuts down on the amount of washing needing to be done. Answering emails from the laptop whilst curled up on the made bed (well mostly always made bed)? Yeah no worries! It's comfy and the work is getting done (by the way I'm totally not writing this post curled up in said PJ's on said made bed....honest). Also since I started working from home I have put on weight, not lots but enough that I'm now not happy.

Like I've said the work is getting done but (theres that word again) it's beginning to bother me! You may remember back in March I decided to quit shopping for a year (which is still going very well .....another post on that later) I also decided that any clothes I didn't wear within that year would either be sold or donated as I clearly didn't need (?) them. All well and good and I've saved all my PJ's (I've even worn one pair out) but I'm six months into this challenge and I haven't even scratched the surface on my wardrobe. I'm very lucky and own many many lovely things some of which I wouldn't miss if I had to get rid of them but lots that I would! So with that in mind I have decided to set myself a thirty day challenge.

This won't be any ordinary thirty day challenge though, oh no! I have decided a whole life overhaul is in order. I've read that you should try and tackle these things one at a time so as to not overwhelm yourself but I'm a stubborn bugger and if I set my mind to something I can usually make it happen. Plus there is sort of a deadline looming as I suffer from SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder) and the days are definitely getting shorter. 

Come the winter months all I want to do is curl up under the duvet and sleep, it becomes very difficult to motivate myself to do anything, even something as simple as getting up and making a bowl of cereal seems like the hugest of challenges. When I had a regular job (well as regular as dressing up as a 7ft rabbit and playing games of chance all night can be) I had a schedule to stick to which made things a bit easier. I had to be in a certain place at a certain time, I had to make an effort with my appearance (or be sent down to the Bunny Hutch to apply more make up!) and I had to be social with co-workers and customers...well I guess I could've curled up under a blanket (which I did actually do on Graveyards shifts, 6.15am starts are NOT natural people!) but I think they would have looked at me funny. 

I used to joke that I was a bear in disguise and needed to hibernate but it got so bad a few years ago that I went to my GP and was told that no, in fact I wasn't a bear I was suffering from something with a name and there was something that I could do about it, yay! Since being diagnosed things got a lot better, light therapy really works (for me) as does making sure I actually see the real sun at least for a little while everyday (with previous jobs I've also made jokes that I'm a vampire as I worked nights, slept all day and never got to see the sun) but last winter I kinda let everything slip. I went back to living under my duvet and becoming a hermit (other factors were involved but they are another story). I am determined that that WILL NOT happen this year. 

So with this in mind enter the aforementioned life overhaul; for the next thirty days I will be blogging outfit posts daily, partaking in the 30 Day Shred and doing something creative everyday. "Yeah yeah" I hear you cry you've said stuff like that before and not followed through. Well I'm serious this time look...
.....I'm post-it-note serious! All joking aside though I really am serious and I do mean it. The blogging part will be fun; I love clothes, I love dressing up and I love writing. I've done the 30 Day Shred before and actually ended up enjoying it and looking for more challenging workouts to do and for someone who usually hears the word exercise and experiences an involuntary shudder this was weird. As for the creative challenge....I have many many ideas floating around in my brain and the C word (can't talk about it officially until after Halloween 'cause that's wrong on so many levels!) is coming up so that will be fun too plus......making new clothes......'citin. Most importantly though I have made the decision that I will not spend this coming winter impersonating a bear! 

How am I going to go about this life overhaul? Well I'm indulging in something I love...To Do Lists! I'm making lists for everything and I mean everything (how many people need to put "get up", "brush teeth" and "shower" on their to do list? Honestly?) I have my whole day mapped out in list form which may sound extreme but I find structure comforting. Obviously there will be things that pop up that I haven't planned for but that's ok, life is funny like that and I can deal.....I think. My theory is that after thirty days everything will have become habit rather than something I have purposefully do to check off a list, wish me luck?

Wow so that turned in to quite a long and wordy post didn't it? If you've stuck with me to the end....thank you. Here is a cute picture of Chiana....
......awwwww so cute!

Wednesday, 4 September 2013

duh duh DUH!

Hey Peeps!

So for the last ten years I have had hair extensions, sometimes long, sometimes super long and sometimes "yes I can actually sit on my hair" long and I've loved them even with all the effort that looking after them took. Over the years not once did anyone come up to me and tell me that they loved my extensions, if I got a comment it was how lucky I was to have such long thick hair! To me that was the ultimate compliment and a testament to the skill of my wonderful hairdresser. Ten years is a long stretch though and I decided that it was time for a change so with that in mind I hot footed down to see the fabulous Amber Wood who has looked after my extensions and colour so wonderfully over the years for something a little different.......duh duh DUH....a HAIRCUT!
Now I am aware that this isn't what anyone would actually call short but for me it really is! I feel naked....but in a good way. There is enough hair left to still put up if I feel like and it looks fab straight too (if I do say so myself!). All in all I'm happy and I don't miss the long locks at all....honest!

Sunday, 1 September 2013

Perms Were Cool!

Hey Peeps!

It's September (yes I'm stating the obvious) how did that happen and where has this year gone? I have to admit that I am looking forward to the crisp weather which will mean layering and knitwear and my boots (oh how I've missed my boots!) but September? Really? I've had an amazing summer including watching two (well four really as I count Boaby and Mr VDL as friends too) wonderful friends tie the knot which involved trips to Holland and Glasgow, family fun times down on the Island, look book video shoots for KB and a fabulous new boy.....although that's very new so I'll keep schtum on that front for a little while longer.....well at least until I have thought up an amazing nickname for him!

Whilst the parental units were back in this country Papa and I cooked up an idea for a little photo shoot down on their local beach featuring some of the new dresses soon to be available at Kittenish Behaviour.... was so much fun messing around and Mama and LBB joined us so it was a proper little family outing.

Our whole time down on the Island was fabulous; we ate lots of amazing food, played lots of cards and probably drank a little too much of the old vino collapseo. Now don't get me wrong I love my extended family very very much (yes I do) but it was fun to be just the four of us again.....that was until LBB started dragging out the old family photos and putting them up on Facebook! Little Shit err *cough* Darling Boy. Over all they weren't too bad and he mainly focused his attention on our cousin.....that was until he found this wonderful specimen....

.....what can I say.....PERMS WERE COOL! Honest they were..... Do you have any hair do's you wish you'd thought better of?