Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Breaking The Rules

Hey Peeps!

How is everyone today? I've had a rather lovely afternoon at one of my favourite locations in central London The Only Running Footman which is a tiny little pub that does really amazing food. I was there for a first date so I decided to wear this little lot...
Dress: Trashy Diva at Kittenish Behaviour
Cardigan: Oasis
Belt: Dorothy Perkins
Shoes: Dorothy Perkins

....which I thought was dressy enough without being over the top. I love this dress and with the right accessories I think it can totally be worn at this time of year. I'm even thinking of adding a jumper under the dress when it gets a little colder just so I can keep wearing it (I stock it in pink too in case you were interested.....). 

I've always been a firm believer of getting straight back in the saddle (metaphorically speaking mostly but I do occasionally ride horses) and if I've been hurt I do tend to dive straight back into the dating world because it's a good distraction and as I've said before you never know whats going to happen! When I met up with the fabulous Miss S on Sunday she asked me if all the dating disasters I have experienced had put me off dating, well clearly not but when I really thought about it I realised I had imposed some rules on myself. No short guys, no younger men and no commitmentphobes (easier said than recognised that last one)! All well and good in theory but you never know what life is going to throw at you so you really shouldn't rule anything out......except for illegal stuff, that you can avoid like the plague. You know what? Ignoring my rules led to a lovely afternoon spent chatting and laughing with a fab fella who I will definitely be seeing again! Huzzah! 

Sunday, 20 October 2013

This WeeK I Have Been Mostly.... #8

Hey Peeps!

So this past week was rather lovely. I'm 100% better and no longer coughing, so much so I actually managed to bounce around this morning! I got a surprise visit from the Bestie on Friday which was fab, we gossiped, ate chocolate eclairs and then sorted out my wardrobe some more. I think I ended up removing about thirty things which makes me feel much better but it does also mean the dreaded eBay pile is getting bigger.....urgh! I need to keep reminding myself that the money I make from it will be used to buy yummy fabric for new dresses which will (hopefully) give me the incentive to sit and list.

This week has mostly been a Chiana week on Instagram it seems...
Small as possible / I'm comfy...honest
Praying Mantis paws / Clean washing
...she's nearly six months old and I still can't quite believe I have her. She is the funniest little thing, every time she runs or jumps she has to make noises...it's like she has her own theme tune (if you've seen the Emperors New Groove that will make sense). She is also a total scaredy cat anytime anyone new comes over she decides the only place she wants to be is sitting behind me...unless the new person is in my room, in that case she'll sit on the highest object she kind find and stare at them (especially if they are in her spot!). Anyway enough gushing about my kitten!

Today I am off to meet the fabulous S for hot chocolate and gossip which I am very much looking forward to. We are both huge geeks with a shared love of Firefly and cats so of course we get on! I decided to wear this little lot today....
Cardigan: Oasis
Shirt: H&M
Necklace: Galibrady
Belt: Dorothy Perkins
Skirt: Topshop
Tights: Dorothy Perkins
Boots: Faith

.....which is an outfit I've had planned for a while now and I really like it. I bought the shirt last year and it's been stuck in my wardrobe with the tags on since, no idea why I've not worn it before. I bought it because of the cute lace detail and I loved the colour then I seem to have forgotten about it! The wardrobe clean out with Tatty has refreshed my memory on all the lovelies I own but it also highlighted some gaps that need filling (most of which were listed on my exception to the shopping ban post so thats a bonus!) need to start tracking those items down!

Saturday, 19 October 2013

The Oddness of Boys or He's Just Not That Into You

Hey Peeps!

I thought I would share some of my random brain thoughts with you today and something that has been floating around my prefrontal cortex quite a bit of late is the oddness of boys! Now I started dating my very first boyfriend at the ripe old age of fifteen which means I have been in the dating game for a whole nineteen (!) years and I'll let you into a little secret.......boys are weird (not saying girls aren't because we are....totally)! Now I am sure that most you know this already but I thought I would share a few of my experiences on the subject......here goes.......

Example One: A previous boyf was kind, generous and on the odd rare occasion actually quite funny but he had the complete inability to verbalise his feelings in any way shape or form. After eleven months together the most he ever said was "I care about you a lot" (promptly followed with "but you're not a priority") and it wasn't until after we had broken up that the "L" word was even uttered. Said boyf was a firm believer that actions speak louder than words and that was that. If I couldn't interpret the way he felt about me from how he acted then mores the pity in his opinion. All well and good I suppose if he was treating me like an important part of his life but I was definitely an afterthought and he'd told me himself I wasn't a priority. I am the kinda girl who likes affection both physical and verbal and the longer it went with him saying absolutely nothing and treating me the way he was the weirder it got for me and the more I withdrew from him! I do agree that "words are wind" and ever so easy to utter but to hear nothing affectionate at all over eleven months......odd!

Example Two: An ex boyf of mine who I remained friends with until recently seemed to only be romantically attracted to me when I was off the market and dating someone else. I say this because it's been the case three times now. Actively pursuing me until the minute I become actually available and then all interest disappears and weirdness ensues. Odd.

Example Three: Another ex boyf/fling of mine got in touch a few years ago and has, randomly, over the years been asking for a catch up which honestly I would have liked but for one reason or another I never actually agreed to until recently. The minute I said yes and set a date weirdness ensued and suddenly other plans materialised and any attempt on my part to reorganise the catch up was met with vague non answers. Odd (He's since been in contact about once a month via text...which I have been ignoring, honestly life is too short!).

Example Four: I met someone rather dishy earlier this year who I immediately hit it off with, lots of banter, lots of laughter and lots of kissing. We exchanged numbers and agreed to meet up for a second date which also went (I thought) rather swimmingly. Now when I first met him he had broken up with his ex a week before and he waited (four days) to ask me out on our second date to ensure that everything was 100% finished with her as she wasn't taking things too well which I thought was rather lovely of him. After our second date we made plans to meet up again and the banter continued until I got a message saying that he needed to rain check our plans as his ex was still very unhappy and he couldn't morally date someone else with that sill going on. Me being me I replied politely that I understood and would rather have 100% of his attention than a him distracted by someone else (which was true) but I was a little confused. If he'd been with his ex for years I would totally understand the amount of time he was allowing her but they had been together for four months. I came to the conclusion that he "just wasn't that into me" and moved on but.......odd!

Example Five: I was dating someone recently for about two months (fabulous boy Mr McFly) and everything was going great until the morning of a trip up to Manchester. I sent a text saying the hotel was booked and got a reply saying we need to chat before the trip and could he come back over (he'd come over for dinner the night before). Turns out that he'd been thinking about the boyfriend/girlfriend thing and his gut reaction was "argh relationship"! Apparently he though I was awesome, loved spending time with me and couldn't imagine not having me in his life but not as his girlfriend! Perhaps a cinema buddy that he fancied......his suggestion! Now to be clear I hadn't been pushing the bf/gf issue, it had occurred to me and I was happily heading in that direction but hadn't verbalised these thoughts as yet (I hadn't felt the need as everything was going swimmingly). Mr McFly did say that he wanted sometime to cool off and try and work out if it was an initial "argh relationship" knee jerk reaction or if it was us specifically that was the problem which I initially agreed to but I ended up calling it a day because who wants to hear twice that someone really doesn't want to be with you! I think Mr McFly is awesome too and hopefully we'll end up as friends....eventually! Still......ODD!

I was talking to my friend L about all this and she asked if I had read He's Just Not That Into You which in fact I had (I think it came free with Cosmo a few years back) and it got me to thinking. I grabbed myself another copy and had a look. You know what I'm sure there are exceptions to the rule but if a guy is not treating you well and not making you feel loved, not calling you when you are available, cancelling plans last minute, giving you excuses as to why he can't date you just now or is actually telling you he does not want to be your boyfriend then....
.....simple as!

Seems obvious no? I tell you what though I never fully appreciated it for the whole nineteen years of dating that I have enjoyed (because I have enjoyed most of it) until now. Yes relationships are hard work, they need effort and attention if they are going to work but it has to come from both of you! What do you guys think? I'd love to hear!

Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Wish List Wednesday

Hey Peeps!

So remember me saying that I was going to be jumping back into my 30 Day Challenge on Monday......yeah.....well that didn't happen. This stupid cold will not budge which is ridiculous! I'm fed of whining about it though (and I'm sure you are fed of hearing about it) so I'll shut up on that front for now.

Anyways.....I always love reading wish list posts so I thought I would share some of the things I've been drooling over this week....
Oasis Red Cable Polo Dress £50 / Aspire Closet Tartan Dress £49
.....I adore jumper dresses and this Oasis one is gorgeous (and it comes in navy too) and this tartan lovely from Aspire is fab, they both have the silhouette I love and I think would be easy to layer up as it gets colder so they'd take me through till Spring.....le sigh.....shopping ban.

I've also been on the hunt for fabric so I can make myself some new clothes and I think these are this weeks favourites....
Tartan / Clover / Mermaids / Strawberry
...I love the colours in this tartan cotton I'm not sure what I would make out of it as yet but like I mentioned tartan is something I've been drooling over so it had to be added to the wish list. The gold four leaf clover design is so pretty and green is my favourite colour I'm thinking a mini circle skirt or perhaps a whole dress? Now you all know of my love for Alexander Henry pin up girl prints (Barbarella anyone?) and this mermaid one is gorgeous, I would probably use the same style as the Barbarella dress as the simple lines allow for perfect placement of the pin ups (try saying that three times fast!). Lastly this strawberry and ladybird print cotton is so cute, the pattern runs along the grainline so I'm thinking the By Hand London Anna bodice with a gathered skirt featuring the blue stripe. That would be a very summery dress but with the right tights and cardigan I would totally wear it in the winter!

I've been reading a lot of posts recently about how people are packing away their summer clothes and bringing out the winter items. I have never even thought to do this before, I totally agree in principle (there really are some things that should only be worn in certain seasons......winter coats + summer sun = hot sweaty mess) but I think.....in fact I know that the minute I packed something away I would get a hankering to suddenly wear it. I am very lucky that I have lots of storage available which means I don't have to rotate my wardrobe like this......which is a good job really....I can just see myself digging through bags and bags of stuff just to find one specific top! What do you do with your wardrobe at this time of year?

Sunday, 13 October 2013

This Week I Have Been Mostly #7

Hey Peeps!

This week has been mostly spent curled up on soft surfaces doing research, eating and cursing stupid viruses that just won't leave! Honestly I'm at my wits end with this stupid cold. The research has been rather fun though and I have lots of new things I'm going to be trying this coming week. This past week however has been a bit of a mixed bag...
Chiana has taken up yoga / GTA 5 action - I stole a jetski / Wise words from Amber
Vintage patterns / More yoga / Logical
Very true / Chiana approved pressie / Chi's new favourite spot
...and I'm very glad to see the back of it! It hasn't been the most fun I've ever had but life is way too short to dwell on the negative and it's also way too short to do something that doesn't feel right.

Anyway moving swiftly on....I'm jumping right back into my 30 Day Challenge tomorrow, the cough has calmed down so hopefully exercising won't turn me into the previously mentioned wheezing heap....if it does then I'll just calm down on the cardio! Wish me luck?

Friday, 11 October 2013

Kittenish Behaviour Look Book

Hey Peeps!

I'm sure colds aren't meant to last this long, it's been well over ten days now......pesky pesky virus, enough already!

Right moving swiftly on.....back in August the fabulous Senhor B suggested making a look book video for Kittenish Behaviour and I of course jumped at the chance. It took way longer to plan than we initially thought but at the end of August we finally found ourselves in an amazingly beautiful location with some rather fancy equipment (steadycam and dolly anyone??) and little old Moi modelling my favourite designs. Here is what we came up with....

.....isn't it beautiful! The best part of this video is that it's completely shoppable! This means that if anything catches your eye whilst your watching just click on the little spinny icon and it immediately displays the product info, enough to make you want to buy... then just one more click will take you directly to the product page in my shop! How cool is that?

Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Still Ill!

Hey Peeps!

I'm still ill! My cold decided it was lonely and invited a lovely chesty cough to come and keep it company and that was pretty much my entire week! I have slept, I have eaten and I have finally finished Dexter (two episodes a night over three nights this week means Mr McFly and I are all Dextered out.....I liked it BTW just in case you were interested). Other than that though I haven't been able to do much at all. Exercising has been completely out (wheezing heap on the floor after twenty seconds.....I tried) and photographing myself whilst feeling like this (not mentioning how I look at the moment) has not been something high on my priority list. I have been doing lots of reading/research however (pattern altering don't you know) and putting some of it into practice.....it's been.....interesting!

In other news I have been having a love/hate relationship with my wardrobe recently. Tatty and myself have edited it so many times that it now only has items that I do genuinely love but....I'm not sure they all love me. I like to think that I have an hourglass figure (although at the moment it's definitely having pear shaped tendencies) and I feel happiest when I'm wearing something that accentuates that....hence my love affair with the 50's silhouette. Knowing this about myself in theory means that I should have bought things that suit me and fit in with what I know I like to wear but there are a lot of random items that seem to have snuck in. These are usually online shopping purchases that looked totally yummy on the models and gorgeous when they arrive. I liked the way they look so they get a place in my wardrobe but I never seem to pick them when I'm getting ready. I'm thinking another cull is order and this time I will have to be utterly ruthless.

Unfortunately a cull will mean my pile of "stuff to be eBayed" is going to get larger. I hate listing things on eBay....I can't really tell you why but I do. I currently have two large boxes of clothes and a least twelve pairs of shoes that are waiting to be listed. I should just bite the bullet, pull my finger out and crack on. I've made the decision to start every listing at 99p and if it doesn't sell first time round it's off to the charity shop....more ruthlessness! There is an incentive for me to get listing though....I've decided that any profits I make can be used to buy fabric and patterns for making scrummy new clothes that will be exactly what I want.

For example: I bought this Kate Moss Pansy dress on eBay about two years ago and I've worn it exactly twice in that time. I love the print and I love the style but it's just not quite right on me. Too short, too hippy and too boobtastic when I move but still......le sigh. So I've been hunting out some pansy print fabric I like and trying to find a wrap dress pattern that includes a nipped in waist, full skirt and no ruffle....I'm thinking this combination could be cute....
......I would make the skirt mid thigh length (longer than this Kate Moss lovely so I can actually move about without flashing my unmentionables) and possibly use white fabric for the collar and cuff details to brake up the busyness of the print....maybe. I think this is going to be a recurring project for me now because as I say I do love everything I own but some of it just isn't "right" remaking things will be an interesting and fun way of making sure I do actually wear everything I own rather than just drool over it!

Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Answers On A Postcard

Hey Peeps!

October did not start as desired, I woke up yesterday with a head full of cotton wool aka a stinky cold, boo! Mr McFly and I had agreed to spend last night catching up on our Dexter watching (only four episodes left!) whilst eating home cooked food and drinking wine. I thought I ought to pre-warn Mr McFly of the viral plague I was currently incubating though just incase he didn't fancy exposing himself but he's made of sterner stuff than I thought and headed over despite the possibility that I was Patient Zero in the next zombie apocalypse! Honestly it's not really that bad just a full head and a feeling of lethargy but I make the worst ill person ever and I'm always convinced I'm dying! I think Mr McFly was quite relieved to wake up this morning and realise I hadn't zombified during the night and bitten him though.

As you are probably aware I've set myself a thirty day challenge and being sick was definitely not part of the plan! Jillian advocates that if your illness is neck up you drag your butt to the gym and just get on with it but the thought of bouncing around feeling like this fills me with dread (more dread than I usually feel before starting a workout!) so I've not. I'm hoping I will be feeling more the thing tomorrow and then it's right back on schedule with Level 2 of the Shred.

There is absolutely no way I was photographing myself whilst I'm feeling like this. I did toy with the idea that Kate uses when she's a bit poorly; photograph yourself in your cutest PJ's just cover your face with your hands (I did attempt to look for an example of this on her blog but couldn't find one amongst all the loveliness)  but I've ended up sleeping all day and on closer inspection I don't own any cute PJ's! This definitely needs to be rectified me thinks, I'm loving this Sewaholic pattern and it fit's in with the creative part of my challenge. Mwahahahaha new PJ's in my future!

So today I thought I would show you a few things that I have been lusting over, these are things that I absolutely love but probably wouldn't have bought even If I wasn't half way through my shopping ban. To start how about these gorgeous dresses from Celeb Boutique....
Rose Gold £125 / Hourglass £120 / Beige & White £120
...the rose gold one on the left is my very favourite of the lot and nearly ended up on my "What I Would Have Bought" list this week.....looking at it now I'm not sure why it didn't! I've also been drooling over these...
Office Red Shoes £20 / Irregular Choice Boots £90 / Kandee Glittery Lips £51 / Office Black Shoes £20

...not buying shoes has probably been the hardest part of this challenge especially when these lovelies have all (apart from those boots) been reduced in the sales. Argh! I NEED them all.......honest. What would be the hardest thing for you to give up, shoes or clothes? Answers on a postcard please!