Tuesday, 31 December 2013

Everything Is 20/20 With Hindsight

Hey Peeps!

First off it's New Years Eve how did that happen? 2013 has been interesting to say the least, there have been ups, downs and on the odd occasional weird sideways jerky movement that knocked me for six a bit. All in all though it has been rather fun with some amazing highlights..... I've opened my own business and actually received orders (it's such a thrill that someone wants to buy something I've designed!), brought home my darling kitten Chiana and watched some amazing friends celebrate their weddings to mention just a few. The lows were just that, low but I won't dwell on them. They all happened for a reason and in the end were probably for the best.....'nuff said. The sideways jerky movements.....well I've always liked roller coasters!

I really haven't updated this blog as often as I should have but that is typical me (something I'm trying to work on) but here are my highlights of 2013....
......wearing my own designs out in public, having a hair do that didn't involve hair extensions for the first time in nine years, messy nights out with the fabulous Miss C along with the fabulous Miss J Bear and Miss A, the rather amazing quilt handmade just for me by Mama, Kittenish Behaviour  photo shoot with Papa, the first Kittenish Behaviour photo shoot with Amber and Miss L, the Addiction dress in all it's glory and finally the beautiful Miss Chi(ef).

2014 is going to be an amazing year with some huge changes (still ever so slightly scared but I'm taking that as a good sign) and I can't wait! Oh and I promise I have been wearing a dress everyday this month except for Boxing Day when, as a household, we didn't get out of our PJ's, fabulous!

Friday, 6 December 2013

The Dark World

Hey Peeps!

Mum, Papa and I have just got home after watching Thor and it was bloody brilliant! Although I'm a bit confused by it all I do know that I enjoyed it. Tomorrow we are all (yes the kitten included) off down to Worthy Down for the Christmas Ball and then it's on to the Island which I am very much looking forward to. Lot's of roasts, Aga toast and card playing are in my future, citin!

Today I wore this little lot.....
Dress: Trashy Diva (shortened by moi)
Jumper: Topshop
Shoes: Office

.......I'm really liking wearing skinny jumpers under my Summer dresses although as it's getting colder I'm starting to get really chilly even at home, might be time to invest in some thermals!!

Thursday, 5 December 2013

Where Are All The Green Shoes?

Hey Peeps!

Another busy day of errand running and crafting for Papa and I, which was lovely if a little windy. Christmas cards are finished, Big Birds pressie is well on it's way to being completed, oldest nephews is wrapped and ready to go.....only about twenty more to go.

Todays outfit was this little lot....
Dress: Trashy Diva (shortened by Moi)
Caridgan: Oasis
Shoes: Dorothy Perkins

.....I did feel a little like a Christmas tree in this outfit but that is definitely season appropriate! When it came to choosing the shoes I noticed a lack of green high heels in my collection.....I only have one pair of peep toes and one pair of glittery boots! I know, it's shocking isn't it? How have I let this come to pass? Oh I just noticed the pair of green leaf sandals from Office....and theres another pair over there that have green stripes......hmmmmm. I'll rephrase; I don't have any winter appropriate green shoes....scandalous! Once the shopping ban is over this will definitely have to be rectified.

Wednesday, 4 December 2013


Hey Peeps!

Another quick post today. Papa and I have had a very busy making and assembling many (MANY) Christmas cards which was a lot of fun once we got into the rhythm. We also put together the final piece of furniture for my room which means bar one pair of curtains and hanging pictures, my room is finally finished....it only tools six months, that's normal right? Room tour soon (my favourite kind of YouTube clip!).

Mum had to get up stupidly early (6.15am is not natural) for a meeting in Birmingham this morning and then only had an hour with us this evening before heading out for a business dinner at the Ritz! It's off to work for her again tomorrow and another lunch on Friday but those three days of work have meant the parental units got to come home for three(isn) weeks this December so yay!

Todays outfit was this....
Dress: Love
Jumper: River Island
Belt: Topshop
Boots: Faith

.....for about five minutes before I cracked and put on as many layers as I could whilst still being able to walk! It's so cold in my house......brrrrrr. I shall definitely be investing in some type of heater otherwise I'll turn into an icicle!!

Tuesday, 3 December 2013

Pink Fizz

Hey Peeps!

A very quick post today. My folks have arrived in the UK for their Christmas break and we started off their holiday with a trip to the Harrods seafood counter which was amazing as always. We had a rather lovely bottle of the pink fizzy stuff to accompany our meal which went down a treat. Lots of shopping was indulged in and we have come home with pillows, chocolate and biltong!

Todays dress was this little number....
Dress: Trashy Diva at Kittenish Behaviour
Jumper: Miss Selfridge
Belt: Accessorize
Boots: Office

.....which is available in very limited numbers at Kittenish Behaviour. I love the Trashy Diva dresses for summer and a big plus is that they work so well in the winter with little jumpers underneath too, bonus!

Monday, 2 December 2013

Lucky Dress

Hey Peeps!

It's Dressember, how exciting! My Christmas tree is up, my advent calendar is out and the shops are selling Christmas biscuits, bliss. I have all my Christmas presents under control too which is very unlike me. Everything that needs buying is bought and I now have the next twenty three days to make the rest of the pressies which is totally doable and going to be so much fun.

Yesterday I finally completed my first By Hand London Anna dress which I have christened The Lucky Dress (how lovely is the four leaf clover fabric?!)....
......which I absolutely love! I really wanted to make this dress after seeing all the gorgeous variations floating around on the interwebs (especially Dolly Clackett's many iterations...I have the biggest girl crush on her). The pattern is very easy to put together and the By Hand girls have a great step by step sewalong to help with any little issues that may arise.
I started out by tracing the size 4/8 and then doing the FBA (thats Full Bust Adjustment BTW) adding the extra 3" I need. I then lengthened the bodice by 1" which worked brilliantly for the muslin, rather stupidly though I decided to only muslin the bodice and just wing the skirt....ooops! The finished hip measurement for the size 4/8 comes in at just under 43" which just fitted my 42" hips and I got as far as sewing in the zip and finishing the back seam before I decided that it just didn't suit me, I wanted a fuller skirt. So out came the stitch ripper and I unpicked the skirt (and skirt lining), ordered myself another 1.5 metres of the fabric and used a Kittenish Behaviour skirt pattern to get the look I wanted.
I decided to add a waist band as I knew the bodice pleats and skirt seams wouldn't match up, this also helped my with prettying up the insides. When I make my next Anna/KB hybrid I'll only lengthen the bodice by half an inch I think because with the waistband it's just a little too long (but I'll be damned if I'm unpicking it all again!).
I had originally lined the whole dress but I didn't have enough lining for the second version of the skirt so I french seamed all the skirt seams instead. I finished the hem with some fairly stiff bias binding which I blind hemmed by hand (this is when I curse my love of floaty circle skirts.....profusely) and voilà my first Anna frankendress! 

I love it and will definitely be making some more in this style, I think I'll also try grading between the hip measurements and see if that helps me like the originally Anna skirt on me (I really want a maxi version of the Anna and I think the KB skirt in maxi form would be WAY too much!).  So, what do you think?