Saturday, 31 May 2014

This Week I Have Been Mostly.....#11

Hey Peeps!

Today we finally had all the tiling done in the master bedroom and bathroom and it looks awesome! It's getting so close to being done, there is a really long list of finishing jobs but the jobs themselves are, for the most part, small so I am hopeful that it will all be completely finished for the Parentals return in six weeks!

Other than that it's been a rather enjoyable week.....
Chiana resting "comfortably" / Sunbathing lizards / PJ's for Moi!
Maxi Anna / Radioactive Chi / Chi making herself comfy in the spot I just left
Kingfishers Catch Fire / SuperChi / Bookclub nosh
......I've been sewing, playing with Chi and hosting a book club party/meeting which was a lot of fun. Tomorrow I'm off to B&A's for roastie beast which I am very much looking forward to.

In other very exciting news Little Bother and Big Bird got the keys to their very own house this weekend which is so amazing! I'm heading up next week to help unpack/celebrate and I can't wait to see the place. Awwwwww Baby Bother is all grown up....kinda.....!

Friday, 30 May 2014

Friday I'm In Love

Hey Peeps!

Some more (MOAR!) fabric love this Friday and a few other fabulous things I've come across this week. Starting off with this lot....
Wana'oa / Anchor Gingham
Butterfly Clusters / Halloween Bewitched
.....the Wana'oa cotton fabric is totally gorgeous in both the black and cream colour ways (yes I want them both) they would both look awesome as Maxi Anna's! Barkcloth Hawaii is one of my favourite fabric shops they are totally lovely, so helpful and the fabrics themselves are gorgeous. I'm completely in love with this Gingham Anchor print and I'm thinking a KB dress using some yellow polka dot bias binding I have. I saw this butterfly print on blog post recently with a really interesting dress but I stupidly didn't bookmark it....gah! I have a thing for butterfly fabric so this definitely needs to work it's way into my stash. Finally it's another Alexander Henry Pin Up print this time Halloween beauties ....*le sigh* gorgeous?? I need this (honestly I NEED it!) to add to my Pin Up Girl clothing collection.

Moving away from the fabric fixation (I'm running out of storage space, must sew faster!) whilst browsing Instagram this week I came across this beautiful image.....
....... from the Isle of Wight account. Isn't it gorgeous and it just so happens to be where I live now! I can't wait for the sun to properly come out this Spring mainly so I can start wearing all the cotton dresses I've been sewing but also so I can start running (read that as wheezingly trot) again. Little Bother took me on a run right along the coastal path in this picture and I sort of started enjoying it....sort of. All the villagers think I hate him as I would curse him with whatever breath I had left the entire way but it is good for me...I think.

Finally did you see the post on organising your patterns over on Coletterie this week? How clever! I love that you can have every pattern you own on hand when fabric shopping. Most times I will go shopping with a specific pattern in mind but you never know when inspiration will strike and it'd be great to know that you have all the length requirements right at your fingertips.

Sunday, 25 May 2014

Totally Awesome Rhianasaur

Hey Peeps!

So my niece aka Small Girl Type Creature turned eighteen years old on the 2nd of May.....what!?!? Eighteen?? When I asked if she would like a dress for her birthday she said she would so I started planning. About three years ago my Mum gave her some beautiful dupioni silk for Christmas which she had brought home from Saudi.....
......and it's gorgeous, lovely to work with (I'm glad to be getting some more practise in as I will be making Big Birds wedding dress out of this material.....EEEEP!) and soooooo beautiful. Dupioni silk is often woven with differing colours of threads scattered through the warp and weft which gives the fabric an iridescent effect this one has black and red.

When I was deciding what to make I roped in Big Bird (SGTC's Mum) for some advice and we thought that the By Hand London Elisalex would be prefect. I already had SGTC measurements from her Deer and Doe Belladone Christmas dress (it's the most awesome Star Wars print....I must get some more pictures of that so I can share it with you) and luckily she fit's exactly into a By Hand size too so I traced it out and started cutting......
....the whole dress came together very quickly which was good because in usual Siân fashion I left it to the day before I needed it to start (really need to work on that). By the end of the evening all that was left to do was hem the sleeves and skirt to her desired length so I took it up to London but unfortunately I didn't get to fit it on SGTC as we were staying so far apart from each other, boo. I shall be seeing her very soon though (I hope).

I've christened this dress the "Rhianasuar" when I first finished it I wasn't 100% sure if I loved it or it was way too much......
.....but after to speaking to Papa and Big Bird I've decided it's totally awesome and I need one for myself! Luckily Mum has given me quite a few lengths of different coloured dupioni silk over the years and I've only used two so far (that is actually green on the left!).....
......both of these dresses are the Butterick Retro B6582 which I love, both with the full skirt and the pencil skirt (I have plans for another pencil skirt version with some gorgeous brocade Mum gave me). I now have these colours of the dupioni left..... well as a length of black which Mum bought me for my birthday this year. I'm thinking an Elisalex all of my very own with the orange but I'm not 100% sure about the blue and black, any suggestions? Now all I need is somewhere to wear all these fancy dresses!

Friday, 23 May 2014

Friday I'm In Love

Hey Peeps!

Since my self imposed shopping ban came to an end I haven't felt the need to buy anything new clothes wise, at all, but I have been lusting after many many shoes! Mmmmmmm shoes. Clearly I don't have enough of my own already.....
.....(*sigh* I miss my shoes) so I obviously need more (MOAR)! My poor shoes are still languishing in boxes and I'm beginning to forget what they look like. You know what they say "out of sight, out of mind" well it's kind of true although the new objects of my affection don't resemble anything I already own and one pair is even semi sensible....
Jive £65 / Cinderella £95
Rockerfella £100 / Journey £50 
.....and I clearly don't really have a thing for sensible! How awesome are those gold Miss L Fire (took me a while to get that) fruity numbers?? I'm also loving every colour way of the Cinderella heels but I think the clear is my very favourite. As ever Office have a lovely selection and surprisingly (for me) I was really drawn to these gold lovelies (I rarely wear gold) and my sensible pick is the nude court shoes which will go with everything. A girl can dream. 

Whilst I haven't been hankering after new RTW (ready to wear....that took me a while too) clothes I have been drooling over new fabric despite the size of my stash (I know what all those pieces are going to be though so I need new fabric for inspiration......honest). These are a few that caught my eye this week.....
Pansies / Toadstool Terrariums
Exploding Tardis / Zombie Apocalypse
......the Pansies will be gorgeous in a floaty summer maxi dress, while I'm thinking a Deer and Doe Belladone would look awesome in the Toadstool print (think if the fun you could have with bias binding), I'm planning on using one of my own patterns for the Exploding Tardis and the Zombie Apocalypse survival guide print is totally amazing (*Zombies can't climb trees) I'm thinking another By Hand London Anna / Kittenish Behaviour hybrid. I really do need to sew some of my stash before I add any new fabrics though so these will remain on my Pinterest board to be sighed over.....for now.

In other news the Bestie got her PJ's, they fit and she loves them, yay! I shall be starting on a pair for myself tomorrow using some yummy fabric I've had in my stash for a while now, 'citin!

Thursday, 22 May 2014

Don't Quote Me

Hey Peeps!

I made this dress for the Sew Dolly Clackett competition which was organised by the lovely Sarah of Rhinestones and Telephones to celebrate Roisin and Nic's wedding which is happening tomorrow (can not wait to see the dress!). This post may be late (very very late) but I did manage to get the dress finished and up on the flickr group on the day of the deadline (23rd April). There were many many awesome dresses created by some rather fabulous people (Hello lots of new blogs for me to read) and I think Roisin and her judging team picked some gorgeous winners.

This was my second dress and in all honesty if I had pulled my finger out I could have entered many more dresses indeed. I love Roisin taste in fabric and there are many (most) of her creations that I would happily steal errrr I mean borrow (I wonder if we are the same size....). I've had this Alexander Henry fabric in my stash for a good nine years now just waiting for the perfect project....'s called "Soap" and it is awesome! It's seems as though I bought ten metres (!) of this colour way (I also bought the black and white version too) which is excessive but I love it so much. I made Small Girl Type Creature a dress out of this fabric a few years ago but never made anything for myself until Sew Dolly Clackett came along. Here's a close up of some of the panels.....
......there doesn't seem to be a storyline but that doesn't make it any less awesome in my opinion. Although the blonde is wrong....redheads have more fun! The dress is a By Hand London Anna / Kittenish Behaviour hybrid (my far) and I love it. I was very careful with the pattern placement but I didn't try to match anything I just made sure nothing too crucial was cut off or covered up.....
.....I was a bit concerned about the waistband until I decided to chop out the zebra print panels and turn them into a waistband which I really like. The skirt is a five panel full circle.... the print is the right way up.....for the most part. I used french seams throughout and I hemmed it with some fairly stiff (I bought the wrong stuff online but I'm glad I found a use for it) bias binding to give it the skirt a little more sticky-outiness (that is totes a real word, as is totes). I only lined the bodice this time due to lack of available lining material.....I really do need to get myself a stash of basics but all the pretty fabrics call to me and I get distracted. As you can see Chi approves so it's a hit.

I've christened this the Don't Quote Me dress and I wore it for my birthday dinner and got quite a few compliments as well as a few people stopping me so they could read me! One guy even thought it was an X-Men dress.....I NEED to find some X-Men fabric and make this a real thing.

For some strange reason I decided to dye my hair back to dark brown on my birthday (really shouldn't keep hair dye in the cupboard it leads to impulsive decisions) and I've lived with it for eighteen days before deciding that it really is redheads that have more fun so it's back to red as soon as possible!

Wednesday, 21 May 2014

Sunny Side Up

Hey Peeps!

So back in January I asked my bestie what she would like for her birthday this year, she replied that she would love some blue and white striped flannel PJ bottoms because you just can't find them to buy anywhere. Turns out you can't find blue and white striped flannel fabric anywhere either (if you know of anywhere please point me in the right direction)! When Mum offered to get me some fabric for my birthday from a US store (Thousands of Bolts...Only One Nut) I started trawling through their MANY fabrics and came across this blue and white striped flannel for $4.95 a yard....huzzah!
This fabric is gorgeous and so soft, I want some for myself.

Once it had arrived I then had to decide what to do with it. I knew I wanted to make the Sewaholic Tofino PJ bottoms which meant picking fabric for a tie belt and piping. I got a bit stuck with this until Mum suggested having a look through the combined stash from herself, my Nana and me.....genius. I found some gorgeous yellow satin ribbon and the Sunny Side Up PJ's were (metaphorically) born. This ribbon was bought (Mum and I think) by Nana for her to make repairs to my blanky which I'd had since birth. Whilst Mum was telling me this I realised that the Parentals had no idea if I was going to be a girl or a boy hence the yellow blanket (they knew Little Bother was going to be a boy, he got a blue blanket).

As ever Chi was incredibly helpful throughout the process.....
......ensuring that every process was thoroughly checked and fluffed (I don't let her anywhere near projects that are being made for customers but Tatty has a Kitty Overlord of her own so I know she won't mind, I'm going to send her a copy of these pictures so she knows the PJ's are Chi approved!).

Mum got me three yards of this fabric and I wanted to try and squeeze a top out of it as well so Tatty would have a set. I knew the Colette Sorbetto would be perfect but way too long for the fabric I had left so I cropped it.....
......I also couldn't cut either pattern piece on the fold so I chopped off the front pleat and added a seam allowance to that piece and the new front pattern pieces. There is a seam along the back but because of the pleat you can't see the seam along the front. I finished it off with the same binding I used for the piping on the legs. All in all I love this set and wish I could keep it but I shall be sending it off to the bestie for her birthday....which was on the 2nd February......yeah I'm good with dates! I hope she likes them...

Tuesday, 20 May 2014

How The Hell Did That Happen?

Hey Peeps!

It was my birthday on the 1st May (thirty five! How the hell did that happen??) and it was Small Girl Type Creatures birthday on the 2nd May (eighteen! How the hell did THAT happen??). A while ago SGTC made me promise that her first official night out as an adult would be somewhere in London which I was very happy to agree to. On the 3rd May we all headed to Roadhouse for some dinner and dancing, although it didn't quite work out as planned I think a fun evening was still had by all (I know my head was a little sore the following day!).

The lovely Miss S invited me to come and stay for the long weekend with her and her two monsters Whistler and Blade...
....aren't they gorgeous! When I arrived I was greeted with birthday banners and the most awesome birthday cake ever (I ate the Hulk, he was yummy)......
....after blowing out the candles while the Parental Unit sang Happy Birthday (via FaceTime, they are still in Saudi) Miss S and I then headed off to watch Captain America The Winter Solider (amazing) and afterwards TGI Fridays for cocktails and some food, I had a lovely day. I was also thoroughly spoilt. I got so many lovely presents...
.....and there are few more to come! The Parentals have got me even more fabric from Saudi which I'll be getting in July when they come home for a visit (I already know exactly what I'm going to make with it too). Just so I had something on my actual birthday though Mum sent me some more fabrics from the US, the shop is called Thousands of Bolts (and Only One Nut).....'s a quilters heaven! The first fabric was from my Truro Fabric wish list which Big Bird very kindly had sent to me and the others are all lovely cottons which I am currently dreaming up plans for. I was also given these cool paper doll sticker books by Miss L...
......(which I had hours of fun with in my semi hungover state) and this cute little bracelet, SGTC and her Tiger got me the gorgeous cat ring (I was very grateful for the jewellery as mine is still all packed away) and Tatty got me a Sewbox voucher so I could get my hands on the Sewaholic patterns I'd been lusting over. All in all a very very good haul!

I spent a lovely six days up in London catching up with friends, being spoilt and wandering around Chalk Farm (for "reasons") which I really really liked (we found Fruli on tap, of course I liked it). It was lovely to come home to the island and Miss Chi though.....
....who clearly missed me because she spent the entire evening sitting on my lap! I think in an ideal world I would have a place on the island and a place in London that greedy?

Monday, 19 May 2014

Pattern Pyramid Giveaway

Hey Peeps!

So I was lucky enough to win the last round of the Pattern Pyramid that was started back in 2012 by Karen of Did You Make That. I entered Geo of Made In My Living Room's giveaway and the box of goodies arrived from London to the Isle of Wight this week. There were twenty nine patterns for me to choose from and as you can see Chi completely approves of this kind of delivery....
....once Chi had thoroughly inspected and fluffed the box I was finally allowed to have a look myself and there are some lovely patterns to choose from. I finally picked these two McCall's 5479 and McCall's 7583.....
.....I'm loving all things cropped at the moment (I had a bit of an epiphany whilst following along with the Colette Wardrobe Architecture series but thats for another post) so I had to have the jacket pattern and I love the neckline variations on the dress.

I've added these patterns to the mix...
....McCall'a 9715,  McCall's 8824. Butterick 4781 and Vogue 2412. I really like all these patterns but I know they wouldn't suit me so hopefully they will find a new loving home. So where will the pyramid be off to next? You must have an active blog so you can host a giveaway of your own just leave me a comment and I'll pick a name at random on the 1st June. Good Luck!

Sunday, 18 May 2014


Hey Peeps!

The bedroom is still not done. It's been three months now. I want my shoes back!! Grrr. Ok rant over, sort of. It's very very nearly done but it seems that Isle of Wight time is much like Spanish "mañana"* with tradesmen promising they will arrive on a certain date only for that date to come and go with no sign of them. So frustrating! Especially as they then don't answer their phones or seemingly listen to their messages. There is a short list of things that need to be completed and hopefully that won't take too much time so fingers crossed the end is sort of in sight......that's what I'm telling myself anyway.

In other news the fabulous Lauren of Belle Du Brighton organised an Easter gift swap (yes Easter, I'm so up to date) think Secret Santa but for Zombie Jesus** instead. When you signed up you could specify either the £10 or £15 swap and then you were given your giftee's name and some of their likes, from there you had free reign.

I was given the lovely Sarah of Knickers and Nail Polish who likes nail art(obvs), stationary and purple. I was a bit stumped at first but I decided to make her one of my hardback notebooks which I stupidly did't take any pictures of but it looked a little something like this....
.....this is my sewing notebook. Sarah's was very similar but think purple and bold prints instead of pink and pattern design.

My fab gift came from the delightful Gemma of Sunshine On A Cloudy Day and as you can see Chi was just as impressed as I was....
......there was a beautiful handmade card and the cutest little mirror with sewing designs. I also got.....
.....some chocolate goodies handpicked by Corey (Gemma's darling little fella), the Marmite tin which will be storing my unused bobbins and some cookie cutters (I've never made biscuits before this is something I need to rectify!). I gave Chi the wrapping paper and box as I was in a sharing mood, she was thrilled.

I had so much fun with this, it was great making something for Sarah and so much fun getting to open a surprise present. Thank you Lauren for organising it all and thank you Gemma for my lovely gifts.
Mañana which means "later". This later can mean a week later or two years later. It is very vague.
** Zombie Jesus weekend = Easter. Someone wanted to know