Monday, 19 January 2015

Toadstools and Terrariums

Hey Peeps!

I hope everyone has had a lovely week? Mine was rather excellent (except for the sort of mini/half cold I had, in the mornings it felt like Man-Flu and by the afternoon I was fine again....oddness) because I finished off all my late Christmas presents. I know, I know Christmas presents are meant to be given on or before the 25th December but I stupidly wisely decided that I was making all mine last year (that feels so weird to say/type!). I started in October and everything would have been finished with plenty of time to spare if one stupid but essential item had turned up when it was promised.....not the next bloody year! Grrrr argh! Ah well it arrived last week et voilà eight finished presents. I shall be sending them all out this week which will hopefully brighten up a few dull Januarys.

I also managed to photograph some of my unblogged makes from last year (the making part is so much fun why is the photographing part such a pain......well not's the weather that's the pain!) so without further ado I give you the Toadstool Dress.....'s the Deer and Doe Belladone dress and I love it. The print is from Spoonflower on Kona cotton (I toyed with the idea of cotton/silk but I wanted this to be a casual dress) and it's beautiful my only regret is not ordering four yards. The pattern pieces fitted easily on to the three yards I did have but I couldn't really attempt any pattern matching, unfortunately it kinda looks like I did try and just failed but hey-ho you live and learn! If it really bugs me I could always get myself some more (MOAR) fabric and try again but I think for now I'll live. The dress itself came together really well, this is the second time I've made it (the first was for Small Girl Type Creature and it was in an awesome Star Wars print) I had to make my usual adjustments to the bodice.....
 .......a FBA and adding length. I did a little tweaking with the help of Mama (I muslined this out in Saudi Arabia) to the back pieces as I was getting a little gape above the cutout, I think I could adjust those a little more next time though and there will be a next time. I love the bodice and the waistband and the pockets the only thing I'm not sure about is the skirt shape on me, I like it but I'm so used to huge circle skirts that this one feels a bit restrictive!
All in all I would have to say that despite the few little errors in this dress it is a favourite and has been worn a fair few times since I finished it. I really must like it as I'm thinking that I'll use at least the bodice/waistband pattern as my bridesmaid dress for Baby Bothers wedding later this year! That is of course after I've finished making the brides dress, the other bridesmaids dress, the grooms waistcoat and possibly something for Mama too (EEEK!) what have I gotten myself in to?

Tuesday, 13 January 2015

Christmas Presents & Hobbycraft Goodness!

Hey Peeps!

So my final pressie arrived last weekend and I thought I'd make a quick video of all my show off share and of course to say thank you to everyone that treated me this year. It's taken this long to upload to YouTube because of the terribly slow internet where I live......which is basically in the 1990' jokes, I have a hamster upstairs in a wheel powering the dial up modem!

I hope you enjoy me rambling on and if you make it all the way to the end.....congratulations....not quite sure how it ended up being that long.....although the aforementioned rambling might have had a little something to do with it! How lucky was I, so many lovely gifts. I hope you were all just as spoilt.

Friday, 9 January 2015

Friday I'm In Love

Hey Peeps!

TFIF hey? These first few weeks of January always feel a bit flat; all the excitement of the Festive Season is over, you're back to work/normal life and there isn't the excuse of "it's Christmas" that lets you feel ok about indulging in another wedge of Terry's Small Girl Type Creatures Chocolate Orange. Bah Hambug! On the upside the New Year does feel fresh and inviting, the whole "new year, new me" thing drives me a little nuts (who are you kidding....gym membership......I'm totally talking to Past Siân there BTW) but this is definitely the time of year for self reflection.

2014 was an interesting year for me, I moved from one of the busiest cities in the world and the place that I have lived for the longest period of my whole life to a teeny tiny little village on a teeny tiny little island miles away from the life I knew. This move was the right thing for so many reasons and it isn't a decision I regret in the slightest* but it has opened my eyes to what and who are really important in my life. 2015 is going to be another interesting year but for different reasons I think, I have a plan and I have contingency plans if that doesn't an Inception** plan if you will. I'm not going to list a set of resolutions here (I have written myself a list of short term goals though) because life is fickle and things change meaning resolutions can become obsolete and I wouldn't be able to check them off the list which would drive me a little bit crazy (I like ticking things off of lists, it soothes me) but I will say that I want to make changes and I think I know what those changes need to be.

Right enough of all that navel gazing (love that phrase) and on to the much more delightful occupation of window/virtual shopping! First up I have this beauty for you.....'s the Bernie Dexter Veronique dress in the super gorgeous and super rare Michael Miller Serenity Bridge fabric. So pretty and bright it's making me wish for Spring to arrive asap! This fabric is another beautiful offering from Michael Miller and is currently selling for about £35 a panel for the very few panels that are left! I currently have very limited stock of the dress available here and I also have the skirt here. I can (for the moment) order in more/different sizes if I don't have what you need, all it takes is a quick email to! 

Right enough self promotion......I have (of course) also been looking for fabric this last week and the above dress has definitely influenced my choices.....
Ferndale / Karners Love Lupin
Flowering Meadow / Fanciful Flight
.......le pretty. They are all from Spoonflower and I imagine them all in the gorgeous cotton silk which would make beautiful Spring dresses. Trouble is one of my goals for this year is to sew exclusively from my stash (which is huge) and the only fabric I'm allowing myself to buy are linings as and when they are needed. These are all way too pretty to be just a lining......right?

Lastly I'm going to leave you with these.....
Animal Kingdom / Art Nouveau
Still Life Bouquets / 1960s colouring books.....can't tell you how nervous I was when I entered that into Google! Whilst I was up in Sunny Nunny Big Bird and Small Girl Type Creature took me to a huge Hobbycraft store where I spent a lot of time running about squealing in glee (so many crafty goodies) and picking up things that I NEEDED (I don't need anything.....I have everything already). Whilst I was running about like a headless chicken Big Bird found a postcard pad in Art Nouveau designs that you could colour in yourself, SOLD! Big Bird also found the Animal Kingdom colouring book I've listed above, in to her basket that went. When we got home we did a little bit of research (the aforementioned scary Google search.....that's research right?) and found that adult colouring books are indeed a order may have been placed. We both sat on our respective sofas happily colouring away whilst everyone else watched TV.....evening well spent if you ask me. I've since bought myself a copy of the 1960s Artists' Colouring Book which is beautiful and unlike some of the others is printed on lovely thick card and is only one sided, this gives me the perfect excuse to break out my Copics.... 
......see, told you I didn't need anything from Hobbycraft.......evil, wonderful place that it is! I haven't started on any of the larger pictures as yet but there will be some very pretty postcards being sent out in the not too distant future....if I can bring myself to actually post them that is.

*Regret the things you did do not the things you wish you'd of my favourite sayings.
** Miss L, I blame you for putting that thought in to my head!

Friday, 2 January 2015

Happy New Year Peeps!

Hey Peeps!

Happy New Year! 2015 how the hell did that happen?? I hope you've all had a lovely festive season and been throughly spoilt, I know I have. Fabulous food (who knew Little Bother could cook like that!), my wonderful family and I've been given some lovely presents, plus I still have more to look forward to when I get home on Sunday night.....awesomesauce.

I've spent the last couple of months making everyones Christmas pressies which was actually a lot of fun, all the family got PJ's which lead to us having many PJ parties including New Years Eve. There were fancy silk ones, warm toasty fleecy ones and the pièce de résistance have to be these bad boys....
..........Big Bird and I decided this would be the perfect fabric for Baby Bothers Christmas pressie so I started tracking some down. This lot came all the way over from California and I'm so glad I found it. I couldn't be too careful with print placement due to limited yardage meaning I ended up with this interesting hand/crotch placement.....oooo errr missus! Baby Bother spent the entirety if Christmas day in these and looked rather dashing.

In all the selfless sewing craziness I managed to squeeze in a little Christmas dress for myself. I got myself three yards of this Michael Miller Poinsettia fabric which is the perfect amount for yet another Anna/Kittenish Behaviour hybrid (yes I know, another one but I needed something I could make super fast/not really need to think about)......
......I got it finished just in time for the book club Christmas dinner which was lovely. I wore the Crown and Glory Lana orchid in attempt to avoid Christmas cracker hat which worked a treat but I totally forgot about the Christmas cracker moustaches, silly silly me.

All in all this festive season has been amazing, I have an amazing family, fabulous friends and some really rather wonderful customers. Bring it on 2015 it's going to fun!
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