Wednesday, 11 February 2015

There's Been A Crime In The Village

Hey Peeps!

How is everyone? I've been having a lovely time. I got to see my Bestie for her birthday celebrations even though this involved driving on the M25 (actually not so bad) and some time spent in Ipswich (also, not so bad). I've very nearly finished my Minoru coat (just some top stitching and hemming left to do!) and I have some gorgeous dresses that are all cut out and just waiting assembly. Plus one of my other Besties has just booked herself train tickets to come and see me next month, 'citin!

Today I thought I would share another of my, until now, unblogged makes, here it is.....'s a By Hand London Floranna dress and I love it. I got the polka dot fabric from Fabric Land in Southampton and it wasn't quite wide enough for the skirt panels to be cut normally so I cut them on the cross grain which worked out great. Stupidly though I also cut the bodice pieces like this which was totally unnecessary given the tinyness of the dots......ooooops! This has resulted in the bodice being a little snug (which of course has nothing to do with the two stone I've put on since I moved here!) but it still does up so I'm calling this a win! I love the shape of these two patterns combined.....
.......and I can see many more of these hybrids in my future.......although I still want to try out the Flora wrap bodice dress......mmmmmm moar dresses.

In other news Chi and I have officially been living on the island for a year today and what a year it's been. It really was a shock to the system moving from central London down to a teeny village that didn't even have a pub but I've come to really love it here especially since I learnt to drive and can get around this beautiful place more easily.

Despite it's remoteness (and lack of pubness) there are some definite upsides to living in a tiny village and one of them is the crime rate! Last year some family friends asked if the could store their little "tractor" on our drive as they were having to move house (because of all the rain we had washing away the road they lived on) and had no where to store it. "Of course, no problems at all." The tractor was delivered to my driveway, all sorted.

Now a couple of days later I had my Over the Road neighbours over for dinner who, during the course of the evenings conversation, asked me where the little tractor had gone!? After I'd replied that it was on the drive and they assured me that it wasn't (we even braved the evening air to go and check) we got all excited and decided that there had BEEN A CRIME IN THE VILLAGE! Duh duh duuuuuuuuuuuh! My first thought was "oh crap Papa will kill me, I've lost his friends tractor!" and then "what do I do?", do I call the family friends and let them know their tractor is missing or do I try and find out what's happened to it first and then let them know???? Argh! Over the Road neighbours said not to worry they had the number for the local neighbourhood watch people and the local Police Person we can report it!

I thought I ought to check with the tractors owners before calling the authorities just in case they had arranged to have it moved again and I had somehow missed the message, quite possible given my aversion to landline answering machines and the fact that I live in a mobile blackspot meaning the only way I get phone messages is on the landline answering machine. Luckily my gardener turned up the next day before I had made any phone calls, I thought it would be a good idea to just check with him to see if he had any idea where the tractor might be. Turns out he had been worried about it being left on the driveway for all to see......and possibly he had  driven it further up the drive and covered it with a tarpaulin! Crime solved. I let my Over the Road neighbours know about the latest development  and I have to say we were all a little disappointed.....I think we'd been imagining swarthy criminals in black and white striped tops with SWAG bags driving the tractor down our little road at 10mph!

There are of course other benefits to living in the country (have you seen my sea views!?) but the low crime rate is definitely high up on the list!

Sunday, 1 February 2015

Epic Fail

Hey Peeps!

It's February (just in case you hadn't realised) where did January go? Did anyone notice? Whaaaaaat? I swear the months are getting shorter. I actually had a very busy and enjoyable January. I realised a couple of months ago that whilst I've been living down here on the island I really haven't been taking advantage of it. There has been lots of work done (yes Papa, LOTS of work) and lot's of me leaving the island to visit friends but very little exploring of this lovely little island has actually been done. Which is just stoopid. It's beautiful down here and there is loads to do....even in the Winter.

Now given that the people I know down here are my Parentals friends my social scene was a little limited so I joined a Meet Up group called the "Isle of Wight Hobnobs" and it's been brilliant. Last month we went on a leisurely stroll along the east coast of the island, listened to live music, watched the awesome film The Theory of Everything, came second in a pub quiz and danced our little socks off. It's a really interesting mix of people and it's lovely being able to meet people that you otherwise might never have come across, it's a rather fab thing 'tis the interwebs! My social calendar is just as jam packed this month plus I have Small Girl Type Creature coming for a visit in-between university interviews, February is shaping up to be awesomesauce.

I actually haven't done any sewing at all so far this year but I do have a few creations that as yet haven't made it to the blog, this being one of them......'s a By Hand London Flora but in skirt form. Looking at these photos I love it but in real life it's an epic fail. The material is totally wrong.....sad face. I made it out of the Gaberdine that I'm making my Sewaholic Minoru out of, once I'd cut out all the coat pieces I had loads of fabric left over so I thought I'd try a skirt.....big mistake. It just really doesn't work it's way too stiff for a skirt plus it makes a really loud rustle noise when I move which is weird, so yeah sad face.
It's only saving grace is that it looks lovely when you hold still as the fabric really shows off the skirts beautiful shape plus it's great for twirling.....
........mmmmmm swirly twirly. This particular skirt is destined for the scrap pile (the enormous scrap pile that is threatening to swallow me.......really must get my quilting head on!) but there will definitely be more Flora skirts in my future.