Friday, 10 June 2016

Friday I'm In Love - The Tatty Quilt

Hey Peeps!

It's's finally FINISHED! I'm talking about Tatty's quilt which is her 40th birthday present...her birthday is the 2nd February....this I'm only five months late! This is the third quilt I've made and the second one I've finished....I'm currently averaging one a year....I'm happy with that. It's the Rings That Bind pattern by Phillips Fibre Art and I love it. A Double Wedding Ring with only one template? Yes please.
I've had the idea for this quilt circulating in my brain for a really long time now and the only reason I hadn't started before January this year (yes THIS YEAR in time for a 2nd of February deadline......much organise......WOW) is because I couldn't find fabrics that I loved which also fitted with Tatty's aesthetic. I like either 50's florals or really modern florals whereas Tatty has a thing for 70's florals.

Finally it occurred to me that as I was planning on adding a TON of floral embroidery the background fabrics could be plain!
These are Kona cotton solids in Dusty Blue, Thistle and Sea-foam which is the palette Tatty requested. I added in a batik fabric from Thousands of Bolts and Only One Nut  to give a little bit of interest and just because I thought it was pretty.
I've made this pattern before (as a birthday present for another favourite) so I knew (sort of) what I was doing. I decided on solid arcs this time around to really show off the decorative stitching and embroidery I wanted to add....
......which is the Bouquet of Floral Filigree from Embroidery Library. I had forty different designs to choose from but given the colour scheme I was given I tried to pick all the whites, pinks, purples and blues available with a little bit of yellow thrown in every now and then. 
The embroidery was definitely the most time consuming part of the process but also the most fun! I find the whole embroidery process fascinating....which is a good thing as some of these designs take nearly two hours to stitch out.
As ever Chiana was diligent in her fabric fluffing duties...which I only allow her to indulge in when it's a present for someone who thinks the addition of grey fluff will add to the beauty of the finished object.

Once all twenty five blocks were embroidered I then had to add the outer arcs which give the quilt it's traditional scalloped edged. I also trialled some quilting options out and this was the winner...
...I love the overall looks this gives the quilt even if it was a bugger to actually do......there are one hundred and twenty arcs on this thing! 

After getting all the outer arcs added and quilted I then had to decide on the final layout...
....this was like a giant jigsaw and took the entire front room floor and lots of head scratching but we finally got there. Once the layout was decided it was just a case of sewing the blocks together, quilting the arcs and repeat..... hundred and twenty times! 

I decided to film each stage of this quilt so I could create a "Making Of...." video for my YouTube channel which will be up in the next couple of days. 
I've only got about eighty two time lapse clips to edit together......everything about this project turned out to be mammoth! 

Out of curiosity I also decided to time every process inlvoved so I could accurately answer the "How long did that take?" and the "How much would you charge for something like that?". Now I know....
  1. 7492 minutes, which is ...
  2. 125 hours, which is ...
  3. 5.2 days!!!  
  4. Meaning the cost is approximately £2000 (I charge £15/hour plus materials) 
......WOW! I was so delusional when I started this project midway through January thinking I'd have it ready for Tattys' birthday two weeks later! Now obviously this is a gift and not for sale but I did work on this at the shop and was frequently asked how much I'd be willing to sell it for......people mostly went green and slunk off as quickly as possible when I told them the current running total! I can completely understand that though.
Quilts are beautiful works of art that are super labour intensive which is why they are (mostly) made as gifts for loved ones. I enjoyed every nearly every minute of this  quilt and I can not wait for Tatty to see it in person.

Friday, 27 May 2016

Friday I'm In Love - Baggy Trousers

Hey Peeps!

How are you all this week? I've had another fun week....lot's of sewing, lot's of new commissions and this weekend I have (part of) the family visiting which is awesome. There is lots happening at the shop over this weekend; live demonstrations of jewellery making, painting, paper crafting, wax art and more! So if you find yourself on the Isle that is Wight head on over to Island Artisan and have a look.....

So this week I thought I would share one of my April makes with you.....'s the jumpsuit I fudged together from this vintage pattern...
....and the trousers I copied from a RTW Dorothy Perkins jumpsuit that I've had for years. I've never made a pattern like that before but I thought "how hard could it be!?" and decided to give it a go. Turns out not to hard. It's certainly not perfect by any stretch of the imagination but I'm learning as I go.
Excuse the derpy was bloody freezing the day I took these pictures! 
When I muslined the bodice I had to tweak the fit a bit as the vintage pattern was the correct size for my boobs which meant it was way too big at the waist, that was an easy fix.... I just shaved off the extra inches in the side seams and worked. I tried the bodice on and it fitted but it wasn't a tight fit...I kinda liked that. It gave me the idea to try something very fluid like this rayon.
I had initially intended to make some kind of full skirt to go along with the drapey bodice but I was also working on my Liberty Carline jumpsuit which gave me the idea to try the trousers with this bodice and a close fitting waistband. I love how it's turned out....the only thing I would change is the length of the bodice. As I was working from the traced copy of the original pattern I didn't notice that I had already added length which is a standard adjustment I have to make to nearly every pattern I get (damn my long torso). Usually I mark the alterations I've made but apparently not this time.....ooops! I'd added enough length that I wouldn't have needed the waistband so the top is now too long but that only really shows in the back. I may go back and remedy this at a later date but I have worn this out and it's super comfy and (I think) very flattering....there will definitely be more iterations of this in my future!

I bought the rayon from an eBay seller Indian Royal Treasure and it's lovely, so soft, very fluid, washes well, very reasonably priced and it's not too much of a bitch to work with! I've got my eye on a few more prints....
1 / 2 / 3 / 4
 .....can you tell I have a thing for florals?

Friday, 20 May 2016

Friday I'm In Love - Cosplay Ambitions

Hey Peeps!

Happy Friday, how is everyone? I've had another hectic but fun week with more of the same....lots and lots of sewing. The beauty of sewing is that even though the actions are the same the end results are always very very different....... unless of course you are trying to make multiples that is.

This week I thought I'd share something a bit different with you. I am completely obsessed with Once Upon A Time (as any normal person should be), I love the concept, I love the twists they put on the fairy tale characters that you've grown up with and I absolutely ADORE the costumes. Sooooo much sparkly goodness.....*le swoon*. I'm sure it will come as no surprise to anyone that my favourite costumes belong to The Evil Queen (although I do covet Regina's wardrobe nearly as much)....
.......the beautiful Lana Parrila could make anything look good but oh my does Eduardo Castro know what he is doing!
You may know that I class myself as a huge geek and I love going to conventions, I really enjoy the cosplayers and I'm always amazed by the effort and creativity that goes in to some of the costumes they've made.
 So far I haven't been brave enough to attempt a cosplay myself but I've been wanting to make something hugely elaborate and over the top for a while. I have plans for a butterfly gown, and I've also been toying with the idea of an armoured peacock costume (I REALLY want to try Worbla and I have plans for a feathered corset.....) but after seeing the OUAT season 5 finale.....
 ....I'm thinking an Evil Queen gown or riding ensemble could possibly be in my future.....this would please my inner magpie greatly!
I already own the McCall's costume patterns...
.....which will be a great starting point. Now I just have to narrow down which costume of the Evil Queens is my favourite and then start picking fabrics, jewels, feathers, will I cope!

Friday, 13 May 2016

Friday I'm In Love - The Trashy Diva Fan Girl Edition

Hey Peeps!

How is everyone today? I've had a very busy week and it's only really just starting for me....since opening the shop I've been trying to balance my hours there with the hours at home I need to spend prepping projects so I have something to actually do whilst I'm at the shop. I've mentioned before... with all that balancing I seem to forget to have a day off but this week I remembered and gave myself Wednesday off which was lovely. Mum and I went in to town to do some shopping, have lunch, get poked with needles (that was Mum, not me) and go to the cinema. We saw Captain America: Civil War and I thought it was fab. So many good movies coming up this summer.....I can't wait!

So today I thought I would share some of the newest release from my favourite brand Trashy Diva....

.....first up is the very newest print Ruffled Feathers, oh my it's gorgeous. There are lots of styles to choose from but I particularly love the Lena Sarong which is a style I've not tried yet but I think this might have to be my first! Then there is the beautiful Crimson Clover, another firm favourite of mine. I have the Obi style I've shown here but again there are some lovely styles to pick from.

Next up we have the Deco Daffodils and Victory Florals....

.....and I've picked the Blanche style which is a super flattering wrap dress. Both of these prints are knit fabrics which means you can eat the largest of lunches and still feel comfortable.....always a plus in my book!

As you know I stock Trashy Diva in my shop, the beautiful prints and designs were part of the reason I started the shop in the first place. I always look forward to their new print releases and so far this year has lived up to expectations! Which is your favourite?

Friday, 6 May 2016

Friday I'm In Love - Pansies Are My Favourite

Hey Peeps!

How are you all this week? I've had a very busy but rather lovely week. It was my birthday last Sunday (thirty seven how did THAT happen?), Papa and I cooked an amazing roastie beastie which was followed up by very yummy chocolate cake and fizz. Monday and Tuesday were spent filming and editing some YouTube clips which was a total pain and took way longer than it should have but so worth doing. The only reason it was a pain is that I was using Papa's camera which is awesome but I have absolutely no knowledge of it's workings so there was a steep learning curve involved! Wednesday I spent prepping sewing projects to take to the shop, yesterday actual sewing occurred (!) and today I finally started cutting out the fabric for the wearable muslin of the Sewaholic Robson Trench Coat! Phew! Construction of that will start tomorrow I'm hoping but first there are a few little projects that need finishing off.....I can do it!

Today I wanted to share the last of my March completed garments and I think I saved the best till last....'s another KB Grace dress but as I mentioned in my last look book vlog if you have a tried and true pattern that you love then I see nothing wrong with making many MANY versions of said TNT. This iteration is in a stunning pansy print which I've been hoarding for years now waiting for the perfect pattern to come along. First up I was thinking some kind of wrap dress, then I was considering the Butterick "Walk Away Dress" but I didn't really have enough fabric for those so it sat on the shelf mocking me.
After working with a few border prints it occurred to me that I could also cut this fabric on the cross grain giving me a skirt width of at least two and half metres which is approaching the fullness I love. For my summer dresses I prefer the skirts to fall below the knee which means a skirt length of 27" which only left me a 15" width of fabric to cut the bodice out of so it really has to be some kind of strappy bodice and the Grace dress is perfect for that. I ended up with the tiniest scraps left over...not big enough for a bag lining even but there will some of this in the "All The Dresses I've Ever Made" quilt that I'm the huge list of quilts I want to brain really needs to stop coming up with new project least for a little while!

One of the vlogs I uploaded this week is my May Fabric Haul and Sewing Plans and these are some (yes SOME) of the fabrics that will hopefully be turned in to beautiful things....
Dress for Me / Dress for Me / Dress for Mum
Dress for Mum / Romper for Me / Skirt for Mum
Dress for Mum / Cushions for Cousin / Skirt for Sister in Law
.....there are seventy two days in May right? This picture doesn't even included the commissions I'm working on! It'll be fine.....who really needs sleep?

Friday, 29 April 2016

Friday I'm In Love - The Palazzo Print Anna

Hey Peeps!

How's your week been? Mine has been busy and a little stressful but fun nevertheless. I've been splitting my week between working at home and sewing at the shop which is working out quite well I do seem to forgot to have a day off though! The only thing I can't really do at the shop is draft patterns and cut out fabric as the long table I have there isn't tall enough to comfortably do those activities but I have some Ikea trestle legs on the way which should solve that minor issue.

So today I have another By Hand London Anna/Kittenish Behaviour hybrid to show you.....
......this time it's the Timeless Treasure Palazzo print quilting cotton that my Mum bought a couple of years ago. If you follow my YouTube channel you'll have seen this in my March Sewn Look Book.
Mum initially bought this for herself but it was very kindly donated to me as it really isn't a colour way she is usually attracted to.....especially as they also make it in this colour way...
....there may be a few yards of this on it's way.....! I don't really have anything new to tell you about the Anna/KB hybrid, this is the fourteenth (I think) that I've made and it still won't be the last. It's easy to make, comfortable to wear and I like the versatility of the different necklines and hemlines.

Now I have more fabric than I could possibly sew up this year but that doesn't stop me browsing my favourite fabric shops for more (MOAR!) to add to my collection. This week I've been drawn to these....
Michael Miller Verity / Sew Over It Honey Bees
Sew Over It Imogen Blue Floral / Sew Over It California
.....the first print is not available anymore (I believe) but I've managed to get hold of a small bolt so there will be some available in the shop soon if you're interested. I have so many dresses that I really ought to make myself some separates......who am I kidding...this will definitely be a dress! Next is a gorgeous cotton lawn with little honey bees, I really like this pink colour way but I'm also eyeing up the olive one too (I must have all the fabric....) I think it would make a gorgeous shirt and I've drafted just the pattern for that! Then we have another cotton lawn this time with a beautiful little floral print, I think this would make an adorable shirt dress with red topstitching and red buttons. Lastly I was really drawn to the beautiful print on this fabric and it turns out it was originally designed for woven swimwear  and behaves like a lightweight cotton! I think if I do get my hands on some I will take Sew Over It's advice and make a circle skirt out of it.....but with more fabric in my stash than I can reasonably tackle this year I ought not to buy any of these.....well maybe just one two of them. That'd be ok....right?

Friday, 22 April 2016

Friday I'm In Love - The Grace Dress

Hey Peeps!

How on earth is it Friday again? It's been another very busy week which is great. Lot's of things being made and I've completely rearranged the shop! It's first layout didn't really give me enough space to work whilst I was manning the shop so I've moved everything around and squeezed in a long table top which allows me cut out and iron projects. So far it's working very well and I got this dress finished today.....'s a UFO that's been floating around for about a year! I love the fabric but I only bought 2.5 metres the first time around. Originally I made a different bodice which I ended up scrapping as I didn't really like it. I knew I wanted the skirt to be 26" long and that only allowed enough fabric left for a strappy bodice like the KB Grace dress. After leaving it hanging forlornly in my wardrobe for a year I finally ordered myself another 2.5 metres of the fabric and got busy.....I LOVE it now. Definitely worth the effort of unpicking and remaking. I think this dress is the 15th iteration of the Grace bodice.....and this is the 16th.....
 ....I bought this fabric from Goldhawk Road whilst I was up in London in February. It's a cotton with a little bit of stretch and the most gorgeous sheen. I spotted it in the window of one of the shops and I knew I had to get some. My first plan was to make it in to a skirt but whilst I was cutting it out my Mum pointed out how fabulous it would look as a dress....
......I'm so glad she changed my mind. It's a border print so it's cut on the cross grain, because of the stretch I decided to cut out the lining on grain which has worked out really well I think. I used the same skirt design as the Bartowski Regatta dress but this time I used an odd number of pleats which I prefer. I like the fullness of gathered skirts especially when mixed with the slightly flatter look the box pleats give. Theres not much more to say about this pattern....I love it.....I have about ten more that need blogging. I know some people may not be interested in seeing the same pattern repeated multiple times but I love seeing what different fabrics people sew up their TNT patterns in. Is that just me?

Friday, 15 April 2016

Friday I'm In Love - The New Shop

Hey Peeps!

I hope you've all had a fabulous week? Mine has been hectic, exhausting and stressful but brilliant! I've been dropping hints about what I've been up to all over social media this week and today was the big reveal.....
.......Kittenish Behaviour in real life shop form! So if you find yourself on the Isle of Wight you can find me at Island Artisan, Holliers Farm, Branstone, PO36 0LT.

A few weeks ago Mum and I went shopping for some salad dressing from the infamous House of Chilli and whilst we were there we had a mooch around the antique shop, the wool shop and also a new feature.....Island Artisan.

Basically it's a poly tunnel which has been given the make over to end all make overs and turned in to a gorgeous space for local artisans (love that word!). There is all sorts of gorgeousness available from amazing shortbread biscuits, fine art paintings, beautiful jewellery, handmade teddy bears and, as of today, gorgeous dresses, fabrics, purses, notebooks, photo albums, cushions and bags made by yours truly!

Ever since I started the Kittenish Behaviour online shop I've been aiming at having a real life "bricks and mortar" location and whilst there may not actually be bricks or mortar (there is a lovely smell of wood though) opening this little space up today has made me immensely proud.

It's been a lot of fun getting the space ready. I started out with this....
 .......given the teeny budget we definitely had to get creative. Good old Ikea to the rescue with the Expedit cubes that I've been using as bookcases (poor books are now stored in plastic boxes) ......
.......and yes that is a camping shower tent which has been repurposed as my "Super Glamorous" changing room....
.....for now it works but we (Papa really) are going to build a proper changing room with actual walls and even somewhere to hang your own clothes whilst you try on something new and fabulous.

It's so lovely to see all the different things I love to create displayed together and I'm having lots of fun changing the mannequins in to gorgeous new outfits when I arrive in every morning!

I've also been able to indulge my quirky sense of humour whilst designing my little space...
.....I've always wanted one of these signs and on the island it's quite possible that the "days since last incident" could change anytime now....
.....this photo was taken by Small Girl Type Creature when she visited me last year.....strange pets they have here.

So..... as I said if you find yourself on the Island pop by for a visit.....even if it is only to say "Hello" and grab a sweet! 

Friday, 8 April 2016

Friday I'm In Love - Secret Santa Edition

Hey Peeps!

Happy Friday. I hope everyone has been having a lovely week? Mine has been super busy but with all things I find fun so that's been awesome. Next week is shaping up to be incredibly hectic but for an amazing reason that I will be sharing next Friday. I'm so excited.

So I have a new dress (I have many MANY new dresses to share but I'm so behind with blogging my makes) to November the lovely Charlotte from T*rexes and Tiaras set up a Secret Santa swap which I promptly signed up for. I ended up with the most amazing Santa in the form of Vicki (vicki_mostly_sews on Instagram) who sent me this bunch of goodies.... oilcloth bag, a weekly planner, a cute pen and nearly five metres of the most beautiful fabric. How lucky am I????? I couldn't leave this gorgeousness sitting in my stash for too long so I decided to go with something I had made before so there would be no fitting required. I ended up picking the By Hand London Flora faux wrap bodice and the Megan Nielsen Cascade skirt which is a combination that really my opinion. This is the result....
 ....and I LOVE it! I turned the faux wrap bodice in to a real wrap by just removing the seam allowance and cutting it on the fold. I stabilised the neckline with the selvedge from the waistband fabric which is exactly what I did last time I made this dress. The only change I made to the bodice was to take half an inch out of the shoulder seams as the bodice was just a touch too long before. Initially I was going to line the skirt in red cotton lawn which is what I used to line the bodice but I decided against that and just finished the hem with satin bias binding which I finished off by hand (that is a long hem!). This skirt has plenty of twirl-ability as I tried to show with these very derpy photos! I had also planned to cut out the waist ties out of the floral fabric but I didn't quite have enough so I bought some red cupro which has ended up being a very happy accident. It's a bugger to work with but so worth it in the end I think......
.....I cut out one waistband piece in red cotton so it had some structure where it needed it but the rest is just cupro which feels so lovely.....I see some drapey cowl neck tops in my future! Whilst I didn't have enough fabric to cut all the waist tie pieces ( I cut six as I didn't fold them over as you are meant to when you just make the skirt) I did have enough left to squeeze out a gorgeous little peasant style top for my lovely customer Sarah.....
.....super simple but so cute.....I see a few of these in my future too! All in all a most excellent Christmas present from Santa Vicki, thank you!

So If you've seen my March and April sewing plans Vlogs on YouTube you'll know that I'm attempting to make myself a version of the gorgeous Sewaholic Robson trench coat. Now whilst I love this pattern the majority of things I wear are very (VERY) full skirted so I thought I would attempt to alter the pattern and make it full skirted trench coat. Here are some of the things I've been pinning as inspiration...
......the first picture is my absolutely favourite even though I have no idea what the front looks like! I've also been drooling over these jewelled beauties by Burberry..... inner magpie is so happy with me. Whilst lost in the depths of Pinterest I found a tutorial by Erica over at Honestly WTF and everything clicked for me.......I CAN MAKE MY OWN! I'm not sure why it took me quite so long to put two and two together but I got there in the end. Whilst I was over in Saudi I picked up the jewels from EXO (which we have lovingly christened Alladins Cave as the whole place just glitters when you walk in).... I hadn't intended on straight up copying Erica's gem clusters but when you speak very little Arabic and just show a photo of what you are after......well you get exactly what you've shown on the tin as it were. I really don't mind though as the selection is beautiful. Fabric wise I found this gorgeous sanded olive twill from (unfortunately they've completely sold out) it's very very soft and drapes beautifully....
.....I'm planning on lining it with this amazing shot twill lining from Stone fabrics. I know the Robson is designed to be unlined but I couldn't resist. I've even got a beautiful dusky pink satin bias binding all ready to go......I just need to pull my finger out and make the damn thing! 

Before I jump straight in though I want to test out my idea so I'm planning a wearable muslin out of some bright turquoise gabardine that's been sitting in my stash for a few years now. I've traced and cut out the pattern all I need to do now is just get on with the pattern tweaking........and the cutting out......and the construction! I am determined there will be a finished wearable muslin by the end of this space!